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The intense press campaign of the bourgeoisie which directs all its spotlights on the "Korean bomb" (like on the nuclear ambitions of Iran) and which seeks to make it THE real danger threatening the peace of the world, has found a relay with the CCI.

In pompous "Internationalist Declaration from Korea against the threat of war" published very recently on its Web site, this group which continues to claim of the Communist Left "denounce unreservedly this new step towards war taken by the capitalist North Korean state" and goes until clearing, in a certain manner, the great powers of their main responsibility in aggravation for the world situation, by charging them only of… hypocrisy. When the current ideological campaigns of the bourgeoisie make everything to deform reality, to scramble the working class consciousness and to disarm it, we find "internationalists", with their means and their flag, ready to bring their contribution.

Moreover, seeking a little on the site of the present CCI, one can find this sentence worthy of the most vulgar bourgeois or petit-bourgeois pacifist :

"Internationalist Declaration from Korea against the explosion of a nuclear test by the North Korea" (underlined by us)1

The present ICC, in its logic of degeneration is thus brought to contribute to the installation of the coarsest and most dangerous bourgeois traps, and which only aim only at the working class.

The sad lesson of this sad history, which is not new for the proletariat, it is that opportunist logic led towards the enemy political camp.


1 We translate. This second declaration seems to exist only on the French pages of the site. What a pity for the anglophone readers of the CCI who are private of this purple passage !

Internal Fraction of ICC - Communist Bulletin (Nº 37)