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Unfortunately, we're unable to translate into english more than one article of our bulletin 34. We've choosen the one which takes back the criticism by the Communist Workers Organisation, IBRP group in Great-Britain, of the Resolution on the International Situation which has been adopted at the last international congress of the ICC (see Revolutionary Perspectives 37). Our article tackles the question of "rationality" and "irrationality" in capitalism life that the ICC, our ICC, has developed all along its history. It's an important theoretical question with important political consequences that we can now clearly see... in the intervention of the present liquidationnist ICC.

Thus we can't present in english our statement about the New-York transport strike which is full part of the international revival of the class struggle and has in international positive significance for the whole international proletariat. Nor can we publish our statement about the renewed imperialist assertiveness of Rusia which can't be but full part and active factor of the tendency towards international imperialist bi-polarisation. And finally, our reader in english will have to look at the french version of the bulletin to read the 1946 article of Internationalisme, which presents the true position of this historical current, the one the ICC claims, towards the constitution of the Partito Comunista Internazionalista de Italia at the of the Second World War. The "historical disagreement" between the nowadays IBRP current and ours ICC one isn't about the need and the necessity for building up and joining the new party – contrary to what the liquidationnist ICC of today wants us to believe - : the comrades of Internationalisme defended the need for this party. The comrades had secundary – secundary since they wanted and called for joining it - disagreements about the method to build up this party. They'll be presented in the second part of this re-publication in the next issue of our bulletin. Thus, the debate and the clarification between the IBRP and our fraction about the question of the party carries on after the publication in our previous bulletin of the positive discussion we had late November.

Presentation of bulletin 34

In this issue 34 of its bulletin, our fraction deals firstly with developments of the international situation. The tensions which appeared between Russia and Ukraine in connection with the gas supply (see our statement in this bulletin), show that the logic of the warlike preparation of the bourgeoisie of which the process of imperialist bi-polarisation constitutes one of the steps, goes its way.

This irrepressible tendency of imperialism appears increasingly stronger, more determined and the hazards of the daily relations (and whose we only know the duly and voluntarily public events that the media transmit) between the various countries won't contradict us. Russia defends, of course, its own imperialist interests but it appears clearly that it can only make it within the framework of a "bringing together" with Germany. The latter, since the election of Angela Merkel at the chancellery, appears, if one looks at it only in a surface way, anxious to spare the USA, to take its distances with France where Chirac makes an effort, at the time of the wishes of new year, to play the braggart and to agitate its nuclear rattle; but the quite concrete reality of the urgent economic and imperialist requirements obliges them all to pursue a policy dominated by their necessary "alliance" at the head of the imperialist pole which takes shape. An iron logic is essential for these two countries, as for the others, and one can observe everywhere in the world a great number of situations where it is, in last instance, the tendencies and the effects of this bi-polarisation which are expressed (Africa, Latin America, Middle East, Asia, etc).

This logic of bi-polarisation, which is only one of the manifestations of the process of the bourgeois preparation of a 3rd world war, is accompanied by violent attacks against the working class and its living and working conditions. Indeed the reactions of the working class to these attacks exist.

We announced and analyzed the dynamic of revival of the working class struggles since the beginning of the decade : Argentina 2001, France, Italy, Germany, England, etc, since 2003. Despite difficulties, this recovery is confirmed too with the struggles that we have seen developing, in particular, in the USA, with the strike of the workers of the transport in New York last December (see article "Strikes in public transport in New York: a confirmation, a symbol and an advertisement "). This struggle is eminently significant in more than one way; for example the reasons for the strike and its objectives are the same ones as those of the struggles carried out in Europe and beyond, since a few years, but also, this struggle has developed in a country where the bourgeoisie carries out the war openly.

These struggles express by our class a need for clarification and, from there, for the communist minorities, they give an obligation of intervention, of clarity, of engagement within their class. An obligation, also, of political seriousness, the duty to work resolutely for the regrouping of the forces, of demarcation to take up back Lenin's expression in his combat for the Party.

This question is in the center of the discussions that our fraction holds with the IBRP. The fraternal debate and the confrontation of the basic positions of the IBRP and the ICC - of the "historical" ICC and not of its current liquidation - on the Communist Party and its relations with the proletariat are an "historical" opportunity - we are convinced of it - to overcome the false divergences and misunderstandings ; to advance in the direction of the political clarification and the organizational regrouping. This debate has the function to delimit the communist forces orienting themselves towards the construction of the party from the "anti-party" forces, councilists and opportunists, turning their back to it when they are not directly opposed to it. In that sense, it should not be limited to the only IBRP and our fraction : all the serious elements and communist groups must imply themselves and take part in it.

