International Communist Bulletin  

Coming from a split which occurred in 2009 within the IFICC, our group carries on fully defending the fundamental political positions and orientations of that one, in particular - and beyond the intervention that, as communists, we have to lead towards our class : :

- the struggle against opportunism which, today, threats and even sometimes strongly weakens the "Communist Left", as it is the case for the present ICC;

- the essential struggle for the regroupment which is vital for the proletariat and its revolutionary perspective, of the "Communist Left" forces.

Our present bulletin totally takes back and continues the practical political work already undertaken in the Bulletin of the IFICC.

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Journal of the International Group of the Communist Left

Revolution or War is the journal of the International Group of the Communist Left (IGLC).

It is the result of the fusion of CIK- Klabastalo and FICL. Our unity is based on the following main points:

1.- For our class, this vital unification of Left Communist forces (whose main component is the ICT) is an essential step for the future and indispensable formation of the class party for the revolution. This fundamental objective also requires uncompromising struggle against the penetration of bourgeois ideology within the Communist Left, especially against the opportunism and sectarianism that still plague this environment.

2.- Today, this necessary process can only strengthen communists’ ability to assume the responsibilities that the proletariat has raised: to be its most conscious and determined fraction.

From Bulletin N° 1 (october 2001) to N° 6 (February 2002)

From Bulletin N° 13 (october 2002)

From Bulletin N° 15 (january 2003)

From Bulletin N° 19 (june 2003)

From the Bulletin 21 (october 10, 2003)

From the Bulletin 23 (February 10, 2004)

From the Bulletin 24 (April 12, 2004)

From Bulletin 25 (june 20, 2004)

  • Presentation of the english bulletin 25-26
  • Here is a special english version of the bulletin of our internal fraction of the ICC. The bulletin 25 is dedicated to the organizational matters and to the crisis of the ICC. The bulletin 26 is more "regular". From it, we decided to publish its presentation and our last statement on the international situation...

  • On the 16th congress of the ICC french section, Révolution internationale
  • ... Questionning of the orientations and of the past lessons of the ICC, lack of reflection, of contradictory discussion and of political clarification driving to confusion and political opportunism, come clearly to light when reading the report of the 16th congress. But how can we understand the triumphant declamations about the "re-establishement of confidence and solidarity", of unity and centralisation ?

  • The new orientations of the 16th RI congress put into practice at the Lutte Ouvrière manifestation

  • Epilogue of the International Secretariat History or...

    How the organizational principles of the ICC have been betrayed, then liquidated During Summer and Winter 2001

  • Leaving aside the slanders which have "justified officially" this expulsion, we want to come back on the real political questions : were there political divergences since Summer 2001 ? And if it's so, which ones ? For what political reasons> have we constituted a fraction ? Was it politically, from a militant and communist point of view, justified ? ...

  • The present ICC against Lenin

    Its new principles and its new discipline against the principles and the discipline of the bolchevik fraction

  • Presentation of the text " Against the clans..." (Fraction)

    Against the visions of the clique and the clans within the revolutionary organizationss (Olivier)

From Bulletin Bulletin 26 (june 30, 2004)

  • Presentation of the bulletin 26
  • The reader will find here: the fruit of our work of analysis of the situation; a great part devoted to the debate within the proletarian camp; and finally an article of Rosa Luxemburg dealing with the conditions made to our class within the framework of capitalist overexploitation...


  • The spur of the economic crisis
  • The last weeks were marked, at the level of the imperialist conflicts, by the continuation and aggravation of the difficulties of the troops of the coalition in Iraq, by the "revelation" and the setting in show of the tortures of the Iraqis prisoners roughneck soldiers of this coalition...

