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The need for the struggle against the present opportunism

As we underline it in the "leading article" of this bulletin, there are two dimensions of the present historical situation which intervene in the development and the establishment of the relation of forces between the classes : the development of the massive struggles in response to the crisis ;and the ability of the proletarian camp, of the communist political groups, to be equal to their task in front of the development of the situation, at the immediate point of view - the intervention towards the working class - as well as at the historical point of view - the regroupment of their forces and the constitution of the world party of the proletariat. We know that many have doubts, even deny, that the state of the proletarian camp today can already participate to the relation of forces between the classes. It is true that, for the essential, the weakness of the communist forces doesn't still enable them to be a determining factor in the dynamic which leads to the massive confrontations - this doesn't mean they can't play this role, even today, in some particular situations. Though the development of the workers struggles can't but favor the emergence of new generations of workers and militants searching for revolutionary coherence and their regroupment, at least in terms of audience, reference, reflection, theoretical and political clarification, indeed of concrete orientations and immediate slogans, around the positions of the Communist Left groups. One stake of the present situation is that significant minorities gather around the proletarian camp and pronounce themselves on the historical perspectives of communism. It is an element of the relation of forces between the classes. One element of the present situation, a fundamental element in favor of the proletariat, of the relation of forces in the classes struggle, is that the communist positions be presented, be put forwards, thus actually be present, and defended the most widely and the most unified possible.

For such, the proletarian camp has to be equal to its task, has to be in condition to crystallize its revolutionary energies around marxist communist political positions, around the proletariat's class positions.

Unfortunately, the state of the proletarian camp today doesn't allow it to be up to the historical stake. The International Communist Party (Le Prolétaire, Il Comunista, Proletarian...) is today too much weak and prisoner of its basic positions (see its critical comments on the Communist Internationalists-Klabastalo [ex-ICM]'s Platform in this issue) which are characterized by dogmatism and sectarianism. The ICT (ex-IBRP) still remains, according to us, too timorous and cautious, unable to fully take up its responsability and to assume the central place that history assigned to it for today in the process which should drive to political regroupment and to the setting up of the party. As for the ICC... it has become the Trojan horse which enables no-proletarian positions, for the least, (the anarchism's ones) to infiltrate within the communist camp !

Here is why we maintain that the struggle against opportunism (which strikes today more particularly this late organization) represents a priority for the communist forces. To defend the proletariat's theory, marxism, against its distorsions and against revision or betrayal, to defend the tradition of the Communist Left today directly attacked, is not the only responsability of the militants and sympathizers of the ICC. It is also the one of all the components of the proletarian camp. Tomorrow, opportunism will come back striking under a form or another and the experience of the theoretical and political fight that we lead, will serve again as the past fights of Marx, Lenin, Rosa Luxemburg and the Left fractions of the International Communist. If the opportunist drift of the ICC is a negative factor for the establishement of the relation of forces between the classes, we are convinced that the struggle against this opportunist drift is and will be an element, an active factor, of this relation of forces in favor of the proletariat.

Thus we come back here, as we are used to, on the last congress of the ICC section in France (not translated into English) and on the balance-sheet this organization makes in its press. And above all, given the incredible openness to anarchism which is being imposed, obviously without any real debate in its ranks, we publish an open letter to the militants of this organization to prompt them to get out of their lethargy, to react to this accelerated drift and, at least, to remain faithful to this political Platform that we share.

We join it behind the mail we sent to the Communist Worker Organization (ICT group in Great-Britain) to call them to intervene in this process of accelerated degeneration (not translated into English).


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