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Shameful Resolution of the ICC against the Communist Left
In secret, the Present ICC Betrays itself and the Working Class

Here is what the ICC voted at its 16th international Congress in 2005 :

« All the groups of the Political Proletarian Milieu, except the ICC, are going through the most dangerous crisis since the after-war... The inability of the groups of the milieu, apart from the ICC, to be up to the stake of the new historical period (…). In addition to the IBRP, the other groups of the Proletarian Milieu aren't anymore able to contribute positively to the future class Party, the priority of our intervention isn't to help them to do so (…). We must be consequent : if we say that the groups of the Proletarian Political Milieu have a destructive attitude, we must discredit them politically (…). The organization has to be the clearest and the most homogeneous on our aim of our policy towards the IBRP : what matters is to discredit the IBRP (…) that it disappears at the political level. If this policy ends up with its physical disappearance, it is all the better (…). We must utilize the difficulties of the IBRP forum for discrediting it. (…) The ICC is the only living organization capable of responding to the needs of the revolutionary vanguard (…). Only the ICC today poses the foundations for the future party the class will have to make appear (…) Since the ICC is today the only historical group of the Communist Left able to contribute to the future world party, the present work of regroupment of the revolutionary forces is first and above all the one of the ICC political, geographical and numerical strenghtening (…). An organisation respresenting the historical consciousness, the marxist method and the organizational approach that today only the ICC can offer (…). If we say that the Proletarian Political Milieu has a destructive attitude towards the new elements, our attitude has to be different, we must render it harmless » .

1- It is totally by chance that this small part of this Resolution voted by the present ICC has recently felt on us, or rather has felt on our head. Actually, and contrary to the principles and the methods that this organization had always defended since its foundation, this Resolution has been deliberately kept secrete. Whether it is by shame or by « opportunist tactic », the fact this Resolution has not been made public doesn't change the hateful character of its content. Even though this Resolution speaks for itself, we think necessary to underline its main aspects in order to « make the shame more shameful ».

2- What does this infamous text says ?

a) that the Political Proletarian Milieu is in full collapse, that it has no more reason to live, since all the groups which compose it, except the ICC of today (of course !), are not up to theirs responsabilities towards the class ;
b) that the « so-called » ICC has no more intention « to help them » contrary to all it had always claimed and done in the past ;
c) as if it was not enough and since it judges that all these groups are « destructive », it even intends to « discredit them politically », to « render them harmless » ;
[Thus the ICC, turning its back to its own political foundations, decides in stead of History (the attitude in presence of war and revolution are the two criterions which can settle the question) and according to its goodwill, that political vanguard organizations – that the class made so much years and efforts to create and develop - deserve to disappear.]
d) and, in the framework of this charge worthy of the bourgeoisie, this phoney ICC pays a particular and privileged place to the IBRP (the present ICT) ; not only it wishes (and goes concretly into action) that the IBRP « disappears at the political level » but it also proclaims it and is very pleased of it without any shame : «  If this policy ends up with its physical disappearance, it is all the better » !) ;
e) in its crazy logic, the ICC can't be but the only survivor of the supposed « general disarray » and even the only organization «  able to contribute to the future world party » ; the policy of regroupment which has always been at the core of the existence of the true ICC is disastrously reduced to the simple « the ICC political, geographical and numerical strenghtening ».

To weaken seriously the revolutionary class and to submit it politically and physically is obviously, and above all in the period we now live, an imperative objective of the bourgeoisie. In the ICC of today and in its policy expressed by this Resolution, the ruling class has found its « Troyan horse » vis-à-vis the class political vanguard. This ICC is clearly compromised in a destructive policy of the Proletarian Camp :
- directly by attacking the groups, above all the most serious, the ones of the Communist Left, which compose this camp ;
- undirectly by confusing and distorting its image (see its numerous attempts it has made the last years to introduce anarchist organizations within the camp.)

3- The « regroupment policy » of the true ICC

Since its foundation and what ever could be the general situation and the state of the organizations of the Proletarian Camp, the ICC had always, without failing, put at the core of its activity a persistant policy of regroupment. The numerous Resolutions of congresses, the numerous « appeals » made to the other groups, without forgetting the international correspondances, never stopped to put forwards this policy in an almost obsessional manner. Let's just take some examples : we are struke by the approach, the content and the spirit of this policy which, obviously, is totally opposed to the one put forwards today. It could be defined in clear words : « It is a question of establishing a conscious co-operation between all organizations, not in order to carry out hasty and artificial re­groupments, but to develop a will and an approach which centers its attention on a systematic work of fraternal debate and confrontation between proletarian political forces » (Address to Proletarian Groups, International Review 35, 1983).

Contrary to what prevails now, the place of the « old » groups is central for the strenghtening of their links : - « … as far as the “old” groups are concerned (...) priority must be given to tightening our links with the movement’s other historic pole of reference: the current of the IBRP (continuing and improving our public and international debate, presence at their public meetings, proposals for common public meetings, direct contacts as often as possible) » (Resolution on the Proletarian Political Milieu, International Review 51, 1987) - than to serve as a reference and as a springboard for the « new ones », the ones that the proletariat makes appear in our days - « A new revolutionary generation does not appear through miraculous conception, but as the continuation of those revolutionary generations of the proletariat that preceded it » (Correspondence with Emancipacion Obrera - Argentina, International Review 49, 1987).
That's well and good a fundamental betrayal we are witnessingin the present days.

Since such a policy can't but lead to death, for the proletariat, for the organization which advocates it, it is also of the responsability of the sincere militants who are within the present ICC – despite the desertions of the last years, we know some still remain inside - to rise against it. Members of the ICC, where do you situate yourselves ? How long are you still going to accept to sit « fraternally » with anarchism and to participate at the same time to the policy of destruction of the other groups of the Communist Left ?
Because that's the historical interests of our class which are at stake, there is also the need for all the organizations to lead an open fight against this policy ; militants and organizations of this Left, what ever are your disagreements with the positions of the original ICC, what ever are your considerations on the present ICC, you can't let establish such a policy without reacting, without rising your voice against it, without denouncing it with energy. It is just like this that you'll and we'll be able to save what can still be saved - maybe some militant forces at least - from the organization whose name is still the « ICC » and from the political current it less and less embodies and that, for our part, we carry on representing proudly and defending.

The Fraction of the International Communist Left, August 2011.

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