Presentation of bulletin 42 (February 2008)

The last months have been marked by two series of important facts in the world : for one part, the deepening of the crisis which, from financial and in the stock markets in a first time, gets progressively the whole economy and, for the other part, a sharpening of the imperialist tensions which leads each national capital, each bourgeoisie, to set up, according to its means, the measures which will enable it to defend as much as posible its imperialist interests all around the world.

For the communist minorities, the responsabilities which ensue from this situation are indeed important. It is up to them to bring to their class a clear and coherent analisis of the stakes raised by the situation, to put forward the perspectives allowing the advance of the proletarian and revolutionary solution to the capitalist dead-end. But, it's also up to them to intervene within the class - according to their capacities and the potentialities opened up by the workers reactions - to concretely put forward these perspectives. The bulletin of our Fraction - and this issue in particular - aims at these goals.

The reader will notice that an important part has been dedicated in this issue to the Internationalist Communist of Montreal (CIM) : a leaflet realized and distributed in collaboration with the Fraction, correspondances between the CIM and two groups of the proletarian camp (the IBRP and the ICC) [which aren't in this English version of the bulletin since they've not been translated] and, finally, an article which denounces the bourgeois campaigns aiming at dividing the working class between "nationals" and immigrants. This last document is even more interesting since the question doesn't only concern the working class in Canada but the whole international proletariat.

We also published extracts of an article of Le Prolétaire n°486 of October 2007, the journal of the PC int-Programme Communiste in France [This article isn't translated into English. The article is a clear critic of the position adopted by the ICC in Venezuela regarding the anti-Chavez student movement, whose class character was clearly petit-bourgeois, movement that the ICC supported under the argument the students had held "democratic" general assemblies where... every one could intervene and discuss. We can't develop here]. We want to salute here the fact that a group directly linked with the Communist Left, but generally not too encline to led polemics with other political groups, to commit itself in the path of the struggle against opportunism, particularly the one conveyed by the organisation we are stemming of, the ICC.

It seems to us important to underline that the necessary regroupment of the small communist militant forces passes through the struggle without mercy against the influence of bourgeois ideology upon the revolutionary minorities. This struggle is, and will be even more, a vital necessity to go towards the constitution of the indispensible political weapon of the class : the Communist Party.

Our Fraction is commited to this struggle.

The Fraction, February 2008.

Internal Fraction of ICC - Communist Bulletin (Nš 42)