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Disaster in Japan : Capitalism destroys us
Let's destroy Capitalism !

Already tens of thousands people are dead or have disappeared in Japan after the terrible earthquake and the gigantic tsunami. But tens of thousands, indeed millions of people, are whether already irradiated or are going to be so in the days to come by the bursts of explosions of the reactors of two nuclear power plants.

Japan is not a country of capitalism's periphery without "means". It is not Haiti. And, nevertheless, the horror happened.

Capitalism is the only responsible. Contrary to what the bourgeoisie keeps repeating by its "experts" and news media, this disaster is not natural ; that's all well and good the expression and the product of this system, today senile and bankrupted, which rules the whole planet.

First of all, the protections of the population against such a tsunami were largely insufficient. Nevertheless the scientists had warned a long time ago against such a seism and its dramatical consequences. But above all, what reason other than profit and international economical competition has the ruling class to build up nuclear power plants in a such a region ? And still worse, why did they not flood since the beginning the nuclear reactors in order to avoid their explosion and the contamination ? Quite simply because Japanese capitalism did not want to lose its reactors and has wanted to preserve them a any cost ! And don't tell us that these cynicism and barbarity belong only to Japanese capitalism. Any bourgeoisie would have done the same in order to attempt to save its "international competitiveness", even if it would have meant to sacrifice its population.

The historical dead-end of this society is obvious. The exacerbation of economical war due to the crisis does not but worsen capitalist cynicism and barbarity and prepares the whole society to generalized - and as well nuclear - war. Can someone have doubt about the bourgeoisie's cynicism when he looks at the Japanese disaster ? Can someone have doubt about its cynicism and about its conscious policy aiming at sacrificing the populations to the altar of its interests ? Is not it, at the very moment, letting the Lybian bourgeois State of Qaddafi bombing and repressing in bloodshed its own population in order to make an example and to make a warning to all the "peoples", particularly to the international proletariat, which are increasingly inclined to rise up and to get it over with misery and exploitation ?

The tens of thousands Japanese dead and the true terror in face of the nuclear explosions are the latter expression of a society which has nothing to offer to humanity but growing barbarity.

Capitalism destroys us

We must destroy capitalism, it is urgent !

An other society, without profit and without class, is to be built up

March 15th, 2011

The Fraction of the International Communist Left.

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