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The Economical Crisis, the March towards War and Classes struggle speed up

No more illusion ! The capitalist world can't escape the crisis ; and the true present distress, indeed the panic, of the ruling class - governments, politicians of all sides and other so-called experts - reveals in the eyes of all its total powerlessness. Today this crisis strikes directly and frontally at the very heart of capitalism ; it means its great European and North-American powers. These latters cannot this time transfer the main and heaviest effects of the crisis to the countries and the areas of capitalism's periphery. This time, they neither can cheat or postpone the deadline by using the weapon of the massive and great scale debt for a so-called "economical revival". Even the more "optimistic" fractions of the bourgeoisie, in general the ones "in power", know that it is the time of recession ; they themselves confess that the growing use of debt and the general use of "printing money", mainly in the United-States and Europe, don't have but one goal at the economical level : the general stampede. That is what their agitation clearly shows up when they attempt to avoid the inescapable bankruptcy of Greece and of half the European countries ; when they try to save the "AAA" of the United-States and Great-Britain which are much more in debt than Greece and other lame ducks ; and when they also try to limit, if not to avoid, the lack of "liquidities" on the markets, it means loans between banks, which would have as immediate consequence a brutal fall into recession very close to total paralysis of the economy... For the rest of the world, in particular the famous "emergent countries" we are constantly told about, they are well unable to substitute to the great Western powers for any economical revival and they prepare too to suffer the after-effect of the generalized recession while they are as well in debt.

No more illusion ! Despite the world economical catastrophe and the system bankruptcy, capitalism will not disappear by its own, naturally if so we can say. As inhuman as it is, the bourgeoisie will never renounce pacifically to this barbarous system of class exploitation from which the ruling class gets its profits and its privileges. It will never give up and let being set up another mode of production, an other society, without classes, nor exploitation, nor profit and money. Its class nature, its fundamental interests and its ideology ("man is a wolf to man") push it to relaunch with even more rage and ferocity the imperialist rivalries which oppose it, rivalries which express through a global economical war before becoming a world holocaust.

Today, this economical war crystallizes in growing tensions between the Capitalist States : for instance, the international meetings such as the G8-G7-G201, just to mention these ones, are places of confrontations from which no "saving" economical decision is taken – up to the point that every one is now systematically followed in the next days by falls of the stock exchanges and/or "speculative attacks" ; up to the point that the different plans to save such country or such economical sector multiply with no success. Actually, the attitude of the world bourgeoisie is not so much to attempt to "resolve" the crisis than to develop a battle with no mercy between its different parts or nations. Far from gathering the great powers, far from reducing their rivalries, the crisis makes accelerating the imperialist polarization. In our present period, this latter organize essentially between the United-States accompanied with, amongst others, a part of the Anglo-Saxon countries and the main European countries around Germany. The battle between the dollar and the euro which is becoming more acute, is one of its manifest signs. For the American bourgeoisie, the loss of the dollar supremacy, its likely abolition as international money reserve would represent a considerable weakening of its power. Here is why its present strategy consists in making all it can to weaken and discredit the euro ; which means to attack what is Germany's "pré-carré". The speculative attacks which are led presently against the States debts of some European countries are directly launched by the American bourgeoisie as has recently denounced the "President of the French bosses association", Laurence Parisot. As well, Germany, France and Europe have denounced the political attacks of the IMF (which is essentially under American influence) focusing on the European banks exposition - above all German and French - to the so-called "sovereign" debts of some European countries. For their side, the Europeans don't remain inactive and they reject with no hesitation and openly the responsibility for the crisis and its consequences to the "bad" Americans and their friends ; so is their discourses about the subprimes and the Federal US Reserve laxity, about the Anglo-Saxon "liberal and free-market" ideology and about the incredible amount of the American military spendings, etc.

In this world battle between capitalists, the other bourgeoisies are confined, in the best cases, to the "supporting rôle". This confirms thus that the main polarization does occur between the two sides of the Atlantic. The stake is thus significant. It is not of economical order but fundamentally of imperialist order. These economical and financial tensions and rivalries, facing the global economical dead-end, are not but moment of the increase of the imperialist rivalries and, in particular, of the polarization around two great capitalist powers. It becomes more obvious every day, and the crisis doesn't but increasingly throw light on it, that Germany is one of these two leaders. The German bourgeoisie is utilizing the economical crisis, through the conditions it imposes to all the countries of the "euro zone" and above all to those which are in great difficulties, to establish it ruling and leading position in Europe that the euro had already greatly favour.

It is around Germany that the anti-American regroupments tend to articulate ; and this one way or another. Because there is no doubt, and the present crisis doesn't only confirm it but also it accentuates it and speeds it, that the bourgeoisies of all countries are inescapably pushed to march towards generalized imperialist war and so pushed to prepare it.

