We struggle for the extermination of capitalism – for communism that is a society without private property, classes, states, waged labor, money or commodity production, a society based not on competition omnia contra omnes, but on comradely cooperation. We argue that:

  1. Transition to communism can be accomplished only by means of a revolution carried out by the proletarians, waged workers of manual and mental labor, deprived of power and property.

  2. The revolution means destruction of the bourgeois state machine (bureaucracy, police etc.) by the insurgent proletarians and expropriation of the capitalist property completed collectively by the proletarians.

  3. Having destructed the bourgeois state machine the proletarians must not transmit their power to anybody else. All power must belong to workers' general assemblies with delegates elected and controlled by the workers.

  4. After the revolution all the production must be managed by the workers' general assemblies and be aimed at human needs satisfaction.

  5. As the emancipation of the oppressed can be the duty of the oppressed themselves and no one else, it is useless for proletarians to rely on party and trade union functionaries, parliamentary fuss or courts. The emancipatory struggle of the proletarian class is a struggle by the method of direct action (strikes, road blockades etc.). It is in this kind of struggle where the oppressed class acquires the feeling of solidarity, self-organization skills and consciousness necessary for the accomplishment of the revolution.

  6. As in the USSR and the USSR-like countries the power belonged to the exploiter class of state bourgeoisie and workers were waged slaves deprived of power and property those countries were not socialist but state-capitalist societies. Thus, all organizations that stand for the restoration of the USSR-like regime are willing to replace one form of exploitation with another, so they are enemies of the proletariat's emancipatory struggle.

  7. Socialism is impossible in one separate country or a block of countries, it is accomplishable as a result of the world proletarian revolution. It is possible to eliminate the world capitalist system of exploitation of humans by humans only by joint efforts of conscientious and organized proletarians of all (or the majority of) countries.

  8. Patriotism today is a reactionary ideology of the dominant class which countenances the exploiter regime and the system of the waged slavery. It is a duty of each conscientious proletarian to fight against patriotism and chauvinism of any type. Proletarians have no fatherland. No to wars between nations, nor to peace between classes!

  9. Today the strategy of the proletarian revolutionaries is to form a world proletarian organization (a new International) which is to initiate and unite the struggle of all the proletarian class by its activity and example. The slogans of this new International must be:

Proletarians of all countries, unite!

Long live the world federation of proletarian republics!


Internal Fraction of ICC - Communist Bulletin (Nš 40)