Besides an article on the crisis, the "subprime crisis", and an other one relating the intervention of our fraction in Mexico in a social situation which is tense since a few months 1, this bulletin is mainly focused on what founds the activity (and even the raison d'être can we say) of the fraction : the work of regroupment of the communist forces on one side and the struggle against opportunism on the other. Of course, and obviously, these are the two faces of the same fight.

1 – Analysis and intervention

Regarding the bursting of the "subprimes" bubble, we try to put in perspective the severe convulsive movement of late Summer, to show that it is actually a new episode of the over-production crisis that capitalism suffers since decades. It matters too to come back on what the analysis of capitalism economical evolution means for the communists.

On the opposite side, if we can say, of the communists' activity, we give a panorama of the social situation in Mexico, of what are the hopes and the needs of the proletarians in terms of general political orientations. It means of what is the specific task of the revolutionary vanguard. Our fraction has intervened in several occasions in this country and, in relation to our forces and means, we have done all we could to respond to the proletarians' expectations. We have pushed to the debate, we have denounced the false paths that the capitalist Left and radicals like the APPO put forwards, we have defended the communist positions in a situation of workers combativeness.

2 – Regroupment, fight against opportunism

In the framework of our permanent struggle for the regroupment of the revolutionary energies, we publish two letters as well as our reflections.

The MIC (Montreal Internationalist Communists) from Canada whose militants have moved away from the political current they felt to be the closer (the IBPR), have taken contact with our fraction since some times now. We have invited these comrades to overcome their first reactions, we have presented them our conception of the regroupment in the present period and we have insisted in particular on the fact that the IBPR is the sole pole of serious regroupment today, that it can't be question of working outside or against it. Of course, this doesn't mean to submit or to accept positions to which one doesn't adhere to.

We're glad to be able to say that our conception has been understood and taken in charge by the MIC comrades.

A young comrade from Greece who corresponds with us since several months, gets today to be closer to the IBRP positions. Far from feeling any trouble, we salute this process whose root is in the willingness of this comrade to involve himself in a militant manner in a reliable political framework.

In both cases, we notice the fundamental willingness to develop the discussion with the few other groups which do offer a serious political framework and an overture to the debate.

We have the deep conviction that this kind of situation must lead the proletarian camp, and in particular the IBRP which is at its center today, to develop its regroupment policy, to precise it.

In front of this difficult but living and progressing process, we cannot but become alarmed with the last evolutions of the present ICC which is more and more obviously gangrened by opportunism. The reports of the 17th congress of the ICC cannot but let us flabbergasted (see in this bulletin our position about this congress). Nevertheless, the current liquidationist leadership had already accustomed us to the worst !

It is thus to our comrades who are still in the ICC today, that we want to address the end of this presentation.

Comrades !

Are you really conscious of what you have voted for, ratified, and endorsed at this congress ?

Do you sincerely think that the "culture of debate" which we are kept harping on in this congress report, is compatible with the forbidden of speaking for the militants who disagree on the essential points (as we are, as Internal Fraction) ?

Have you become so amnesic that you have forgotten the numerous episodes of political struggle we led in the ICC and that the liquidationists leaders present today under the discreet as well as untrue veil of errors of youths ?

Have you become so naive to endorse the setting up of a permanent Investigation Commission, a "Big Brother" of small size but whose role can't be other thing than the institution of the "distrust of all against all" as mode of life of the organisation ?

Have you, at least, assessed what means a change of the statutes in the ICC, above all in the direction it is made today ?

In one word, have you, comrades, consciously decided to be no more communist militants in the sense the ICC of the origin had taught to be ?

To end up on this point, comrades, one more time we tell you that the ones who has kept, at least just a small part of the convictions and of the "political formation" that we shared, can't and must not carry on this disastrous way that the liquidationists impose them.

The struggle against degeneracy is always posible, always necessary.

The Fraction.


1. During the demonstration which occurred in Mexico October 2nd, we have distributed around one thousand leaflets and we had several discussions with workers. We don't reproduce this leaflet in this issue. Let 's indicate that it takes back the great lines of our analysis on the economical situation which is presented in this bulletin and that it calls to the workers struggle.

Internal Fraction of ICC - Communist Bulletin (Nš 41)