  • Leaflet of the Gruppo di fabbrica Internazionalista

    Beyond the unions, againts the bosses and their governments For self-organization of all the workers (Gruppo di fabbrica Internazionalista)


  • Comments from an IBRP article :

    Automatic Collapse of Capitalism or Proletarian Revolution


  • Revolucion Mundial 79 : Or how the proletariat of the peripherical countries is lost for the revolution... And how United-States are the only ones to oppose to chaos !
  • A New Step in the ICC Drift: Violent Agression against our Militants
  • Sometimes the Truth Appears in the Details

  • Introduction to L's mails to the fraction

    Comrade L's a letters to the fraction


  • In the Night Azylum (R. Luxemburg - January 1st 1912)

From Bulletin 27 (september, 2004)

  • Presentation
  • This summer 2004 lives an acceleration of the international situation... The economical capitalist crisis not only does confirm itself, but it also suffers a rough aggravation. Today it imposes both the increase in number of regional imperialist wars and slaughters and thus too the development of the process towards a new imperialist order articulated around two poles and attacks of an extraodinary violence against the working class working and living conditions...


  • Imperialist bipolarization widens and deepens

  • Concerning the text Towards a Germain section of the IBRP (BattagliaComunista June 2004)
  • This text briefly gives an account of the intervention of the IBRP in Berlin where it lately held two public meetings devoted primarily to the international situation. But especially, it was for them the opportunity of a discussion with the Gruppe Internationaler Sozialistinnen ...

  • Report of a meeting between the IBRP and the fraction
  • This meeting is an additional and significant materialization of the bonds that our fraction tries to develop with the IBRP and, more widely, with the organizations and elements of the proletarian camp. It is inscribed in the framework of a policy of regrouping of the revolutionary forces which is vital in the present period ...

  • Address to the comrades of the ICC in Italy:

    Rivoluzione Internazionale opposes to the liquidation of the ICC

  • Comrades, the reading of your two articles, in the midst of the stupidities of all kinds that the political revisionism and the present, absolute and idealist vision of the decomposition impose to the greatest number of the today ICC publications and texts is a relief, a hope and... an anxiety.


  • Presentation of the text As Stalin, the ICC rewrites the history of bolchevism
  • As Stalin, the ICC rewrites the history of bolchevism (Olivier)
  • Lenin about the 1903 crisis between the bolcheviks and the Mensheviks
  • The ICC and the falsifications of the history of the workers movement

From Bulletin 28 (november, 2004)

From Bulletin 29 (december, 2004)

  • Presentation of bulletin 29
  • ... We'll just underline the outstanding facts which show more and more evident the orientation that the bourgeois society is taking. A warlike orientation marked by imperialist tensions and a worsening of the economic crisis ; this one inducing savage attacks against a working class which, in numerous countries, has began to hold its head up again.


  • The great imperialist powers, the first responsible for the generalization of barbary
  • A new period had opened in the heels of the attacks of September 11 in New York and Washington, whose fundamental characteristic was constituted by the more and more determined intention, on behalf of the capitalist class, to drag along the whole planet in a forced march towards a new generalised war ; ... Thereafter, we clarified and developed this framework by highlighting the first major signs of this march to war, in particular the existence of a tendency to the polarisation of the various imperialist powers ... Since then, this capitalist dynamic did nothing but to become clearer...


  • The liquidationist ICC and the OPEL workers struggle
  • Two important events have just happened : the "wildcat" strike of the Opel workers in Germany during October 2004 and, in November, the reelection of G.W.Bush as President of the United-States. The whole communist groups has taken position on the analisis of these events. Globally, the IBRP and the bordiguist groups has been able to acknowledge, from their own position and their own analisis framework, the reality of the struggle in Germany as well as the meaning of Bush's reelection... The present ICC expressed too. Its statements, radically opposed to those of the other groups, about the two events mark a new step, an important one, in the questionning of the basic positions of this organization and of its opportunist drift.

  • "On strikes" (Lenin, 1899)
  • Strikes, which arise out of the very nature of capitalist society, signify the beginning of the working-class struggle against that system of society...

  • Intervention of the IBRP in the struggles in Italy
  • Beyond the interest for informations about the reality of the living and struggling conditions of the working class that the bourgeois medias ignore and hush up deliberately, the intervention and the political orientation the comrades put forwards is in our opinion to underline and to greet

  • About an article of Le Prolétaire (publication of the ICP-Programme Communiste):

    Defence of the ICC conception about the class consciouness

  • About an article in Présence Marxiste review : the limits of comrade RC's lessons

  • Correspondance with comrade Al.

