Presentation of bulletin 33

The reader will find in this bulletin two kinds of texts which correspond to two axis of the communist organisations concerns and activities in the present period : the direct intervention in the immediate struggles of the working class and in the social phenomenons in more or less direct relation with those ones (actually the "riots" in various French suburbs) on one side and, on the other, the work of regroupment of the communist forces, the political confrontation of the positions in order to prepare the foundation, at its term, of the indispensable political organisation of the working class, the Communist Party.

The life and the activity of the communist organisations and militants can't be cut up in sections and, regarding theirs forces, the situation, the possibilities, they must give priority to such or such aspect of their activity.

If the debates with the groups of the proletarian camp, the political and programatical deepening, remain a constant for our fraction since its emergence four years ago, we always attempted to take position on the struggle movements of our class. Moreover, we tried to participate actively within them in order to provide them a political orientation.

Thus, at the beginning of late October, in the following of a French national union strike, we could notice the rise of a series of workers struggles that, even though with limited perspectives,contained some possibilities (and let's say the need) for the communists to present orientations for our class and to its struggles. That's what we've done with a leaflet we distributed in Paris and Mexico, at some firms places, at different work places, at street demonstrations and at subway stations.

These struggles didn't get to a generalisation because the union isolation, because the policy of silence and denigrations of the bourgeois medias. This doesn't deprive anything to the fact that communists had to intervene and to give perspectives.

In the same way, during the "riots" which occurred in the workers suburbs of various French cities, the revolutionaries had the responsability to put forwards the impasse of these movements and to firstly denounce the responsible of this events : capitalism and its State. To the workers' children to whom the bourgeoisie doesn't offer other future than misery, precariousness and to be rejected out of society, communists have the duty to give a perspective which enables them to place themselves in the fight against capitalism besides their parents,within their class, the proletariat.

Thus, our fraction firstly wrote and published a communique on its Internet site which, afterwards, has been distributed as a leaflet. We've received various comments on this communique which, by the way, has been translated into italian by one of our readers.

The other great subject of this issue of the bulletin is the work of regroupment of the communist forces; actually the debate with the IBRP.

We already said it : the long-term work for the building up of the Party is one priority for the communist minorities today. Here we give a part of the outcomes to which we arrived in the debate we engaged some years ago with the IBRP comrades.

After discussions on the question of decadence, the debate is now - and since already a certain time - on the question of the Party, its function within the class, and the link between class consciouness and the Party. We can't publish all the documents and all the discussions. But it seems to us that the few texts and sinthesis one'll find here, represents an advance and an essential clarification on these questions. It's up to the whole groups and individuals of the proletarian camp to take these questions, to participate to this debate which contributes greatly to the preparation of the today Party.

By renewing the thread of this discussion, the IBRP and the fraction give again life to the cycle of the Conferences of the Communist Left groups which were held in the years 1970 and 1980. The concern and the goal are the same. And, if the Conference partly ended up in a deadlock, it matters today to take back the work and to put it at an higher level, to draw the lessons of the past - including the more recents as the opportunist drift of the ICC -, to free from the misunderstandings, from the blockages related to questions of terms utilized, to mutual lack of comprehension.

By doing so, we're fully convinced that we take back the banner the ICC gave up with its more and more delirious sectarian closing.

It's as well the ICC drift as, as counterpoint, the objective need for a political reference pole for the class in a situation of revival of the workers struggles which give to the communist minorities the responsability to assume a presence and a determined intervention in their class. We note that, in front of this need, the comrades of the ICP-Le Prolétaire-Il Comunista make a sustained and regular effort to maintain a political presence in the Paris region in France where the ICC, at best, sterilizes the workers forces looking for political clarity and, at worst, sabotages the work of the othe groups. We report, in this bulletin,about the Public Meeting the ICP held in Paris in October. This regular work of the comrades is the expression of their commitment in this important region. We salute this effort.

This bulletin deals too with a question as well revealing, negatively, of the drift the liquidationists drive today the ICC to. The customary readers of this bulletin know that we're forbidden to attend the so-called public meeting of the ICC. During the last edition of this "private party" (that we can't describe but as "private" since the entrance isn't allowed to anyone), our comrade were waited at the subway station exit by some militiamen of the ICC who physically stop them to pass on the street ! Certainly for fear that we got too close to the place of their probably fraternal, open and warm debates.

Beyond the absurdity of these people who believe that by suppressing the open political contradiction through making shut up those who present it, it's a new blow against the Communist Left that these terror apprentices still have the cheek to claim to be the successors.

But this indignant political behaviour seems to get to its limits. Not because we believe the opportunist logic is losing ground within the present ICC. Unfortunatly, it doesn't seem to be the case. But by increasingly sinking into this sectarian drift, the liquidationist leadership provokes within the proletarian camp - and up to individuals who still remained favourable to it - reactions of rejection. For instance, we publish extracts of some letters we received and which globally express positive political concerns.

This is the opportunity for us to remind some fundamental lessons about the attitude the communists must have in situations where they are confronted with a physical and violent repression. We don't hide it, we learnt these lessons in the ICC, years ago.

It's one more reason to carry on our fraction struggle and to bring to the fore the fact that we're the real continuators of this organisation.

Finally, we too publish a "press review" written last October which presents the statements of the different groups of the Communist Left which publish regularly : the ICP-Le Prolétaire, the IBRP and the ICC.

In our opinion, this rapid survey (realized in October) that we make in this article, shows that a common approach does exist within the proletarian camp. Only the ICC sides almost systematically contrary to the needs of the class, contrary to the perspectives to be given. We couldn't integrate here the last publications of these groups. Nevertheless, we call for the reader's attention about the last issue of Revolutionary Perspectives #37, the IBRP publication in Great-Britain, which is composed with an article (The Economic rôle of War in Capitalism's Decadent Phase) criticizing the "new" theories of the ICC which appeared in the Resolution on the International Situation adopted at its last 16th international congress, and which liquidate the theoretical and political foundations of the notion of capitalism decadence.

The Fraction, December 4th 2005

Communist Bulletin Nš 33 - Internal Fraction of ICC