1. Crisis, warlike threats : a decisive year

At the time this bulletin 45 is coming out, the international situation is becoming every day more dramatic and tense. While the consequences of the crisis are terribly striking in terms of redundancies, of work place closure, while the recession is increasing, while the "restructuration plans" announcements multiply and strike all the sectors of the economy and all the countries, at the same time, the warlike tensions grow and the situation in Gaza isn't but the more terrible example, the more medias covered and thus the more obvious, of the warlike preparation which is going on all around the planet.

Africa is still and always living conflicts which are more or less localized and which imply a growing number of local and international actors ; India and Pakistan regularly play the same dangerous game of bombings and massive retaliation military threats in the name of the struggle against the terrorist threat ; and as for Rusia, it carries on advancing its strategic pieces in a part of what was its "glacis".

Besides all this, Iraq is still burning and bleeding up to the point where the "suicide bombings" and the "cleansing operations" of the coalition forces have become almost banal despite the number of dead and wounded which it provokes. Afghanistan is always the theatre of the same type of situation and every thing lets think that this country is not up to end up with the warlike barbary ; the new US president, the so "popular" and so "different" and "pacifist" Barak Obama has actually clearly declared there was no way for him to give up the warlike actions of its predecessor but simply to "redeploy" the North-American troups from Iraq to Afghanistan in order to fight the evil at his roots and to end up with the "islamist terrorists" and to thus secure "the protection of the United-States" against all foreign threats. No doubt that this US "redeployment" will be accompanied with an equivalent "redeployment" of the other countries which intervene on the Afghan ground.

2. Only the proletariat has the solution

It is precisely on this two terrains that the bourgeoisie is obliged, because its rotten system, to act radically and quickly. It must attack our class against its wage and life conditions at the same time it must directly prepare the generalized warlike confrontation. It is this situation we're going to confront in the months to come and the working class will have to defend its living conditions on the economical and demand terrain and to oppose, on its own terrain, the warlike actions of the bourgeoisie, of all the national bourgeoisies. The stake is huge !

And we must and we can trust our class. Struggles have begun to engage and, even though they still seem to be beyond the needs of the moment and of this stake, it is on this basis that our class - with the determined intervention of its communist minorities - will base to build up a relation of forces which will enable it to reverse the situation in its favor.

Of course, things won't be easy ; the struggle will be difficult and probably ponctuated of reverses, partial defeats, momentaneous withdrawals more or less profound. The challenge for our class and for us, communist minorities, will be to perceive in each situation what are the partial stakes and the global ones, to be able to distinguish at every phase of the struggle what are the possibilities of the moment and to bring them the further possible.

The struggles which are to come, will be demanding for all of us and it matters that we comply with the task that history gives us in a determined and coherent manner.

For its part, the bourgeoisie prepares its ideological, political and, more directly, repression arms every where in the world. Just to give some examples, we see the juridical arsenals being reinforced in various countries (France, Italy, Great-Britain, Mexico, etc.) ; we see the police forces modernized and prepared, equiped with new materials (UAV, Unmanned Air Vehicle, flying over so-called "sensible" urban zones in the suburbs of many european cities and else where) ; above all, we see the media campaigns which base themselves upon supposed threats against the States in order to take measures always more repressive against the populations.

It is also to all these attacks, direct or indirect, the proletariat will have to learn to radically oppose. And it won't be able to do so unless it clearly identifies its goals, its true and its false "friends", those who push it to march with resolution towards it political strengthening and those who derail it towards compassionate and moralistic terrains through humanist and democratic pretexts. These latters are the worst ennemies of our class, the advocates of social peace that revolutionnaries have always fight against.

Here is the situation such as we understand it and it is in relation to this situation and its needs that we have realized this bulletin.

The hour is increasingly at the struggle. The communist minorities have the duty to radically engage in it.

The Fraction, January2009

Communist Bulletin 45 - Internal Fraction of ICC