  • An historical function of opportunism : to immobilize and to destroy by all means the revolutionary vanguard (Olivier)
  • Our conception of the organization is the one comrade M.C. has always defended
  • At the beginning of the years 1930, comrade MC was member of the Opposition and, in front of a crisis which was shaking up this current, it is noticeable that the spirit he had was in total coherence with the one the Communist Left - already ! - was putting forwards...

  • Comrade MC's Letters to the Communist League (1932)
  • Response to the "raged"
  • Why such a rage and such a profusion of energy ? Why such an avalanche of texts of any kinds, more than 20, since the beginning of October ? Indeed, it mattered to sow doubts and the discredit as quick as posible about the Argentinian comrades in order to make distrustful the other communist forces, in particular the IBRP and our fraction, which desire to engage a process of political clarification and regroupment with the comrades. It too mattered to attack the IBRP itself...

  • Introducing note of the Círculo de Comunistas Internacionalistas (Argentina)
  • Response to the supplement of Révolution Internationale of France (Círculo de Comunistas Internacionalistas)
  • Last response to the ICC' attacks (IBRP)
  • We publish in the following the last response of the IBRP to the sectarian and destructive policy of the liquidationists, response that we support at the principle level...

From Bulletin 30 (march, 2005)

Extracts of the french versions of issue 31 and 32 (october-november, 2005)

  • Presentation of bulletin 31. It is essential, for the communist organizations, to highlight the ruling class' lies, its policies of diversion as well as the traps that it elaborates against the working class and to give to their class prospects for fight
  • "A Swift Kick". "A swift kick in the direction of the ICC", here is how the ICC ... presents the comparison we have made between the theory of the social decomposition of the present ICC and the Grossman's and others' theory of "capitalism automatic collapse". Something might have hit the present ICC !
  • In the rubric : the yesterday ICC and the today ICC... When will there be a serious response on this question which develops this revision, this third way ?

Extracts of the french and spanish versions of issue 33 (december, 2005)


Extracts of the french and spanish versions of issue 34 (february, 2006)


  • Presentation of Bulletin 34
  • In this historical situation, the increase of the warlike imperialists preparations, the attacks against the world proletariat, the new dynamic of political confrontation and regrouping of the communist forces, once again we must notice, with regret, that the current ICC acts in a disastrous logic where the political opportunism it suffers since now a few years, appears in the most ridiculous form of the liquidation, of the destruction !




  • Rusia and its Renewed Assertiveness at the Imperialist Level:

    One More Element of Imperialist Bi-polarisation


  • Strike in the Public Transport of New-York:

    A Confirmation, a Symbol and an Annnoucement (January 10th, 2006).


  • Additional Comments on the New-York Strike (February 5th, 2006).


  • Every Where in the World, Capitalism Exploits Workers... to Death.






  • a critical article on the question of the "irrationality of war" which the "new" ICC defends since some years now. Our text is based on an article of Revolutionary Perspectives, which denounces the abandon by the ICC at its last international congress of the imperialist generalised war as "solution" of capitalism for its historical crisis and of one of the theoretical foundations of the concept of decadence, it means the cycle "crisis-war-reconstruction-new crisis".


    The Question of the Party (continuing)


  • The Constitution of the ICP of Italy at the End of the War:

    "Regarding the 1st Congress of the ICP of Italy" - 1st part (Internationalisme 1946)




  • The "New" ICC has replaced politics by psychology


  • Rationalism Invades the Present ICC and Takes the Place of Marxism


  • Intervention of the Fraction to the "Public" Meetings of the ICC:

    Political Questions to the ICC of 2006 (Leaflet)


Extracts of the french and spanish versions of issues 35-36 (july, 2006)


Extracts of the french and spanish versions of issue 37 (november, 2006)


  • Presentation
  • The danger for the world it is capitalism in crisis which can pull through only by the generalized war. It is the preparation of this war which takes place via the confrontation between great and average powers. And, in this combat, "terrorist nebulas" and "Rogue States" are tools, among others, in the hands of the imperialist powers.


