Presentation of bulletin 37

It is for a very long ago that the bourgeois press and media in general are not neutral any longer (if they ever have been !) the "news" that they serve and din to us are ineluctably the expression of the ideology of the bourgeois class. This truth became an obviousness, a truism, for any observer a little informed and endowed with the slightest critical spirit.

However, the particularly crude way in which these medias treat the current events, specifically during these last months, must alert us and we must, as Communists, highlight the motivating forces of this increasingly directed propaganda.

The nuclear test of North Korea (not really proven till this day) or the active will of Iran of the Mollahs to obtain the nuclear weapon is presented in such way that one sees a world in danger.

But in danger, one says us, because of certain " Rogue States " which would put in danger the radiant harmony that the leaders of the great "democracies" devise to us. In danger also because of terrorist nebulas of Islamic obedience which dream only of destruction and massacres, contrary to our wise and peaceful ruling class which manages to make our planet a paradisiacal sojourn.

That is at the heart of the bourgeois propaganda, made of lies and large strings, aiming at clearing itself, at finding scapegoats on which to make fall down the responsibility for a world of misery, of war, of death.

Yes! The world is really in danger. But the true danger is not we're told day after day and image after image.

The " Rogue States " like North Korea, Iran or Syria are unquestionably countries in which capitalist cruelty exists. But beside the great imperialist States like the USA, France, Germany or Russia, the leaders of these " Rogue States " are only pale amateurs. Compared to US policy in Latin America since decades, compared to French policy in Africa, the Syrian, Korean or Iranian leaders have the air of tyrants of operetta. On the other hand, they are quite useful for the dominant imperialist countries in the role of scarecrow.

As for "terrorist nebulas", the medias try to make us believe that they were born from nothing and that they take their actions according to their free choice. One can just refer to the history of the relations between Ben Laden and the USA, to the role of countries like Pakistan (privileged ally of the USA, again) or the traditional links between France and certain powers of the Middle East (these ones related, in turn, to various militia and terrorist groups), to understand that these terrorist groups are "nebulous" only for the common run of people; that they are, essentially, creations of the imperialist States, in particular of the largest ones.

Yes! The world is in danger. And this danger is the policy of great and average imperialist powers which carry out a keen competition throughout the world. In this policy, each one, according to its means, to the circumstances', uses and maintains, more or less discreetly, a whole of structures and groups which are completely capable "to fulfill missions" of terrorist nature. The real terrorists are the bourgeois States. And the real " Rogue States " are those which pull the strings from "nebulas" and of the dictators of less developed countries.

The danger for the world it is capitalism in crisis which can pull through only by the generalized war, by massacres on a large scale. It is the preparation of this war which takes place via the economic, diplomatic, strategic and military confrontation between great and average powers. And, in this combat, "terrorist nebulas" and "Rogue States" are tools, among others, in the hands of the imperialist powers.

But this reality must absolutely not appear to the eyes of the populations. This is why the media present to us a shadow scene with "terrorist nebulas" and " Rogue States " quite visible.

Behind the scenes during this time, and properly dissimulated to the glances by the smoke screens of propaganda, the ruling class manages its business! It is a competition at daggers drawn, of course ! It is the battle for the defense of the down to earth bourgeois interests, it is the fight for the juicy markets all over the world to the detriment and on the back of the classes exploited and, often, reduced to misery and died by the famine or in warlike conflicts of which they do not know the ins and outs.

Behind the scenes, in this moment, alliances are tied between powers ; tension fields are drawn which will be tomorrow, if we do not put an end to it by our class fights, the front lines of war bringing together the interests of the different national bourgeois classes at the expense of our blood, of our life. The bourgeois classes know it so properly that they prepare to it concretely, in particular in an insane arms race.

"The funds spent in the world for the purchase of armaments and weaponry beat the records of the period of the 'Cold War', affirm the authors of a report of the international foundation Oxfam. According to the analysts, this year the expenditure of defense will reach the record sum of $1.059 mds while at the time of the ''Cold War', in 1988 concretely, they did not exceed $1.03 mds. The United States and the countries of the Middle East are more 'spendthrift' "(From the French Internet site armée.com. Article published on Tuesday October 3, 2006)

While the US war in Iraq does not end putting the country to fire and sword, while Afghanistan and Chechnya are transformed into vast cemeteries, without speaking about many other focus of massacre and famine whose the "Great powers" are, directly or indirectly, responsible, the full glare of the media turn to the Korean bomb or the Iranian boastings. And, during this time, the reality of the tensions and the battle between the USA and their competitors germano-Russo-French moves towards other "scenes of operations" like the South Caucasus and Eastern Europe. It is, for example, Poland where the USA are establishing missiles to the great displeasure of Russia1. It is Ukraine, Georgia and the countries and republics of the surroundings which are strategic stakes of foreground between the 2 imperialist poles in formation, one behind the USA, the other around the trio Germany-Russia-France.

It is this game that the media have as a function to dissimulate by giving it appearances of negotiations aiming to the safety and the greater comfort of the concerned populations.

The planet as a whole is today the scene of bargaining, of tensions, of fights to the death between the various imperialist powers. And, of course, the most powerful of these countries (the USA, Germany, Japan, Russia, France, Great Britain, etc.) set the tone and these are their conflicts of interest which are translated into wars, massacres, famines and misery throughout the world.

More than ever the tensions and local conflicts (in the Middle-East, in Africa, in the Caucasus, in Latin America, in Asia, etc.) are the expression of the keen competition that are carried out these imperialist powers of first and second order; and "terrorism" is one of the means by which this competition is expressed. The "nebulous" character, meticulously maintained and postponed, of the various terrorist agencies (whether they are of Islamic obedience, according to the fashion of the day, or of any other kind) precisely serves to frighten the populations to encourage them to line up behind the "protective" States and in particular to dissimulate the policies of these same States which as well use terror in the "hot points" of the sphere as in the suburbs of their big cities.

No "loss of control of the situation" on behalf of these imperialist powers ! No disorder or "chaos" which is not, essentially, anticipated, calculated and implemented at the service of a given policy whose fundamental motivations are related to the economic interests correctly managed of the countries which start them.

It is properly this reality of confrontations increasingly more obvious between the imperialist powers and the logic which results from this in terms of constitution, in the long term, of rival imperialist blocks, logic which leads to a new world war. It is properly this reality as its deep logic that the Communists have the duty to make clear to the eyes of their class because, today already, the fate of humanity is concerned. The historical alternative "WORLD WAR or PROLETARIAN REVOLUTION" is more and more resolutely on the agenda.

The Fraction.


1 It should be believed that the surroundings of the Baltic are the ideal place to lead the tracking to Al Qaïda, unless the range of the missiles bound for Korea or Iran does oblige the US soldiers to elect residence in the heart of the Central Europe?

Internal Fraction of ICC - Communist Bulletin (Nº 37)