Two correspondences, the same concern

We publish, below, two correspondences that our fraction has received.

The first one is a copy of a letter sent by the MIC (Montreal Internationalist Communists) to the IBRP group in Canada, the Internationalist Workers' Group 1. The second one is an extract of a letter sent by a contact in Greece.

Our fraction develops fraternal political relationships with the two groups in Canada and we don't want to be "judge" of the disagreements between them.

If we have decided to publish this document, it's because it seems to us that the approach of the MIC is positive since it places as one of its first concerns the need for debate, for the confrontation of the positions and analysis in a fraternal framework. It's this concern for the regroupment of the thin communist forces that we want to salute.

It goes without saying that we're ready to publish the IWG comrades' response if they so wish.

The comrade of Greece is a young sympathizer with whom we correspond since a few months. Faithful to the tradition of our organisation, the ICC, we invited at once this comrade to get knowledge of the positions of the political groups which defend the positions of the Communist Left, it means the ICP (Le Prolétaire), the IBRP and, of course, the ICC. It's what comrade B. has done and we want to salute the great political maturity of this comrade.

Considering, as we do, that the IBRP is presently the only pole of regroupment of the Communist Left forces, comrade B. is opening a process of regrouping with this group as, at the same time, he says he wants to pursue the correspondance with our fraction. Here is a great expression of this comrade's understanding of what is the proletarian camp, of what is a process of political clarification.

We're confident in the comrade's political capacities and we have the firm intention to participate to his evolution towards a concrete militant commitment within our class.

Beyond the two particular situations, we want to underline and support the two approaches - whose apparent "dynamics" could look contradictory if we remained at the surface of the surface of things : the MIC comrades having just moved away from the IBRP ; comrade B. moving to it - which fit in the same deep dynamic and which participate, both of them, to the process leading to the regroupment of the revolutionary forces. Comrade B. has taken contact with our fraction a few months ago and has, since, evolved towards the IBRP positions. The comrades from Canada are carrying out the "reverse" process if we can say : on the IBRP positions in a first time, since then they have evolved towards the ICC positions of origin which are maintained and defended by our fraction. In both cases, the comrades don't reject the current with which they have developed some disagreements, but on the contrary they affirm the necessity to keep links and, above all, to carry on the debate and the confrontation of the political positions. It means they acknowledge that the current they "move away" from and its positions belong to the same class camp and that they must be discussed and criticized as such. And that this confrontation process of the positions is indispensable, that it's a necessary moment of the regroupment process leading to the tomorrow world party.

We grant and encourage this approach which fully fits in the process of discussion and confrontation of the political positions that we have developed with the IBRP these last years, since the constitution of our fraction. Sole pole of regroupment which really lives on today, it's not but "around" the IBRP, because its historical legacy, its organisation framework and, of course, because of its political positions that this dynamic of political confrontation and regroupment can develop. Far from the bluffs and the formal regroupment - it means the bringing together without confrontation of the political positions and, thus, without their clarification, which can't but break up and disappear at the first "blust of wind" provoked by the historical situation -, it's the unique method which can seriously and solidly pave the way to the future world party of the proletariat.

Correspondance of the MIC to the GIO

Salutations to the comrades,

We had thought sending you our basic positions. As you will notice, those are very similar to yours. Actually, the IWG and the Internationalist Communists (Montréal) are two groups of the proletarian camp which act in the same territory. The tensions which exist between our two groups since the Spring 2006 events are useless to our class, all the contrary.

Comrades, the forces of our current are numerically weak. Thus, the present mail is a proposal for reciprocal collaboration - or mutual support. For instance, we propose you to help the diffusion of some of your textes or to organize events in common. For themoment, no matters the form of this collaboration ; we simply wish to make you know our willingness to make progress the forces of our camp.

As well, as you'll notice, we send a copy of this mailing to the Internal Fraction of the ICC with which we have positive exchanges for some times now, in order to simply inform them of the bringing together with other groups of the Communist Left.


A. for the Internationalist Communists, Montréal (septembre 2007

(Letter translated into English by our Fraction)

It is important to point out that the political positions adopted by the Montreal Internationalist Communists represent only a basic summary in light of thorough ongoing discussions, between other parties, in order to equip us with an organisational platform. In fact, aiming for the greatest precision, these basic positions remain open to modification. In addition, the broad outline has been taken and forms, in general the true historical corpus of the proletarian political camp and is, in fact, non negotiable. As well, they are for now, first and foremost, a working tool for our group.

Basic positions of Montreal Internationalist Communists

Extract of B.'s letter to the Fraction

August 30th 2007.

Dear comrades of the IFCCI,

[...] I've taken contact with the IBRP. I think that my positions are closer to the IntCP.'s ones. Moreover, the IBRP is now the unique international regroupment which does exist (despite the weaknesses and the difficulties) which can assume the continuity of the Communist Left. I share the IBRP positions particularly regarding the construction and the task of the Revolutionary Party and regarding the analysis of the relatively new phenomenons of present capitalism. In my opinion, the IBRP offers a clear platform and clear positions for the formation of a reference pole of the Communist Left. That's why I've decided to join this tendency. Now I wish that we carry on our correspondance. It is the communication of communist groups and militants which will lead to the future international party of the proletariat.




(Letter translated into English by our Fraction)


1. The IWG is a group belonging to the IBRP and the MIC are former members of the first one. Political disagreements had led, a few month ago, the latter to move away from the IWG and to set up a separated group, the MIC.

Internal Fraction of ICC - Communist Bulletin (Nš 41)