  • Last news
  • The press campaign of the bourgeoisie which directs all its spotlights on the "Korean bomb" (like on the nuclear ambitions of Iran) and which seeks to make it THE real danger threatening the peace of the world, has found a relay with the CCI.




  • Social Revolt in Oaxaca (Mexico) : The Democratic trap paves the way to social bloody repression
    • "Against repression : support to APPO (unsigned leaflter)
    • Our criticism




  • "A World in war and in class war !" (Leaflet of "Internationalist Communists" in Canada)
  • War in Lebanon: A "Test" for the groups of the proletarian camp
  • Paris Public meeting of the ICP-Le Proletaire on the war in Lebanon



  • How, once more, the ICC betrays a class position :

    the question of working class violence

  • It belongs to revolutionaries, if they want to prepare themselves to play an active and central role in the process which drives the working class to revolution, to be particularly clear about all which concern the methods, the means of struggle that their class is and will be led to use in its fight in order to defend itself and to overthrow the capitalist system. In this process, the question of violence of the working class remains a central element on which it matters to have a definite and unequivocal position.




  • Party constitution, Fraction work; some key moments of the Left communiist History
    • To the comrades of the Internal Fraction of the ICC , Paris-Mexico (IBRP)
    • The Fraction struggle : A Proven Method of the political and militant struggle (Fraction)


  • Notes on the texts of the GPR-K of Rusia (Fraction)



  • The 3rd International and parlamentarism (Il Soviet - 1920)

  • Tribute to comrade Goupil

Extracts of the french and spanish versions of issue 38 (february, 2007)


Extracts of the french and spanish versions of issue 39 (June 2007)




  • Presentation of the Bulletin 39 in English
  • One danger and one objective of the liquidation of the ICC is that the caricatural, and often ridiculous, aspects of its new positions diverts and makes forget the discussion of the real and historical positions of this political current. What ever one can consider the correctness of these positions, they have to be part of the political confrontation within what we call the proletarian camp. Otherwise, many crucial theoretical and political questions won't be clarified before the historical class confrontations of tomorrow and the international Communist Party will be weakened.


  • No to the electoral circus and to democratic illusions !



  • Disunited struggles play into bourgeoisie hand
  • In several countries, the working class anger takes the form of open struggles, of more or less massive strikes, more or less spread. There would be a lot to say about the weaknesses of these movements, their dispersion and the still strong confidence, among the workers, towards the established saboteurs of the struggle that are the trade unions. Weaknesses which, in comparison with the stakes and the determination with which the bourgeoisie conducts its attacks, testify of the still long way to cover before a significant relation of forces can be drawn up ... In spite of that, the reality of these recent expressions of combativeness and of struggles is quite present and must be clearly brought out.




  • Proletarian Morality, Classes Struggle and Revisionism (Part; 2)
    (Contribution to the debate of the present ICC on ethics and marxism)
  • The ICC Text of Orientation clearly constitutes an attempt to introduce bourgeois and petty-bourgeois ideologies not only within the ICC but above all within the whole proletarian camp ; this attempt is even more dangerous since the liquidators of the ICC make it cynically pass for "proletarian morality" and for "marxism" while they perfectly know that it's an attack against the foundations of the revolutionary theory of the proletariat.





  • Contribution to a discussion published in Les Cahiers d'étude de la LCI (Ligue des Communistes Internationalistes, Belgique) in November 1935 : The Question of War (Jehan)

  • Thesis on Bourgeois Democracy and Proletarian Dictatorship (1st Congress of the International Communist, March 1919

Extracts of the french and spanish versions of issue 40 (July 2007)


(FICCI / CIM - Novembre 2007) [PDF]

Bulletin 41 (november 2007)



  • Presentation of bulletin 41
  • This bulletin is mainly focused on what founds the activity (and even the raison d'être can we say) of the fraction : the work of regroupment of the communist forces on one side and the struggle against opportunism on the other....




