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The communiqué we join here, has been sent to us by the Internationalist Communists of Montreal. The comrades also put it on line on the indymedia web site of Quebec (CMAQ) since July 21st and on their blog (http://klasbatalo.blogspot.com/) .

After the bomb attack against the barracks of the Canadian army which has been claimed by a mysterious group whose name is Résistance internationaliste (Internationalist Resistance), our comrades have received the "visit", as they say, of the security and intelligence services of the Canadian police. Under the pretext of getting information, it aimed at intimidating and compromising them. This event needs a clear reaction of solidarity and support to the ICM from the true communists, in particular from the groups of the Communist Left.

It also requires a clear denunciation of this kind of terrorist action which has nothing to do with the proletariat. If in the 19th Century, a still no-mature proletariat which was still in formation, could sometime use and above all lose its way in a minority manner in this kind of suicidal action, History has quickly shown that such methods essentially belonged to social stratum with no perspective and expressed the action of despaired individuals. Then, since the first years of the 20th Century which marked capitalism's entry into its phase of historical decline, with the 1st World War and the revolutionary wave of 1917-1923, the minority actions, in particular the terrorist ones, have been definitively rejected in the garbage cans of history with the example of the Russian revolution and of the mass action of the revolutionary class. Terrorism then became an arm of the bourgeoisie that it increasingly utilized in order to defend its interests, whether by provoking its action through petit-bourgeois social stratum in revolt or by directly organizing it itself - the States becoming more and more the only and unique principal of these actions. Today, besides the provocative actions for national "internal" use for the bourgeois order maintenance and serving in particular as justification for repression against the workers in struggle, terrorism has become one of the favoured means used in the imperialist conflicts and even to prepare the world imperialist war.

Proletarian internationalism, the only one which is worth, the only one possible, marxism, the interests and the methods of struggle of the proletariat have nothing to do with terrorism and they are even opposed. Here is why we have denounced this kind of "struggle", to oppose altogether to the utilization that the bourgeois States make in order to defend their imperialist interests and, against the proletariat, to provoke, to intimidate and to look at silencing its political vanguard.

July 25th, 2010.

The Fraction of the International Communist Left.

Fraction of the International Communist Left - International Communist Bulletin 2