Salute to the Gruppe Internationaler SozialistInnen (G.I.S.), new member of the IBRP

While capitalism in crisis drives more clearly the whole humanity to a third generalized war, while the attacks against our class are every day harder and more terrible, while the warlike pressures become even harder and more terrible, the imperious need for the class political organisation - for its genuinely communist Party - is becoming to be felt.

It would be an euphemism to say that the long and difficult path towards this goal is only at its beginnings. Worst than that : the thin genuinely communist forces of today are in a state of division and dispersal such as the simple confrontation of the respective points of view doesn't even exist : the analysis of the situation made by each group of the proletarian camp requires efforts and it collides most of the time with the silence, the lack of reaction, when it is not with the sabotage by some or with unworthy polemics.

The main cause of this situation is not to be found in the differences of approach and of political and organisational conceptions of the different groups claiming the Communist Left. This can't be the cause since it's precisely this disagreements that matter to be debated.

The cause is "simply" the weigh of bourgeois ideology influence - which expresses in particular through opportunism and sectarianism - upon the whole proletarian camp.

We often dealt with these questions in our bulletin and we won't emphasize more here.

Contrary to these tendencies, all the efforts for regrouping, all the steps made in the direction of the setting up of a political framework enabling the fraternal confrontation of the points of view and the analysis of the ones and the others, indeed the collaboration or even better the union within this camp, represents important steps towards the constitution of the Party that the class can't do without for the revolution victory.

The integration of the GIS in the IBRP is one of these important steps and our Fraction wants to salute the work which has been done.

The GIS isn't a new group in the political landscape and it is in contact since several years with the IBRP as well as the ICC, in particular. Our Fraction itself has regular political links with these comrades.

The fact these comrades coming from the Trotskist influence could go on the path towards Left communist positions is an expression of the fact that the work of discussion, of debate, of confrontation of the points of view, is the only way towards the reinforcement of the communist pole which will give birth, tomorrow, to the class Party.

The fact the main regrouping pole of the communist forces today - the IBRP - is growing in a central country for the working class and for the revolution as Germany, is another positive signal and even more an important asset for the proletariat.

The Internal Fraction of the ICC.