Presentation of the Bulletin 39 in English

The English version of our bulletin 39 is a "double" one since it also contains the text The Councilist Drift of the Present ICC of the previous bulletin that we were unable to translate as that time. Various readers asked us if it was going to be translated into English. In this issue, we also publish the 2nd part of our criticism of Marxism and Ethics, the Text of Orientation that the present ICC has published and which represents a new step in the opportunist process this organisation is living through. We too translate into English our statement about the situation of the international working class struggles.

The two first texts are the occasion for us - beyond the necessary open and frontal struggle against the present ICC opportunist drift which, by the way, this one desperately tries to escape - to present, to develop, to explain and to precise, what are the true positions of our ICC in order they can be really read, discussed, dealt with, and criticised. One danger and one objective of the liquidation of the ICC is that the caricatural, and often ridiculous, aspects of its new positions diverts and makes forget the discussion of the real and historical positions of this political current. What ever one can consider the correctness of these positions, they have to be part of the political confrontation within what we call the proletarian camp. Otherwise, many crucial theoretical and political questions won't be clarified before the historical class confrontations of tomorrow and the international Communist Party will be weakened. For our part, we strongly believe they are political acquisitions for the international proletariat we want to defend and to convince this camp and the new elements of their validity.

Our statement about the international reality of the class struggles today wants to express our concern about the difficulties of the working class to respond at the required level to the bourgeoisie's attacks and to capitalism's historical perspective of imperialist generalised war. Even though there is a - slow and weak - tendency of the international proletariat to fight back the huge attacks it suffers, the last experiences - Airbus in Europe is an important example - clearly show that the bourgeoisie is largely on the offensive, not only at the economical level, but also at the ideological and political ones. And that the working class is still far to be up to the accelerated process that capitalism is living through and is imposing to the whole classes of its society.

June 2007

Internal Fraction of ICC - Communist Bulletin (Nš 39)