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We reproduce here with his permission the exchange of letters that we had with comrade AS of the IWG/GIO of North-America.

Comrade's AS Letter

Chers camarades,

Congratulations on your new web page. I was reading the article from Bulletin Communiste 49, Le CCI dit "Adieu au marxisme".

In the US a form of Evangelical Protestant Christianity is almost on the level of an official religion, despite its lack of a structure or hierarchy it is the dominant theological force. The officer corps of the US Air Force is a fundamentalist Christian bastion as is most of the ruling class. This is despite the fact that Roman Catholics are a majority in the US. It affects all of US culture, down to its folk music. It is easy for comrades here, perhaps young comrades, to confuse this bourgeois humanist perspective for their own revolutionary perspective. For them perhaps it is a reaction from being constantly bombarded by religious fundamentalist ideology. In US among the bourgeoisie two cultural things are a constant: the game of Golf, and evangelical protestant fanaticism. It would be good to encourage these younger comrades to not let these bourgeois ideologies distract them.

AS (of the IWG/GIO)

Please forgive my lack of French.

Our response to comrade AS

Paris, April 5th 2010

The Fraction of the ICL to comrade AS

Dear comrade,

Thank you for your message and your congratulations for our new web page. We would like to send you back some short comments about your political remarks. It's obvious that the media propaganda and uses of "obscurantist ideologies", as well as their real extent in part of the population, can't but affect workers and young comrades. In particular those who rejecting theses ideologies, oftenly fall into any kind of bourgeois humanism or rationalism. But it is all the more dangerous when it happens that a communist organization suffers such ideological "disease" as it is the obvious case for the present ICC. Even though not at the same "level", this influence of bourgeois ideology amongst workers as well as amongst communist organizations expresses the pressure of bourgeois ideology. Thus, fighting it back, means fighting back precisely and firstly its political expressions within the proletarian camp. And this political and theoretical struggle against what represents political opportunism within the communist forces, can't but participate to "encourage (...) youngers comrades to not let these bourgeois ideologies distract them" and give them theoretical and political weapons through the open presentation, the "offer" could we say, of an alternative to the Left bourgeois ideologies. That's why we think that the struggle against opportunism in the proletarian camp today, whose main present expression is the "official" ICC, is a central one - as it has always been in the workers movement history, most of its theoretical and political advances were made through polemics and fight against opportunist tendencies. And that's why we call the whole proletarian camp and, firstly the Internationalist Communist Tendency (ex-IBRP), to firmly lead this essential battle.

We hope your comments and response.


Fraction of the International Communist Left.

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