Via Internet, the ICC flirts with the worst bourgeois leftism and gives it its guarantee

In previous articles, we had already warned against the use of Internet with no control by communist organizations. In the former issue of this bulletin, we pointed out how the thoughtless publication "online" of articles the ones after the others turns the back to the requirements of a militant communist press which needs a theoretical and political framework, political analysis and orientations, and a militant intervention towards the working class. All things which necessarily require a permanent collective and organisational framework and life as well as a Party activity and a Party spirit opposed to the "Internet network".

We also warned against "the networks and the forums on Internet [which] aren't but a kind of illusory virtual community where everyone can write as long as he wants with not any political compromise. Their business is "democracy", "freedom of expression" (...)... In the name of "individual freedom of expression", anonymity is stipulated, it means the right for the crassest cowardice. Or it can even purely and simply be a lure from people at the service of bourgeois ideology. This kind of medium is incompatible with the imperatives for a managed and voluntarily orientated debate according to political criteria previously defined" (For a militant press of intervention, Communist Bulletin 43, only in French and Spanish).

It's on this question of "the forums and other networks" that we want to call the attention of our readers. And one more time, it's the present ICC which gives us the most manifest expression of the danger of participating to these forums. Yet, lately it had to suffer various slanderous attacks through Internet and the forums to which it participated, from people who falsely presented themselves as "Friends of the ICC". By the way, let's notice that, in our knowledge, we've been the only ones who publicly expressed their solidarity to this organization and who denounced these practices (see our communique in the former bulletin - available in English). Nevertheless this incident has revealed the alarming fragility and political weakening of the present ICC in front this kind of leftist practices because its active and wide participation to these forums on Internet.

But unfortunately, there is worst and we aren't even sure that the whole militants of this organization (which we carry on considering as still being ours) know about the active, and even central, collaboration to a forum where the worst leftist organizations have not only the right to be present, but are even publicly and objectively encouraged by the actual ICC to participate. It's true this forum is in Spanish and that its "publicity" has been almost exclusively made on the ICC site in this language.

The ICC forum in Latin America or the most vulgar democratism

In the presentation of the forum, we can read that "the objective of this forum is the international debate with the participation of all and in which the ICC isn't but a part and hasn't to be at the center which all must pass through - it is very important and it will benefit to the development of the clarification and the compromise for the proletarian struggle of all of you. In this sense, we encourage this forum initiated by the comrades of the Nucleus of Internationalist Discussion, proposals of debate [we integrally respect the writing even though this passage is a little incomprehensible] you will think appropriate, not to discuss the statements of genius chiefs who became notables within the Left but an offer for a world scale debate. The communists consider it's an indignity to hide one's own ideas and proposals. They openly proclaim that their objective can't be reached but through overthrowing all the existing social order by violence. That the ruling classes tremble in front of the Communist Revolution. The proletarians have nothing to lose but their own chains. In return, they have a world to win. Proletarians of all countries, unite !" (Presentation of the Forum, translated and underlined by us 1).

There would be a lot to say about the passage in itself, about the political confusions it reveals. Let's say no more and let's go to the essential of our subject. As anyone can notice it, here is a call to "all" which doesn't put forward any political criteria for the participation to the discussion and to the debate. Even worst, the ICC doesn't want to be "at the center", just "a part", it means a participant amongst the others to the forum, which means that, from the beginning, it gives up not only any idea of political orientation, thus any responsibility as vanguard organization of the working class. The door is so all open to all the Left of capitalism, to the leftists up to the Stalinists, passing by the "third-worldists", by the Left Democrats, by the pacifists of all kinds, etc. The ICC of today deserts the class fight for the selection and the clarification of the proletariat's political positions and even serves as a guarantee to obvious representative of the enemy class. It so enables them to effectively spread the ideological poison of their class in this kind of forum. In short, it objectively serves the bourgeoisie's interests !

The ICC enables the worst Leftists to speak and offers them a tribune !

The result of all this wasn't long to come. It's disastrous. Let's see. The brief evocation of the list of some participants to the ICC forum is enough to anyone who claims the Communist Left : Palestinian Star, Workers Central of Argentina, Workers Party of Uruguay, Friends of Peace in Colombia and in the World, Multisector of Solidarity with Cuba, Paraguayan Communist Party, National Independantist Movement of Puerto-Rico, Solidarity Committee with the Struggle of Rio de Janeiro with the Palestinian People, Revolutionary Peronism - Argentina, Bolivarian Organization of the United Nations... The worst leftist organizations we said before. Stalinists and nationalists Leftist among the more caricatural. Up to the degree that a lot of interventions in the ICC forum openly support with enthusiasm the Chávez's capitalist government in Venezuela. Others salute El Comandante Castro wishing him a quick recovery. There is even a Che Guevara's poem dedicated to Fidel Castro !

Here is where the today ICC politics and its so-called "culture of debate" drives to. And this happens at the very moment where it refuses any debate and any consequent political confrontation with the true political forces of the proletarian camp.

