We reproduce here our denunciation of the last action of physical repression the ICC exerted against our fraction. Even though unable to mobilize just one militant to diffuse its press and its statement on the French suburbs events at the various street demonstrations in Paris and its periphery during that period, the ICC succeeded, one more time, to convene from province and Europe about twenty members who were waiting for us in order to intimidate us and to prevent us to politically intervene at their so-called public meeting in Paris. By the way, let's notice that it's a new basic principle of the ICC, "no violence within the working class", which is at its turn liquidated.

After our denunciation, we've received a certain number of solidarity reactions and of indignation. Amongst them, two political questions were raised by our correpondants. The first one criticizes, or at least doesn't understand, our orientation towards the ICC : "the gangsters behaviour of the ICC militants proves that the possibilities to bring them back to a communist path is almost run out" ; "You expend an incredible energy to «redress» a group which has nothing left of communist except its name and which utilizes (...) the stalinist repression. What a pity !" We already answered to this question and we carry on saying the opportunist ICC remains in the proletarian camp despite all its drifts and betrayals. Consequently, and basing ourselves on the example of the Lefts of the International Communist and the CP's during the years 1920-1930, we continue to think that our fraction is still part of this organization (it is even today its true and genuine expression) despite our sordid expulsion by the "liquidators" who presently lead the ICC, and that it still has a struggle to be led aiming at its "redressment" what ever difficult it is. And we continue to affirm that the whole present communist forces can't lose interest in it but it has a determined fight to lead against opportunism under all its forms and expressions, and thus against this organisation one, as always have done the revolutionary organizations and great revolutionaries of the past.

We also received an other type of questionning to which we want to answer here. What political and militant attitude has to be adopted in front such situation of violence and intimidation ? Thus we publish one of these correspondances on this questions followed by our response.

Curfew against our fraction,
The ICC bans us from the street and wants to impose us the curfew !

Saturday November 12th in Paris, while the state of urgency was declared in the french surburbs, the ICC applied the curfew against our militants who came to its public meeting for distributing our statement on the riots. They've been waited by a militia at the subway station exit close to the meeting place. At 300 meters from there. They physically, it means violently, prohibited us to go on and to walk in the street ! One more time, the "militants", obviously very nervous and very aggressive, jostled us with some "Get away ! Clear off ! You've nothing to do here ! Shut up ! You've nothing to say !". We've tried, and succeeded, in not responding on this terrain while we recalled them the principles and the behaviour of true communist militants and of the militants of the ICC... of the past.

But it's clear that our existence and our political intervention is for them "intolerable" and that they'll do everything they can, it means nothing in political terms but much in terms of violent repression, to make us shut up and make us disappear.

Yesterday, still militants of the ICC, we were expelled of the internal meetings. Then, once excluded of the organization, we've been banned of speaking in the public meetings, and next prohibited to attend them with the systematic setting up of a "service of order" at the door of the meeting room. In the following, they've placed this one on the public street, it means at the entrance of the park where is the building of the room. And now, it's at the subway station that we confront a "mobile" militia. And all this is after having denounced us in their international press and to all their contacts as cops, provocators, nazis, murderers, kidnappers, etc... and lately, no laugh, as cut-throat.

When are they going to snatch the leaflets from our hands to "prohibit" our intervention ? When are they going to hunt us down in the street demonstrations ? When are they going to beat us in order to prevent that we participate to the other groups meetings ? When are they going tow ait us at our homes for smashing our faces in ? It's in the logic, it's the normal following, of the stalinist mechanic they engaged.

Yesterday, the stalinists did the dirty work for the bourgeoisie. Today, it's the ICC of the "liquidators"... in the name of the Communist Left ! What a shame ! But don't be mistaken, if today we are the main target of these attacks, today any communist organisation or any militant that will oppose in a consequent manner to the politics and to the positions of this very ICC, will suffer the same fate.

"They got the habit" and any retreat becomes almost impossible for the militants of this organization who accept and put into practice such a politic. The violent and sectarian physical confrontation is becoming dominant amongst them on the political - contradictory discussion and debate - confrontation.

As communist militants, they're destroyed or in the process of being destroyed.

November 13th, 2005

The internal fraction of the CCI.

Communist Bulletin Nš 33 - Internal Fraction of ICC