Where the Fraction of the International Communist Left comes from?

Due to the existence, in its interior, of not settled political and organizational divergences, the FICCI that existed since 2001, has split up into 2 parts:

What we are today is the continuity of what we were until then; that's why we resume in our count the "Who are we?" from IFICC, that we reproduce below.

Who are we ? (IFICC)

Since 2001, a new and dramatical crisis is shaking up, indeed destroying, the ICC, one of the main organization of the international "proletarian political milieu". It expresses :

Our fraction led this struggle in particular through the publication of an "internal" bulletin (11 issues up to now) directed only to the ICC militants until our expulsion of the organization. Since then, the following issues were adressed and opened up to the political groups and individuals which are faithfull to communism and proletarian internationalism and which claim the tradition of the Communist Left of the 1920's and of the 1930's, particularly of the so-called "italian" Left.

Our bulletin wants to be a tool for reflection and for impelling the debate within the proletarian political milieu in order, of course, to draw the political balance-sheet of the crisis which affects the ICC today and to draw the maximum of lessons ; but also to bring out perspectives of regroupment of the revolutionary forces for the constitution of the future party of the proletariat.

The web site we open up here is an additional tool that we put at the disposal with the same spirit and the same goals.

Our fraction is the real continuator of the ICC because it keeps faithfull to its principles and fundamental positions which are today trampled and liquidated by the "official" ICC. It will carry on defending its platform and its statutes such as they existed since its foundation until the upsurge of this last crisis, as well as its fundamental analisis.

Thus as fraction, it has no intention to found a new political organization which couldn't but increase more the dispersal of the present revolutionary forces. All the contrary, its essential goal is to participate to the bringing closer of these forces, and even to their regroupment. Beyond the struggle against the degeneration of the ICC which might, for the least, enable us to make as much as posible the political balance-sheet, it's the task we want to give to our bulletin and to this web site.

July 7th, 2002.