  • Crisis of the real estate, financial crisis?
    Or more simply a capitalist crisis of overproduction ?
  • For the Communists, the economic crisis is, first of all, the revealing of the dead-end which constitutes the capitalist system. It is, then, the means by which they have the task and the duty to make progress in extent and in depth consciousness within the class, of the need to finish with this system, by the way of struggle and revolutionary insurrection.




  • Intervention of the Fraction in the street demonstrations in Mexico



  • Two correspondances, the same concern

    We grant and encourage this approach which fully fits in the process of discussion and confrontation of the political positions that we have developed with the IBRP these last years, since the constitution of our fraction. Sole pole of regroupment which really lives on today, it's not but "around" the IBRP, because its historical legacy, its organisation framework and, of course, because of its political positions that this dynamic of political confrontation and regroupment can develop. Far from the bluffs and the formal regroupment, it's the unique method which can seriously and solidly pave the way to the future world party of the proletariat.




  • 17th Congress of the "new" ICC : a confirmation of the degeneracy Giving up marxism and political opportunism
  • The report on the works of this 17th congress, despite its discretion about what really happened and above all despite the honeyed and evasive character - not to say hypocritical - of its general tone, reflects exactly the disastrous internal situation of the "official" ICC, the deepening of its organizational degeneracy.


  • Extracts of the "Statement on the Activities Report" adopted at the International Bureau Plenum of September 2001

    Extracts of the Draft Thesis to the 3rd Congress of the Communist Party of Italy (1926)




  • Extracts of the "Invitation Letter to the 1st Congress of the IC addressed to Spartakusbund"

Bulletin 42 (February 2008)

Bulletin 43 (June 2008)

  • Since we're unable to translate all our bulletin into English, the articles without links are the one not translated into this language.
    We also want to warn our readers that the translations into English we do, are made by comrades whose knowledge of this language is very relative. Thus, besides the lack of easiness for the reading, our English texts can present some mistakes and confusions which aren't political but "technical". One can refer to the French and Spanish versions for any political precision.


  • Presentation

  • At the moment when we realize this bulletin, it has now become clear for everyone that the out-standing episode of the economic crisis that strikes the capitalist world today is going to have - and already has - serious and even dramatic consequences for the life of millions of men and women throughout the world...

  • Resolution of Activities of the Internal Fraction of the ICC (January 2008).



    No to the False Alternative "Nationalization-Privatization"! Yes to the United Struggle of all Workers!
    (Leaflet of the Fraction distributed in Mexico, March 2008)

  • Communique of the Internal Fraction of the ICC :
    In front of the attacks and provocations, Solidarity with the "official" ICC !



    Communique of a Sympathizer in regards to the Social Movements in Greece Capitalists and their Governments Strengthen their Anti-Workers Attacks in Greece : Total War against the Working Class!

    Correspondance of comrade D. (Mexico) to the ICC (copy to the Fraction)


    For a Militant Press of Intervention


    "Present Problems of the International Revolutionary Movement" (Extracts, Internationalisme # 18, 1947)


Bulletin 44 (September 2008)

Bulletin 45 (January 12th 2009)

  • Since we're unable to translate all our bulletin into English, the articles without links are the one not translated into this language.
    We also want to warn our readers that the translations into English we do, are made by comrades whose knowledge of this language is very relative. Thus, besides the lack of easiness for the reading, our English texts can present some mistakes and confusions which aren't political but "technical". One can refer to the French and Spanish versions for any political precision.


  • Presentation
  • At the time this bulletin 45 is coming out, the international situation is becoming every day more dramatic and tense.




  • The future belongs to the working class

  • Neither Israël, nor Palestine, The workers have no country
  • This war is an imperialist war, led by two ennemies as well anti-proletarian the one than the other


  • On the Israël-Palestine conflict
  • A World Revolution 240 (Décembre 2000) article




  • The Proletarian Camp and the US Presidential elections
  • In the US 2008 presidential elections with Barak Obama's election, the American bourgeoisie aimed at reaffirm the imperialist policy led since the September 11th 2001 attacks by the Bush administrations and to select the man and the administration team which would be able to face the more efficiently possible the new situation created by the brutal worsening of the world economical crisis.


