Presentation of bulletin 40

This issue 40 of our bulletin is published in the midst of Summer [in French and Spanish, September for the English version]. In great part, it's this summer period which explains the small number of pages of this bulletin. We'll stick this time to the life of the political groups of the proletarian camp.

The difficult emergence of communist forces

We first publish the thesis of the Russian group, the IUPRC coming from the previous GPRC. These thesis, Who are we ?, aim at defining the basic positions of this group. These comrades follow a difficult path in a region of the world where claiming marxism is truly hard, where the very name of communism still provokes amongst the workers themselves a more pronounced rejection and disgust than in Western Europe. The fact that, despite all this, these comrades follow this path is, according to us, the sign that the class political organization - tomorrow the Party - is an objective necessity and that this very reality is producing elements for this organisation can arise. Even though the whole class isn't conscious of it.

We salute the work of these comrades and we endeavour - with the means at our disposal - to contribute to the clarification of this process. The critical comments we make to these thesis want to be a contribution in this way.

Following, we publish a leaflet distributed by the comrades of the GIS in Germany whose title is Figthing against the G8 isn't enough, we must destroy capitalism !. The GIS is a group closed to the IBRP. Even though we have some criticisms to direct to it and we wouldn't have written it in this way, this leaflet is nevertheless a clearly proletarian expression and we share the main part of its content.

Let's notice that for these comrades too, the conditions aren't the more easy because the division Germany lived during almost 50 years and the bogey that still represents the word “communism” for a large part of the working population in this country. There too, the very existence of this group is a positive sign for the regrouping process of true communist forces.

The dramatical course of opportunism

In such a situation and in front of this process, the groups of the Communist Left, the organization stemming from the political currents which, in the 1930's and 1940's, have fought the drift of the International Communist and saved the legacy of the Red October, have an enormous responsibility. They have the historical responsibility of “guiding the first steps” of the emerging forces, to transmit them the lessons they inherited from our comrades of yesterday, to participate to the political clarification of the whole revolutionary forces.

The IBRP globally assumes this responsibility today even though we, internal fraction of the ICC, consider it hasn't always the dynamic it should require and that it doesn't always take to heart its function of pole of regroupment and impulsion. Nevertheless the fact that the GIS does exist, that it intervenes towards the class in Germany and that, for instance, it manages to adopt such a clear and dynamic statement in front of the propaganda on the G8, is due, at least partly, to the work of regroupment made by the IBRP.

Unfortunately, it is not the same for another “constituted group” of the Communist Left which, nevertheless, has been during years at the forefront of this struggle for the international regroupment of the communist forces.

In full opportunist deliquescence, the ICC - since it's question of it ! - is up to the point where it sells off the more basic political positions of our political legacy ; it now comes to a confirmed flirting with the ecological ideology, the present advanced point of the worst bourgeois democratism.

These last years, we've underlined the repeated slidings of the ICC towards opportunism. Since the organizational practices of the small clique which have seized the organization and which have succeeded to exclude us for delirious motives, up to the discovery of the “third way” which ends up to the rejection of the historical alternative in decaying capitalism between “war or revolution”, passing through, amongst other things, the desertion of the struggles field during the 2003 class movements in Europe and the incongruous and without criticism enthusiasm behind the students in France in 2005 1, the ICC more and more gives way to this opportunist drift that we've denounced since many years.

Another step seems to be crossed with the question of ecology (see in this bulletin the articles The Present ICC Carries on its Giving up of its Political Basis ! and Public meeting of the ICC in Brussels (Belgium): Opportunism makes itself the bearer of the ecologist ideology). We wonder up to the militants of this organization will humble and at what moment some will react to this dramatical process.

Karl Marx's letter to Kugelman and the Lenin's comments that we publish here, are for us a very precious source of inspiration for any revolutionary militant of today and tomorrow ; these historical documents will also be, we hope so, a salutary shock for these comrades who are stuck in the opportunist politics of the present ICC ; and that it will allow them to go back to a fundamental aspect of what is communist commitment in an organization which has to be the vanguard of our class.

It's on this appeal to our comrades of the ICC to regain themselves, to take their responsibility that we end this presentation.

The Fraction, July 28th, 2007.


1 . And we don't even talk of the truly sabotage work towards the emerging revolutionary forces, as in Argentina 2003.

Internal Fraction of ICC - Communist Bulletin (Nš 40)