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Our response to the Call of the comrades from Australia

Paris, April 25th 2010

The Fraction of the International Left Communist to

the Sympathizers of the Communist Left in Australia,

(copy to the Internationalist Communists of Montreal)

Dear comrades,

We want to respond to the letter you sent to the Internal Fraction of the ICC and to the Communist Internationalists of Montréal - we guess you mailed it to much more groups and comrades around the world. But first of all,we want to shortly present ourselves since you may not know our group and in order to leave aside any confusion.

Actually, the Internal Fraction of the ICC has separated in two groups. The "majority" of the comrades remains with the former name and the web site and we named our new group the "Fraction of the International Left Communist". We still claim the whole struggle of the Internal Fraction, its political positions and orientations, and of course its political programme. We opened a new web site : http://fractioncommuniste.org which takes back the whole bulletin of the Internal Fraction. And we'll publish the International Communist Bulletin - in French, Spanish, and we hope in English certainly in a shorter version. It's difficult to present publicly the political disagreements which ended up in the split since, according to us, they were not clearly expressed by the other comrades. Nevertheless, we can say they tended to reject the main orientations of our former Fraction towards what we call the Proletarian camp - we come back on this camp in the following. This disagreements appeared clearly when the comrades rejected the political content of the two last bulletins of the Fraction, issue 48 and 49, as well as the international leaflet about "The proletariat in Greece shows the way" that we are distributing with the ICM, the Montreal comrades.

Back to your letter : we want to salute the initiative you are taking and to support it as much as we can. We are ready to contribute to any discussion and debate which can initiate a process of political clarification and organizational regroupment in Australia. The political criterias you mention are clearly communist principles, what our ICC - since we still claim its political legacy and platform - called "class positions", and whose political framework conditions political and fruitfull debates and clarification. We particularly agree with, and support, the following passage : "In order to effectively intervene in the class struggle, it is necessary that revolutionaries organise themselves into a political organisation, founded on the basis of shared positions and principles". For us, this question is central and specifies what we call the Proletarian Camp. We won't develop now and we hope we'll have the opportunity to read you about this question and to discuss it.

Nevertheless, we want to express you our concern about the need for any communist regroupment today to situate itself at the international level. Thus, the already regroupment you form, may also aim at participating at the international regroupment process that the present international situation - you underline it in your proposal - requires urgently. For our part, we consider that the main political weakness the international proletariat suffers today is the dispersion, the isolation and the sectarianism of its political vanguards, of its "Proletarian Camp" - in the ICC we used the term "Proletarian Political Milieu".

Before presenting you some concrete means to participate to this international struggle for the political "regroupment" - understood as a process of political discussions, confrontations and clarification of the various positions -, let's try to express how we understand the situation of the communist forces today.

We fully agree with your political concern to refer to the Left Communist legacy as well as with the today "groups which draw an organic and programmatic heritage to the communist left". As you say "we are not the possessors of the full and finally discovered communist programme and because as internationalists we recognise the importance of dialogue between revolutionary workers from all parts of the globe". We agree to this particularly since it represents a political method to apply and to develop.

You correctly refer to the different Lefts coming from the International Communist, the German, Dutch, Russian and Italian ones - which were the main ones. Today, the main and effective communist groups which still have a kind of "organic" and theoretical and political links with these "past" Lefts, are coming, directly or undirectly, from the Italian Left. We won't develop here the reason for such a continuation even though the understanding of the question of the Party by this historical current, have certainly played an important role. The political expressions of the other currents have disappeared since. This doesn't mean they don't have any political legacy, nor influence today. As you may know, we can consider that the Italian Left gave way to three different currents today : the so-called Bordiguist one whose political expression, The Internationalist Communist Party (Communist Program) exploded in the 1980's and which is represented today by various small groups all pretending to be the Party ; the today International Communist Tendency (ex-IBRP whose main political expressions are the Partito Comunista Internazionalista in Italy (whose publication is Battaglia Comunista) and the Communist Workers Organization whose publication is Revolutionary Perspectives (www.ibrp.org) ; and the International Communist Current (www.internationalism.org) we came from (see the text we join you) and that you may know.

For us, and despite the various, and sometimes deep, disagreements we have with these groups, they represent the main organizations of the Proletarian camp around which the new groups and individuals may gather and may discuss with in order to regroup and defend the present Communist Left as much as posible. Concretly, and it is for us a central political criteria, these groups defend the need for the setting up of a world Party and aims at assuming political leadership and struggle within the classes struggle. Unfortunatly, the Bordiguist groups, for their open and claimed sectarianism are unable to tackle the task of being a real international pole of regroupment. At a different level, such is the situation for the present ICC because of its opportunist present drift (see the text we join you). Thus, and despite some political disagreements, we consider that today only the ICT can represent this pole of regroupment and that communists must refer, discuss, and regroup - in the political understanding of the term - around it.

According to us, this camp is not limited by these main organizations. Different groups and isolated individuals may be part of it. Such is the case for the Internationalist Communists of Montreal (http://klasbatalo.blogspot.com/) with whom we are in closed contact and collaboration. These comrades have already proposed a Web site for the Left Communist (1). Up to now, this proposal hasn't been positively answered by anyone but ourselves (except too the other comrades of the IFCCI who also rejected this initiative). Nevertheless, this Proposal is still there and remains at least as a perspective that, soon or later, will have to be set up. We invite you to discuss this question, to read the various responses to this Proposal, and to write your comments to the comrades in Montréal. As well, and in order to participate as much as we can to the process you are initiating, we open the pages of our bulletin to any text or contribution you may realize. Already, we will publish the Call you made with our comments in the next bulletin - which will be the first one of the "new serie".

Here are our first quick comments and suggestions to your letter. We hope for your comments, whether they are positive or critical. Forgive our English language which may be sometimes difficult to understand or "heavy" to read.

Communist Greetings.

The Fraction of the International Left Communist.


1. http://fractioncommuniste.org/index.php?SEC=b48 in French (you can find in Spanish too if you rather read this language), you have in this issue of our bulletin the various response to this Proposal. It is also published in French on the web site of the ICM.

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