In front of the attacks and provocations, Solidarity with the "official" ICC !

We have read on the Internet site of the present ICC that it suffers various attacks which accuse it of being pro-zionist when it denounces the capitalist nature of Israël State as well as the Palestinian State and bourgeoisie. These attacks are made under assumed names, even false names, such as "Friends of the ICC", or are false "Calls for subscription" for the ICC, which can't but sow confusion and trouble.

We denounce these practices which have nothing to do with the workers and communist movement. We denounce these practices which, at least, works for the bourgeoisie when they are not, directly, the work of the State against the proletariat, and more particularly against its vanguard political organisations. Thus we express - without reserves and despite the political disagreements that separate us - our full solidarity and full support to the present ICC.

Actually, the ICC still belongs to the internationalist proletarian camp ; and its defence in front of this kind of attacks, is full part of the defence of this milieu of communist organisations which are, essentially, descended from the International Communist Left. That's why we call the attention of this whole Proletarian Camp - particularly of its main organisations - about the danger this kind of provocations represents. If it's the ICC today which is targeted, we haven't any doubt that any organisation, nucleus or isolated elements of this Camp can be, and will be, suffering this kind of attack.

Given the development of the current historical situation - dramatical aggravation of capital economic crisis, increasing imperialist rivalries and wars, misery and workers struggles -, and despite disagreements - sometimes very important - and different dynamics which exist within it, it's fundamental that this Proletarian Camp be able to face up against, and to close ranks in front of, provocations and infiltrations of any kind, as the one the ICC is confronted with today, and which, we have no doubt, will inevitably happen again. It's up to the responsibility of this Proletarian Camp.

That's why we denounce the schemes more than shady of the pseudo "Friends of the ICC" and other provocators and why we express our solidarity to the present ICC.

Internal Fraction of the ICC, April 4th, 2008.

Communiqué sent to the "official" ICC.

Copies to :

- the BIPR (PCint-Battaglia Comunista, CWO, GIO, Bilan et Perspectives);

- the PCI Programme communiste (Il Comunista-Le Prolétaire, etc.) ;

- to Il Partito Comunista ;

- N+1 ;

- Il Programma Comunista - Cahiers Internationalistes ;

- to the Internationalist Communists of Montreal (Canada);

- au Gruppe Internationaler SozialistInner (GIS - Germany) ;

- International Union of the Proletarian Revolutionaries – Collectivists (IUPRC - Russia) ;

- to comrades sympathisers and contacts of our fraction.