  • Greeting to the ICP-Le Prolétaire-Proletarian for the setting up of its Internet site



  • Response to a Fraction sympathizer about the death of J. C. Mouriño, Minister of Interior of the Mexican government



  • Report about the Fraction intervention at the October 10th 2008 demonstration in Mexico

  • Capitalisme is dying ! Proletarians of all Countries, Unite for Putting it down !
  • International Leaflet of the Fraction and the CIM (Canada)




  • Present Issues of the International Workers Movement (Internationalisme n°19 -March 1947)

International Communist Bulletin 1 (may 8, 2010)

    Extracts of the French and Spanish versions
    The texts translated and available in English are in red. The others aren't translated into English.
    Warning : the translations into English we do, are made by comrades whose knowledge of this language is very relative. Thus, besides the lack of easiness for the reading, our English texts may present some mistakes and confusions which aren't political but "technical". One can refer to the French and Spanish versions.


    Call to the Proletarian Camp:


  • The Communist Left must face up its responsibilities, The situation and its perspectives requires it
  • The present situation of capitalism obviously needs that the workers fight back massively and everywhere in order to reject and make fail the plans and policies of the world bourgeoisie. But it requires too that the whole system, since it is clearly bankrupt, is explicitly questionned and that the revolutionary perspective be loudly and strongly defended ... In this situation, the communist forces, even though weak today, have an enormous responsibility.


  • Where the Fraction of the International Communist Left comes from ? Who are we  ?
  • The Internal Fraction of the ICC that existed since 2001, has split up into 2 parts... the ILCF continues entirely defending the positions and fundamental political leanings of this one.



    Intervention of the fraction:


  • International leaflet (Fraction of the ICL and Internationalist Communist of Montréal)
    "The Working Class of Greece Shows the Way"
  • We publish here the international leaflet we keep on distributing at the moment with the comrades of the Internationalist Communist of Montreal.


  • Massacre of young people in Ciudad Juárez (Mexico) : From militarization to State Terrorism




    Struggle for regroupment:


  • Letters of the Internationalist Communists of Montréal

  • Correspondence with the Sympathizers of the Communist Left in Australia
  • "We are writing to you to inform you of our desire to begin a series of organised discussions between sympathisers of the Communist Left across Australia."


  • Our response to the Call of the comrades from Australia
  • We want to respond to the letter you sent to the Internal Fraction of the ICC and to the Communist Internationalists of Montréal - we guess you mailed it to much more groups and comrades around the world.



    About the understanding of the present historical situation:


  • Considerations on the present historical situation (Response to comrade GS)


    Struggle against opportunism:


  • Correspondence with a comrade of the IWG/GIO
  • "It is easy for comrades here, perhaps young comrades, to confuse this bourgeois humanist perspective for their own revolutionary perspective."



    Struggle against the non-proletarian ideologies


  • Response to the Grupo Socialista Libertario (Mexico)
  • We publish here a correspondence we had recently with a member of the Grupo Socialista Libertario (GSL) from Mexico. This organization openly claims its anarchism and has developed, these late years, political links with the "official" ICC. In our response, we affirm that anarchism has been for the least an ideology "foreign" to the proletariat and that, since more than a century, has put itself clearly at the service of the ruling class.






  • The "Democracy" strengthens the power of the bourgeoisie and ruins the interests of the proletariat
    (Extracts of "Fascisme, démocratie, communisme", Bilan n° 13, December 1934)

International Communist Bulletin 2 (August 2010)

    Has the Proletarian Camp definitively gone bankrupt ?

    There is a new fashion in the "revolutionary milieu" - indeed "pro-revolutionary" (sic !) -, particularly amongst those who have lately left the ICC, which consists in declaring the bankruptcy of the Proletarian Camp, or what the ICC used to call the Proletarian Political Milieu. Basing on the immediate observation, but not less real, of division and sectarianism which strike the groups claiming themselves to the Communist Left...





