History of the International Secretariat of the ICC

We inform our readers that we make public on our web site, the History of the International Secretariat of the ICC - see the bulletins 10 and 17 as well as in PDF - which relates the genesis of the 2001 organisational crisis. The text is only available in French.

Let's say that it's with the consent of the "liquidators" of the ICC - which had taken the leadership of the organisation - that we make public this History since, from November 2001, they had in advance given us the conditional "authorization" to publish internal documents, and in particular this History based on the minutes of the Central Organ when they wanted to make us sign the following document :

"I, the undersigned, (...), member of the ICC, testifies on my honor of communist militant that, in the case I'll quit the ICC, I deny myself during a period of 5 years to publish texts containing sensible elements concerning the functioning of the organisation, and particularly elements based upon minutes of the Central organs".

At that time, the liquidation was proclaiming everywhere that our Fraction wouldn't last more than 6 months and that its members were politically "committing suicide"...

Today, more than 5 years have passed and this document, more than others, deserves to come out of our drawers and to be brought to everyone's attention.

"The merciless self-criticism isn't only a vital right for the working class, but it's also for it the supreme duty"(Rosa Luxemburg, translated by us from French).

(February 2008)

Internal Fraction of ICC - Communist Bulletin (Nš 42)