Presentation of the english version of our bulletins 35-36

As our english reader know already, we aren't able to make a full translation of our bulletin. Thus we make a selection. This time, we think important to present our statements about two important events of the international situation : the workers (and student) struggle in France of late March and our understanding of the evolution of the imperialist rivalries (which has been confirmed immediatly with the bloody war in Libanon). Both events are a clear expression of the historical alternative towards which capitalism drives the whole society : imperialist generalised war or international proletarian revolution.

We also publish a short statement about the question of the organisation of the struggle and the danger of the "fetichism of self-organisation" which came openly back (see the statements of the ICC for instance) with the students general assemblies in France. We present too the second part of our criticism of the revisionist theoretical and political drift the present ICC is falling in in particular on the question of imperialism.

July 2006

Communist Bulletin Nš 35 / 36 - Internal Fraction of ICC