In the rubric : the yesterday ICC and the today ICC...

The ICC of today : "but in contrast to the 1968-89 period, when the outcome of these class contradictions could only be world war or world revolution, the new period opens up a third alternative : the destruction of humanity.." (Resolution on the international situation, International Review 113, 2003, we underline once again).

The ICC from yesterday, back to its origins (1974) : " This theory of the bureaucracy…claims that the historic dilemma is not between capitalism and socialism but that a third solution has arisen with the bureaucratic class. We categorically reject any theory which tends to spread the belief that history offers another alternative to capitalism that is not socialism" (‘Defence of the proletarian character of October’, 1965, reproduced in the Bulletin d’Etude and de Discussion de Revolution Internationale, no.4 January 1974, we underline).

When will there be a serious response on this question which develops this revision, this third way ? Recognising it as a gross error and a revisionist and opportunist deviation? Another alternative that liquidationism cannot escape, whether they try to remain silent or not. In one way or another. The material, historical facts cannot be ignored. And what could be more historic, more material for a communist organisation, than a congress resolution ?

A last word on this. This text (of 1965) was written by the comrade MC, now deceased, from whom the liquidationists are trying at any price to claim the exclusive inheritance, the ‘red thread’ being assumed by that now on great celebrity, for ever, Peter. "The IFICC doesn’t walk ‘in the footsteps of MC’, it walks over all the principles which he always defended", they dare to affirm on their website – this article which is simply announced in the June RI >: they no longer venture to put these kinds of documents in their papers. And for good reason: it’s not the first time that the writings of the militant MC, and not confidences whispered (according to them) in the ears of …Peter and his partner are there to denounce their current policies. Here again, there are two opposing methods.