    The ICC and its new Policy of Fraternization with Anarchism : To team up with anarchism, is to betray the proletariat

    Disgust, nausea, here is what we felt at first when we read the last innovations of the opportunist ICC with regards to anarchism. Let's just judge from the titles of two of its articles published in World Revolution 336 and in Révolution internationale 414 : The communist left and internationalist anarchism: What we have in common ; and Réunion CNT-AIT de Toulouse du 15 avril 2010 : vers un creuset de la réflexion internationaliste...



    POLICE PRESSURE AGAINST THE ICM (Internationalist Communists of Montréal)


    The whole Communist Left must stand up !

    Our comrades have received the "visit", as they say, of the security and intelligence services of the Canadian police. Under the pretext of getting information, it aimed at intimidating and compromising them. This event needs a clear reaction of solidarity and support to the ICM from the true communists, in particular from the groups of the Communist Left. It also requires a clear denunciation of this kind of terrorist action which has nothing to do with the proletariat...


    The Canadian Police "Visits" the International Communists of Montreal

    Résistance Internationaliste simply plays the game of the police and of state repression. Terrorist acts lead only to a dead end...





    Lenin's Speech at the Unveilling of a Memorial to Marx and Engels

    Lenin's discourse, by reaffirming the validity of the revolutionary perspective of the proletarian struggle put forwards by Marx and Engels, refutes all these false campaigns of the ruling class and therefore its all the more topical....


International Communist Bulletin 3 (November 2010)

International Communist Bulletin 4 (February 2011)




  • The Mass Strike today and tomorrow
  • The present world situation illustrates the analisis that Rosa Luxemburg made on the "Mass Strike" in the period of the 1905 Russian Revolution. Obviously, we aren't on the eve of the Revolution. But the proletarian struggles increase almost everywhere around the planet ...


  • Massive Proletarian Struggles in North-Africa and Middle-East :
  • Yes to Class Struggle ! No to the Democratic Trap !





  • The "Istituto Onorato Damen" – A Small Clarification
  • In front of this present offensive against the usefulness and the very existence of the Communist Left groups, we think very important to participate to make known the ICT's response the wider possible ; and we take the opportunity to salute it and support it...





  • Statement on the ICC militants attitude during the October-November French struggles
  • Let nobody have doubts, the only reason for a revival of "fraternal relationships" can't but exist if the present ICC accepts the unique "debate" worthy of this word in class term : the confrontation of the divergent political positions and the open, frontal, fight between the opportunist and liquidationist line which rules today this organization and the line which defends the principles positions and original political orientations of the International Communist Current...




  • Karl Liebknecht's Speech to the Reichstag, December 1914

International Communist Bulletin n°5
(June 25th 2011)

International Communist Bulletin n°6
(October 2011)

General strike in Grece

Massive workers' demonstration in Athena in front of the Parliament.

International Communist Bulletin n°7
(December 2011)

International Communist Bulletin 8 (April 2012)

International Communist Bulletin 9 (August 2012)

International Communist Bulletin 10 (February 2013)

  • Presentation of the bulletin 10
  • Our Fraction has held a « general meeting » which enabled it to globally draw a general balance-sheet of its activities and of its history – since the formation of the Internal Fraction of the ICC of which it is the direct continuity – and to also draw new perspectives in regards with its future and its intervention.



    Conference of the Fraction of the International Communist Left


  • Activities Report of the Fraction of the International Communist Left (October 2012)
  • Why an activities report ? What meaning, what sense can have such a report for a so small group as ours ? Why such an effort ?


  • Reply to the Activities Report of the FICL (Internationalist Communist Tendency)
  • We have now been in discussions on and off for a decade both with the FICL and before that the IFICC, and we can see some considerable points of rapprochement on some issues in this latest document. We would particularly like to underline your more decisive views on the party and how it will not simply emerge from the economic struggle spontaneously...


  • Our Response to the ICT
  • We remain disposed and determined to participate to the ICT work and to struggle siding with this one – at the place that you and we will define – in the difficult path to the revival of the workers struggles and above all in the one even more difficult and actually fundamental, primary, towards the regroupment of the communist forces and the formation of the world Party


  • Statement of the Internationalist Communists - Klasbatalo on the Report of the FICL
  • It seems so logical and even essential to start a process of discussion leading our own groups ability, to intervene more effectively both within the proletarian struggles and within the proletarian camp...



