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Presentation of the International Communist Bulletin n°8

This bulletin is focused on two questions : on the development of the classes struggle and the evolution of the relation of forces between them for one part ; and on the defence of the proletarian character of the October 1917 Revolution in Russia on the other part. The development of the workers struggles and the inevitable perspective of massive confrontations between the classes are at the core of the present historical situation. The outcome of these confrontations will determine the future of Humanity. No more, no less. In these fights, the proletariat won't be victorious and won't clear the path for Revolution and Communism unless the communist groups and organizations, as weak and isolated as they are today, place themselves resolutely in the first line of the class war, at its vanguard ; and unless they succeed to organize and regroup in order to set up a true party of the proletariat. They won't be able to do so unless they'll be armed with their militant conviction and their class consciousness.

Arming conviction and class consciousness needs the affirmation of the historical thread which goes all along the generations of revolutionaries and political organizations of the proletariat. It begun with the Communist League, the 1st International, the 2nd, the 3rd and the Left Fractions coming from the latter, particularly the one called "Italian Left". It goes too through the historical thread of the experience of our class, the revolutionary proletariat. The Paris Commune of course. But above all the Russian Revolution, the experience of the victorious workers insurrection and the exercise of the Dictatorship of the proletariat.

Our class enemies are not mistaken on this. They don't stop distorting the history of the workers movement and especially this Russian experience whose memory and lessons remain up until today the main weapons for fighting capitalism, for bringing it down, for destroying it and for setting up communism. Our class enemies are not mistaken on this and make all they can in order to break this historical thread. It is also at this level that the classes confrontation takes place.

Distorting the reality of the workers councils ? Of the Bolshevik Party and of the International Communist ? Why ? For what stake ? In order to erase, to remove from the workers memories, the consciousness of the political dimension of the classes struggle. The consciousness of the primacy of the political dimension in the proletariat's struggle, it means the primacy of the political confrontation with the bourgeoisie's forces, with its State apparatus. The issue today ? Erasing from the consciousness the path which drives from the fight for the leadership and the organization of the present daily struggles (against all the forces of the bourgeois State, in particular the unions) to the frontal confrontation to the State, its destruction, up to the dictatorship of the workers councils won over to communism !

April 22nd, 2012.

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