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Statement (December 5th, 2010)

On the occasion of the workers mobilizations of this late 2010 in France, militants who had contributed to the setting up of the Internal Fraction of the ICC found themselves in struggles places in Paris - in particular in the "Assemblées générales interprofesionnelles" - with eminent members of the present ICC.
There, our comrades - who has received until now only contempts, aggressivenesses and even acts of brutality from these ICC representatives - resulted dumbstruck when they got warm handshakes and even kisses. Moreover, some members of the ICC got up to propose them to "renew fraternal relationships... under the condition they aknowledge some supposed mistakes of behaviour they had during the organisational crisis the ICC suffered in 2001-2002". It is a clear refusal that they received from those who they nevertheless excluded from the ICC, then denounced in the ICC international press, in the public meetings, towards the other groups of the Communist Left and towards all their sympathizers, as being cops, nazis, thiefs, blackmailers, etc. ; and about who they had adopted an internal resolution for banning any relation with these pariahs. Today, after an enormous organisational crisis and ten years of ICC life marked by a deep and endless opportunist drift, members of this organisation propose actually to "clean the blackboard", to "forget the past" and to do as nothing had occurred.

We want to denounce publicly this behaviour, typical political behaviour of opportunism, which consists in reducing the political disagreements to personal questions, indeed supposed individual attitudes. Behind this, behind this seeming "hands holding out", the political action of political opportunism which presently liquidates our organization remains the same : to sidestep political discussion, it means the real political confrontation, the one which opposes two irreconcilable political lines.

"The terms of a debate and of a political fight on divergent political positions on the questions of organisation, of functionning and of militantism and communist commitment, are posed and won't be put under the table, nor hidden, nor even sidestepped" (Internal Bulletin n°244 of Révolution internationale, May 16th, 2001) were we already proclaming at that time. It was well before we were accused of having stolen minutes of meetings, of being indignant militants, then of using nazi methods, of being cops, etc... The almost 10 years which separate us from this affirmation, have largely, and so much, verify our warning. Thus it is not a matter of personal questions, nor of behaviours1.

There are 2 opposed political lines :

- one which attempts to defend the political positions of the ICC, at first its political Platform which is today directly attacked and liquidated, to defend the tradition and the political inheritance of this organization at the theoretical and political levels as well as at the organizational one ;

- the other one which betrays the original positions of the ICC, its Platform - from the question of the anarchist organizations now presented as revolutionary, through the rejection of the historical alternative war or revolution and the one of the theoretical fundations of the "decadence", up to the introduction of organizational methods which have nothing to do with the tradition of the workers movement, up to the liquidation of the original statutes of the ICC, etc...
These two lines oppose themselves and one politically eliminates the other one.

For our part, we have always carried on "saluting" the ICC militants whom we met, carried on considering them as communist militants, carried on thinking we were belonging to the same camp, despite the important political disagreements which separate us, despite the insults and even the physical aggressions against us (in order to prohibit us the access to the ICC public meetings). For our part, the question is not to have or not "fraternal" relations, but of having political relations. We keep ready to "renew" these kind of relations.

This means, concretly, from the class point of view, from a communist and marxist point of view, the reintegration of all the militants excluded - of course the ones who have this willingness - as organized minority, for our part as fraction, with all the means and rights that the original ICC statutes define for the existence and the activity of a fraction.

Because, let nobody have doubts, the only reason for a revival of "fraternal relationships" can't but exist if the present ICC accepts the unique "debate" worthy of this word in class term : the confrontation of the divergent political positions and the open, frontal, fight between the opportunist and liquidationist line which rules today this organization and the line which defends the principles positions and original political orientations of the International Communist Current.

The rest is not but tricks, escape in front of the political confrontation, refusal of the "debate", and opportunism.

The Fraction of the International Communist Left.

December 5th, 2010.

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1Even if some behaviours still remains today within the ICC, which are for the least very suspicious, but surely unworthy for a communist militant, and that they'll be some day sanctionned - but this is not the priority and the main question.

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