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New Statement about the Hidden Resolution of the ICC 16th Congress (2005)
The Liquidators of the ICC and their Shameful and Destructive Practices : They do Persist !

After the publication in our bulletin 6 of extracts of the 2005 ICC Resolution which called for the destruction of the IBRP, the ICC has been compelled to respond publicly on its internet forum [only the French pages].

This "Statement"1 of those who liquidates the ICC and wants to do the same with the Communist Left - they don't even hide it anymore - is worthy of political wheeler-dealer, of maneuvers and a spirit belonging to the grossest leftism. And it moves away increasingly from proletarian spirit and the "culture of debate" between communists in front of their class ! It does its utmost to fudge the issue - the attacks and the destruction of the IBRP - into a so-called argument about the fact the Resolution was not secrete since it was enough to remember they have written to the IBRP in 2004 "ordering" it to break any relationship with... the Internal Fraction of the ICC ; and about the fact it is enough to read the Resolution on the international situation of this 16th Congress in which they claim that the ICC has become "the skeleton of the future Party"2, to deduce that the disappearance and the destruction of the IBRP had become a goal to wish for and to achieve...

What an hypocrisy3 ! What disgrace too ! We challenge the liquidator's faction of the ICC to publish the whole Resolution - won't it be the best of the answers ? But above all, what betrayal of all the communist principles ! Since it is not - the destruction of proletariat's political organization ! - a question of secondary order. Such an orientation which is a 100% break with the orientation adopted by the ICC since its origin - towards the IBRP as well as the whole proletarian camp - is a fundamental orientation which determines all the activity of the organization towards the "Proletarian Political Milieu". How can one adopt a Resolution of such importance and never mention it ? Doing as it does not exist ? Isn't it a particularly hypocritical practice worthy of leftist ?

Because, if suddenly, one of the rare organizations of the Communist Left, fruits of decades of struggle and sacrifices by our class, has become an obstacle to the historical struggle of the proletariat, how is it possible not to raise publicly the problem ? How is it possible not to alert the whole proletariat ? How is it possible not to call its members to react and to quit it if they want to remain proletariat's fighters ? The first responsibility for communists when they advance an orientation and a reflection on a political question of such importance is to make it public, to present it to the whole proletariat. Here is the attitude that the communist movement has always put forwards and into practice. Here is the attitude and the practice that our ICC has always defended before it be taken hostage and driven into an harmful opportunist drift by the "liquidationnist faction".

It is in this sense we'll fight against opportunism up to the end. It is in this sense that we'll highlight up to the end and we'll denounce its methods, its lies and its hypocrisy. And we call all the communists - organizations and militants of the Communist Left, without forgetting the members of the ICC - to join us in this struggle.

The FICL, October 24th, 2011.

1. http://fr.internationalism.org/forum/312/askinan/4807/resolution-secrete-du-16eme-congres

2. The last congress of the ICC has criticized and rejected this formula even though it was adopted at the 2005 Congress. Why ? How ? After what debate ? We'll know nothing about it. Here is practice, breaking with all the ICC experience, introduced by the liquidators during the organizational crisis of 2001, which enables the sudden changes of positions as well as their betrayal without giving any account to anybody and above all to the proletariat.

3 . Any reader will be able to judge it by noting the use of "conditional and future tenses" for the verbs and of the "if" in the quotation of the 2004 letter to the IBRP mentioned by the ICC answer : "if the IBRP carries on with its policy of lie, slander and, still worst, of "letting say" and of complicity silence in front the acts of small groups which are dedicated to these acts such as the «Círculo» and the Internal Fraction of the ICC (…) then it will make the proof that it also has become an obstacle to the development of the proletariat's consciousness (…) it will be better that the IBRP disappears and our goal will be all we can to favor its disappearance" (translated by us). From a public letter using the "conditional and the future" tenses to an hidden Resolution using the "present" - "Besides the IBRP, the other groups of the proletarian milieu are not anymore able to positively contribute to the future class party, the priority of our intervention is not anymore to help them to do so (…). We must be consequent : if we say that the groups of the proletarian political milieu have a destructive attitude, we must discredited them politically..." -, arises clearly the "two-faced" dimension of the liquidators of the present ICC.

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