In the previous issue of this bulletin, we published a statement of the IBRP on this question as well as a summary of the discussions which we had with a delegation of the Bureau. As the reader had been able to notice, the discussion of this text was the occasion to clarify a great number of questions and to bring out various points of agreement which seem to us fundamental and which make possible "to overcome" a great number of old misunderstandings and disagreements between the "true" ICC and the IBRP.

Today, we publish in this bulletin the first part of a text of Internationalisme (theoretical and discussion organ of the Communist Left of France, January 1946) on the tricky and always difficult question of the organization and of the regrouping. The publication of this text thus comes to fit in with a moment of the debate and the political clarification which we have with the comrades while considering, this time, the real "historical" disagreements, of origin, between the ICC and the IBRP on the conditions of the constitution of the Internationalist Communist Party in Italy since 1943.

It is thus a serious debate which develops on this question and which must become a reference for the whole communist forces and the elements in research, in brief for what we call the "proletarian camp".

In this historical situation, the increase of the warlike imperialists preparations, the attacks against the world proletariat, the new dynamic of political confrontation and regrouping of the communist forces, once again we must notice, with regret, that the current ICC acts at the exact opposite not only of the necessities of the moment, not only in obvious contradiction with the tradition of which it still dares to be asserted, but more especially in a disastrous logic where the political opportunism it suffers since now a few years, appears in the most ridiculous form of the liquidation, of the destruction !

Indeed, if it is the opportunism, in its "revisionist" version, who expresses itself in its new and hazardous "theories" (O! So much) on alleged "irrationality of the war" (see article From the Marxist analysis to the ideology of Bush : The position of the current ICC on the imperialist war world , we publish the first part in this issue) we can say that on this level still there is, at least, a political packaging (or a disguise) to the delirium.

The advantage, in a certain sense, it is that while seeking to be on a political ground, opportunism appears clearly and openly. The less informed reader sees that this so-called "irrationality" is nothing but the manifestation of the holy horror of the petty-bourgeois regarding the raw reality of capitalism and its impotence to carry out the struggle.

"It is irrational! he says. That does not have any meaning ! It's impossible to fight under such conditions! "And to justify the usual desertion of the petty-bourgeois, he invites the working class… to follow its example, to give up.

To paraphrase Lenin (yes, him again!) we could say to these liquidationnists: "Oh ! yes, gentlemen, you are free not only to invent new smoky theories to justify your desertion. Only let go of our hands, don’t clutch at the name of an organization (the ICC) of which you daily betray the principle bases ; and don't soil the great word of Communist Left."(free interpretation of What Is To Be Done ? of Lenin, chapter "Dogmatism and freedom of criticism")

We thus said that the advantage of the revisionist version of opportunism, it is that it is visible, still political, in a certain sense. It is quite different with the "liquidationist", destructive version, of this same opportunism. Because it is actually a work of sap and systematic demolition which is in work with the articles of the International Review about the IBRP policy of regroupment (see our article, in french, The new ICC has changed politics by psychology which denounces the International Review so-called "polemics" with the IBRP about the question of regroupment). There, indeed, one does not have to deal with political arguments but with the psychological, under-Freudian vulgate. There, the orientations, the choices, the political analysis of currents and organizations where the new ICC ventures are not determined any longer by their concrete and practical validity or their no-validity, by their adequacy or their inadequacy with the real forces concerned, but with the intentions, the feelings, the character and the neurosis of such or such individuals. The organizations and the militants are not located according to political designs and of convictions but according to criteria concerned with their "interior world" and "the affection" or "disappointment". It would be comic if it was not so terribly sad and without any interest for the young reader in search of political clarification!

In front of the revisionist version of opportunism, the political struggle has a real meaning and can be useful for the new generations of workers in search of coherence ; in front of the liquidationist version of this same opportunism, only one exit remain, only one weapon : the intransigent denunciation.

Be sure that the Fraction does all it can and we'll do all it can for such struggle !

The Fraction, February 7, 2006

Communist Bulletin Nš 34 - Internal Fraction of ICC