In this forum, the bourgeois positions - which are largely majority - and the proletarian positions appear completely undifferentiated, side by side, in successive "links", "respecting" each other ; there is no denunciation, nor criticism, nor even "discussion" of the bourgeois positions as if they were for the "animators" of the forum as valid as the positions of our class - but isn't it the ambition of the ICC when it claims in the presentation that "it has not to be at the center which all must pass through" ? It goes up to the point where we can find on the same Internet page, in the same "link", in a single document, the position of the ICC about terrorism associated with a position openly bourgeois from pacifists and stalinist parties 2. And with no explanation by the ICC ! And not any kind of bourgeois position, but an Appeal to the General Secretariat of the United Nations and to the Members of the Security Council to ask them to put an end to "the economical, social and political terrorism" and to resolve the conflicts through the means of dialogue and by respecting the Human Rights ! 3 We invite all the militants of the ICC to take knowledge of this text which "requires the respect of the self-determination of the peoples". Do they realize that their organization is publicly backing this bourgeois text and, indirectly, the United Nations itself ? Do they agree with this backing ?

Let's stop here. Let's be clear, the ICC hasn't passed a new "qualitative" step in its giving up of positions and of the tradition of the Left Communist and in its opportunist drift. It's simply a supplementary element of this drift which reveals its staggering political and theoretical weakening. Its tendency to increasingly flirt with no principle with leftism had already expressed during a so-called Internationalist Conference in Corea held in October 2006 4 with Leftist groups. Later, the active collaboration with the OPOP, group from Brasil, which the reading of its "platform" is enough to realize that this group is a rank-and-file unionist leftist group, had confirmed this tendency without any criticism, nor denunciation, be publicly made against its position. And now, the active collaboration spreads to stalinists, to open leftists, to pacifists who write letters to the United Nations, and up to... Chavism5 !

So, members of the ICC, did you know about this forum ? Have you read the content of the so-called contributions to the debates which are published in it ? One more time, are you going to let do by reamaining shamefully silent ? What have become your communist convictions and consciousness ? Will you accept this drift with no reaction ? And up to when ? And up to where ? It is more than your own convictions you abandon. It is the efforts of decades, of tens of militants who gave life to an organization which the working class will have the greatest need in the confrontations of tomorrow. Your responsibility is engaged.

July 30th, 2008.

1. http://espanol.groups.yahoo.com/group/comunistasinternacionales/

2. http://espanol.groups.yahoo.com/group/comunistasinternacionales/message/5810

3. The text is available in Portuguese in the previous link mentionned in the first footnote of this text or in Spanish at the Forum address : http://espanol.groups.yahoo.com/group/ comunistasinternacionales/message/5730

4. In a letter addressed to a participant in this conference (see the English "online" pages of the ICC web site), the flirting and toadying policy of the ICC towards the leftist and "libertarian" participants at this meeting, is openly revealed in a caricatured manner : "We would like to emphasize first of all our agreement with you when you state that" that people form the anarchist milieu "«could be fairly seen as part of a broadly left communist mood.»". The ICC of the liquidators could have stopped here. But no, it goes further into an outrageous statement and into political liquidation : "Actually [says the letter], we could go further than this, and we think that it is useful to distinguish more clearly the different traditions that partake of this «left communist mood». While there are certainly some from the anarchist (...) tradition (...) who are open to the ideas and positions of the left communists on the basis of a shared internationalism, there are others who consider that the left communist tradition (...) in fact represents the continuation of revolutionary internationalist Bolshevism" (Letter to Loren Goldner, July 5, 2008, we underline).
Can one of the "traditions" of the Left communist be anti-Bolshevik ? Can Anarchism and Left communist be equal ? Can they belong to the same milieu ? Here is how the present ICC liquidates the real tradition of Left communism. Let's recall here to the ICC of the liquidation, to its militants, and to the redactor of this letter, that the claiming of the legacy and the continuity with Bolshevism as well as the recognition of the proletarian character of the October 1917 Revolution is one of the principle of the Left communist. It's not by chance that one of the main struggle of our organisation, at that time Révolution internationale and Internacionalismo, for the setting up of the ICC, had been the Defence of the Proletarian Character of October 17 precisely against anarchism and councilism. If the Spanish pages of its Internet site are particularly at the vanguard of the opportunist drift, it is the whole organisation which is step by step corrupted, spread by the cancer of opportunism and betrayal.

5. Not content with opening wide opened the Left communist doors to the Leftists and Stalinists of all kind, now the ICC opens its own Internet pages, its own site, to anyone and even to the worst racist talks ! Here is what we have just found in the Spanish pages in the Ultimos comentarios (latest comments) from a reader who thus participates to the permanent "debate" of this rubric with no denunciation, nor even response from the ICC : "Jews who created socialism in order to dominate the world, have succeeded to rule the economy of the countries with the aims of destruction, sowing also hatred between social classes [...]. The greatest murderers of history have been : Stalin (jew), Mao Tse Tung, Lenin (jew), Fidel Castro (jew) [...]. And all their philosophy has been created by people like K. Marx who were all jews" http://es.internationalism.org/rint/2002/110_extrema_derecha.htm#comment-99.