Slaughters in the south of Lebanon and in the north of Israel
at the service of the US imperialist power

The main part of the texts of this issue of the bulletin was carried out when the Israeli offensive began at mid-July.

We cannot, here, give a complete and detailed analysis of the situation but it seems to us indispensable to indicate the main axis of it.

According to the "official version" that the bourgeois media disgorge in a endless stream, Israel would react to the constant attacks of the Hezbollah party from the south of Lebanon. The kidnapping of a soldier of the Israeli army would have decided Prime Minister Olmert to give a lesson to this "terrorist group" up to the Lebanese territory if necessary.

According to this version, still, all the Western countries (+ Russia, moreover) would agree on the basic principle – the need for fighting terrorism ! – and the "nuances" between all of them only relate to the method, the manner of making and the extent of the Israeli attack. Moreover, some (France in particular) would be firstly worried by the protection and "the independence" of Lebanon whereas others (the USA and Israel, for example) rather attached to the return of Lebanon to a certain neutrality, and thus to the dismantling of the Hezbollah and other militia.

The reality is much more coarse and the "good and fine feelings" have no place there, if not like hypocritical and untrue supports for the "pacifist" and "humanitarians" campaigns of the ones, like the accent given to the justifications of the massacres perpetrated by the others. The bragging of the Hezbollah which sends its rockets and missiles on the north of Israel is, obviously, an "opportunity" for Iran and Syria which undoubtedly expect, by this way, reinforcing their hand in the regional game.

But the main and determining issue is the reaffirmation of the US supervision on Lebanon where the influence of several rival powers of the USA (France, Germany, Russia undoubtedly, etc.) began to be (again) significantly perceived. The army of the Israeli State was called upon service, not primarily "to bring the Hezbollah back to reason" but, indeed, to put at bottom all the concrete bases and all the material elements of Lebanon which authorized and justified the presence and the influence of the competitors of the USA in the area(1).

Intensive air raids, destruction of infrastructures (roads, bridges, public buildings, etc.) do not correspond, obviously, to the marked objective: to destroy Hezbollah or at least to make it inoperative and, incidentally, to release the Israeli soldiers of the hands of the Muslim militia. On the other hand these warlike acts (as well as a possible intervention on the ground) are perfectly explained in the objective of making Lebanon a burned ground where the imperialist competitors will not have any more points of support to drive their regional policy.

The Lebanese women, children and old men who die under the Israeli bombs, just as the Israeli children, women and old men who die under the missiles of Hezbollah owe it, basically, to the imperialist offensive of the US which want to ensure its seizure on the area and at the response of the French, German, Russian (etc.) imperialism, which make all their best to defend their local strategic positions.

Once again, the facts show to us that the imperialist bipolarisation of the world is going its way… its bloody way.

22 juillet 2006


1. To the interested lamentations of Douste-Blazy which currently visits Arab capitals, militating for "the stop of violence" ("If that is not done, it is the destruction of the Lebanese State "), answers the triumphing, unveiled enthusiasm, of Condoleezza Rice which sees in the situation opened by the military intervention of Israel "the birth of the new Middle East ".

Communist Bulletin Nš 35 / 36 - Internal Fraction of ICC