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More than ever and altogether,
Let's follow the path that the proletariat in Greece shows us

They were hundreds of thousands demonstrators who shouted their anger in the Greek streets on February 12th against the organized and planned misery. Actually, the working class in Greece and, behind it, the greatest part of the population refused stubbornly since 4 years to accept the various barbarous austerity plans which have succeeded one another. Today, far for reducing, the mobilization has not but carried on increasing, spreading and deepening. If, for this February 12th demonstrations, the international medias could not keep silent and ignore the workers revolt, they strove to travesty its reality – by focusing the attention on the fires at the Athena center1 - in order to water down as much as possible the example for the workers populations of the other countries. As well, they completely passed in silence over the hundreds of thousands demonstrators who marched the same day in Portugal against the same attacks on their living and working conditions. A week later, the 19th, it was the turn of the Spanish great cities to be invaded by as much demonstrators against the austerity and misery measures that the bourgeoisie is setting up in all countries. If we add to this the various expressions of workers struggles more or less partial and local in all the European countries and on the other continents - China and USA for instance -, it is clear for everyone that the international proletariat which is under tremendous attacks on its living conditions, tend to develop a general response to capitalism in crisis.

Up to today - and since many months now -, the proletariat in Greece is at the vanguard of this international workers fight-back. Not only the anger, the fighting spirit and the extent of the workers resistance are examples to be followed by all2, but above all the workers in Greece tend increasingly to oppose directly to the State of the bourgeois class by trying to paralyze it. Besides the occupations of city halls and other power places, the different attempts – one of them has been violently repressed by the Stalinist militia of the FAME union - to impede the access of the deputies to the Parliament in order that the austerity plans could not be voted, express the willingness and the need to oppose directly and by force to the bourgeois State power. In direct link with this political dynamic of class confrontation to the State, the autonomous organization of different particular struggles, but all participating to the general fight, - as in the Steel industry, in the hospitals, in the Education... - as well as the organization of collective distribution of foods taken in the hyper-markets, tend too to develop.

In that sense, we carry on defending that The Working Class in Greece Shows us the Way !

If, at the present time, the workers were only confronting the Greek bourgeoisie alone, there is much chance that the strength of their movement would have obliged this one to withdraw, at least temporarily, the last economical attacks in order to spare not to weaken too much its State power. But the proletariat in Greece is confronting the international bourgeoisie, European at first. It is true at the economical level : it is enough to look at the pressures that the main European countries exert on the Greek bourgeoisie for the quick and brutal setting up of generalized austerity. It is even more true at the political level since the international ruling class can't ignore, nor let such a struggle as it now expresses and develops, becoming a major example for the proletarians of the whole world. Here it is why all is done to maintain isolated the working class in Greece and, as much as possible, to drive it quickly to a serious defeat. But by aiming at provoking this defeat, it is not only the Greek proletariat that the bourgeoisie wants to hit ; but the whole proletariat. The essential stake of the situation is not in Athens or Saloniki ; but in the hands of the international proletariat and especially the European one's.

Thus, we call the working class of the different European countries, already mobilized, not only to follow the Greek example, to support it, but also to take it over by engaging firmly in the class fight. To impose a relation of forces more favorable for the working class in all countries, in order the different bourgeoisies begin to fear the generalized propagation of a fire of struggles which would challenge openly not only their economical policy made of misery and death but also their own class power, the workers can't not limit themselves to express their anger and their fighting spirit behind the unions and the Left political forces of capital. They must heave up their different fights at least at the level of their class brothers in Greece by opposing to the sabotages of those forces and fighting them for the lead and the organization of the struggle.

Because, it is well and truly all the "politicians" we must "throw out" as the demonstrators in Greece shout out ; it is well and truly all the bourgeois State apparatus we must paralyze as the workers in Greece try to do ; it is well and truly in the massive struggle and its organization from the workplaces that the fight must be led and developed; it is well and truly the only path which can clear the perspective of the destruction of the bourgeois Sate and of capitalism.

At an immediate level, it is the only mean to support and help the Greek workers and to enable them to engage with the strongest firmness, decision and conviction in the political path of class confrontation with the State. It is the only mean in order the struggles become internationalized and in order they oppose the international class front of the proletariat to the united front of the different national bourgeoisies. Since make no mistake : the bourgeois class which has declared an open war to the workers of all countries, is well capable to want to make a bloody example with the "Greek case" for the whole international proletariat if we leave our class brothers isolated.

To the proletarians of all countries : join and take back the fight of our class brothers in Greece against your own bourgeoisie !

To the proletarians in Greece : your struggle against the bourgeoisie goes through the reinforcement of all sectors unity and of its organization in assemblies, in strike and struggle committees,, centralized at the national scale !

Everywhere, in all countries, let's reject austerity and misery !

To the international class front of the bourgeoisie, let's oppose the international class front of the proletariat !

Down with capitalism !

February 26th, 2012
The Fraction of the International Communist Left.

Nota bene : we refer our readers to the first pages, English, French and Spanish, of our web site which present the summary of our bulletin 7 to find the leaflet we had distributed last October It's time to follow the path that the proletarian class shows us in Greece !. For the essential, it seems to us still valid and we think the comments above actualize and give elements to define an orientation for political orientation for the communists and for slogans as well as the international level as in Greece itself.

1. We invite our readers to take knowledge the testimony published by the review Controversies, In Greece the bourgeoisie declares WAR on the proletariat, about the reality of the February 12th demonstrations and about the dynamic of the workers struggle in course in the country.

2. See our leaflet of last October It's time to follow the path that the proletarian class shows us in Greece !

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