    International Situation


  • War in Mali : in Africa, France is the Gendarme of Europe against the USA and its Acolytes
  • Who is barbarous and who is terrorist ? Capitalism ! It is up to the proletarians to oppose it by refusing the sacrifices of all kind in order to end up with it and to set up their own power. Only the proletarian revolution, the destruction of the capitalist State and the exertion of working class' political power, in brief the class war against the terrorist and barbaric bourgeoisie, will open the path to an other society without misery and without war : Communism !



International Communist Bulletin 11 (November 2013)

  • Editorial of the bulletin 11
  • The IC-Klasbatalo and our Fraction, we are on the way to adopting a ‘platform’ with main positions close to those of both the ICT and the “historical” ICC. We continue to discuss and clarify the questions of organization and functioning based on the Communist Left, especially the tradition of the “Italian” Left...



    Intervention in the Working Struggle


  • Communist Intervention and Evolution of the Class Struggle
  • The great masses of workers seeing that their minorities or more militant sectors hesitate at the sheer scale of the task, of the necessity to avoid the democratic traps and erroneous approaches – such of the "indignados" or "Occupy" ideology for instance – this indicates, above all,the concrete, practical, necessity to take up the political fight against capitalism's forces, in the first place from the unions who pretend to be "workers", in the struggle.


  • Statement of the Internationalist Communist Tendency about the Port-Said Events (March 2013)
  • Any bourgeois government can wait. It can wait until the anger is exhausted in some act of protest, however powerful and violent, and then take back by force the situation that previously got out of hand. The manoeuvre is much simpler and more effective if the uprising is isolated, if it concerns only a sector of production or a geographically small area...


  • Greece, Turkey, France, Spain ...
    The workers' response must be international and united!
  • That is why we must rid ourselves of the union-imposed framework, and take our struggle into our own hands. We must not accept that every mobilization remain in its particular “corner” in its “own” region or its “own” country. To remain isolated, separated from other sections of the working class, poses the best prospect for the bourgeoisie to continue to maintain control of the situation, for it to successfully wage more attacks against our lives, forcing us to sacrifice more and more, ultimately sacrificing our lives in the inevitable war.



    International Situation


  • The bourgeoisie prepares its repressive apparatus
  • As the economic crisis deepens, the bourgeoisie and its instruments of repression are consolidating...


  • An Irrational Accommodation: Capitalism
  • The capitalist class has only one aim in mind: to prevent the proletariat from affirming its solidarity and its unity as an international working class. While making believe that the Québécois proletariat would have something to safeguard, to defend against all immigrants from Arab countries or elsewhere, all this media hoopla endeavors to do is to make them believe that the immigrant situation is separate from the working class, from the misery of its own condition as an exploited class...



    Struggle against Opportunism
    [The two articles of this section are not translated into English. We refer our readers to the French version]


  • On the Imperialist Rivalries in Syria and the Giving up of the Marxist Principles by the ICC (Correspondance of the) Explorateurs en lendemains...)
  • And the ICC is walking in the footsteps of the bourgeois press. After having anaesthetized the proletarians with the light-hearted song about the impossibility of a new world war, the ICC ends up putting them to sleep with the lullaby on democracy and public opinion...


  • Our Response to the Explorateurs en lendemains...
  • We have received and discussed your statement on Syria. Even though we don't share the analysis of the dinamic of the imperialist rivalries that you present in your text, we fully support the defence of the principles of the communist movement that you make against their challenge - in general - and their liquidation - in particular - by the present ICC in the name of the theory of "Decomposition"...




    Text of the Workers Movement


  • Rosa Luxemburg : Her Fight Against the German Betrayers of International Socialism (Preface to the Junius Pamphlet)
    Clara Zetkin (1919)
  • The Junius Pamphlet is a particularly sparkling treasure of the heritage which Rosa Luxemburg has left the proletariat of Germany, of the world, for the theory and practice of its struggle for liberation...


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