No more illusion ! Despite its deep natural divisions which express today in the more savage and sordid manner, it means imperialism, the international bourgeoisie has only one ground where it remains and will always remain united : it is when it has to confront the proletariat ; today to make it pay for its present crisis. In accord and united, it is in the international meeting like the G7-G8-G20, in the international organisms - IMF, World Bank, etc. - to decide and coordinate the austerity plans ; it means the violent deteriorations of the living and working conditions of the exploited classes. In accord and united, it is for censoring the strongest and more dangerous workers struggles as much as it can – that is the case with the generalized and almost total silence about the mobilization in Greece which, nevertheless, lasts and develops since more than 3 years. In accord and united, still it is to exploit deeply the weaknesses of the class and to try to make, for instance, the "movement of the Indignados" in Spain – which is very sensitive to the mystification of the fight for a true "citizen" democracy (sic!) - an example to be followed by all proletarians. In accord and united, it is finally for justifying the police and even military repression when the States don't succeed any more to control and limit the development of the workers anger – Greece, Egypt, Great-Britain, Spain, etc...

Everywhere it agrees to utilize and develop the ideological mystification of Democracy and to reinforce the Left wing of the State apparatus by putting forwards Left parties and other radical leftists and by the artificial setting up, thanks to the "internet social networks", of so-called informal structures such as Democracia ya ! in Spain. Because it knows that it is not enough to oppose from "outside" to the workers struggles in order to confine and defeat them. It needs to be relayed within the very struggles, to get forces - political and union firstly – which falsely present themselves and speak in the name of the working class and its interests. And, in particular, forces which attempt to divide and to wear out the class fights against the capitalist State of any will and perspective of spreading, of generalization and unification. These forces rely on the political weaknesses of the working class and its democratic illusions. The utilization of the democratic mystification for emptying the Assemblies of their spreading and unifying function for the workers struggles has become an essential element of the political offensive of the bourgeoisie against the working class fight as the powerlessness and the failure of the Spanish "Indignados" movement shows it. Thus it is from the "inside" of the struggles that the bourgeois offensive is the most dangerous and it is at that level that the classes confrontation, in particular in its indispensable political dimension, expresses at the highest point.

But this acute political confrontation doesn't limit to the only field of the workers struggles. The bourgeoisie has also an imperious need to weaken the working class' vanguard ; it means its communist minorities. There too, it has to intervene from « inside » the communist camp. For this, it relies on the weaknesses of this latter (its inclination to sectarianism and above all its division) and aims at finding relays in its ranks. Unfortunately it does find them in the councilist tendencies and in political opportunism which affect an important part of this camp. This offensive led from « inside » has dangerously spread to a full-scale attack against the very existence of the organized groups of the Communist Left2.
As the working class can't avoid the political confrontation in its struggles against the political and union forces of the bourgeoisie, the communist minorities and above all the serious groups of the Communist Left can't ignore, nor avoid, a resolute confrontation particularly with political opportunism which does exist in its own ranks and which openly claims now its goal : the destruction of the communist groups.

Thus it is at all the levels that the bourgeoisie is compelled to attack head-on and at great scale the whole international proletariat. We have entered in an historical period of decisive confrontations between the main classes of society. From the proletariat's point of view, the fights aren't yet sufficiently developed to impose significant withdrawals to the bourgeoisie and to clear up to the eyes of the workers masses the perspective of capitalism's destruction and of a society without classes, without exploitation and without war. Nevertheless, the classes contradictions exacerbate as never since decades. And despite the proletariat's weaknesses, particularly at the level of its consciousness and of its political vanguard, the situation has never be so favourable than in the present historical period : capitalism appears increasingly clearly for what it is, it means a system in full bankruptcy, a barbarous system which leads humanity towards its end if nothing stops it ; and since the proletariat is not historically defeated, nor politically, nor physically, since in its main concentrations it expresses more and more its refusal of the sacrifices imposed by the bourgeoisie, it is forging its weapons which will enable it to bring down this system. For this purpose, it needs since now a strong and acting communist vanguard looking for its union.

The FICL, September 10th 2011.

1« Actually, the G7-Finances has wondered whether it matters to push on the accelerator in order to avoid recession or if it matters to carry on the braking of the deficits that the austerity States plans have already begun in the rich countries. According to François Baroin, the French financial Minister and G7 President, it matters to do "both while taking into account the different situations". No details has been given on how to realize this subtle mixing of support and austerity » (Le Monde, 10/09/2011, translated by us from French, http://www.lemonde.fr/economie/article/2011/09/10/entre-relance-et-rigueur-le-g7-echoue-a-trouver-une-ligne-claire-et-commune_1570336_3234.html#ens_id=1198047).

2. We publish in this bulletin extracts of a secrete Resolution adopted by the ICC in 2005 whose objective was to make all it could to destroy the IBRP (today the ICT). Since then, the liquidationnist politics of the present ICC has make emulators. Already in 2009, the groupe Internationalist Perspective has launched an Appeal to a so-called « pro-revolutionary » milieu on the basis of an identical rejection of the communist groups. Now, the circles having dismissed lately from the ICT, the Istituto Damen, and the ICC, Controverses, go still futher than IP and join the present ICC politics of liquidation by declaring the « bankruptcy of the Communist Left » and by calling to the disappearance and dissolution of its main organizations... ICT and ICC. For the latter, unfortunately, the process is already well engaged if we believe the balance-sheet that this very organization presents itself of its late 19th international Congress – we plan to take position on it in our next issue. For the ICT, we'll do all we can to struggle at its side and against the « liquidation » for the regroupment and the setting up of a true world communist party.

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