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The International Communist Bulletin #11 presented here, is a ‘transitory’ bulletin in advance of the new publication that the Klasbatalo-Internationalist Communists (who posted this issue on their blog) and our Fraction of the International Communist Left (ex-Internal Fraction of the ICC) decided to develop and to constitute through their fusion. For over 6 months, we’ve engaged in a regroupment process aimed at forming an international and internationalist group based on the positions and experience of the international Communist Left. And in trying to ensure the solidity and political clarity of this new organization, this process cannot but be a long one, especially since the two nuclei have different histories and experiences. The beginning of this process was announced in the Presentation of the International Communist Bulletin #10 (February 2013) after the October 2012 conference of the Fraction. The reader can take a look at the summaries of the various issues as well as at the K-IC’s blog (http://klasbatalo.blogspot.fr/) to get an idea of the development of the relationship, of the discussions & debates, of our past disagreements, of our convergences, and common collaborations & interventions since 2006 (see the IFICC's Bulletin #41, 2007 : http://www.fractioncommuniste.org/index_eng.php?SEC=b41).

The time for formalizing this regroupment draws near and will materialize with a Conference to constitute the new group. We are on the way to adopting a ‘platform’ with main positions close to those of both the ICT and the “historical” ICC. We continue to discuss and clarify the questions of organization and functioning based on the Communist Left, especially the tradition of the “Italian” Left. Our political orientation and attitude towards other communist forces and the proletarian camp are in the process of clarification1 and we are discussing a document analyzing the present international historical situation so as to define political orientations as clearly and efficiently as possible. Thus, we'll have enough programmatic documents for the foundation and the building of a communist group based on the experience of the Communist Left, claiming its political legacy with a central orientation to work and better participate in the regroupment around the International Communist Tendency.

As we’ve already said, “our perspective of regroupment, of setting up a new group, with the comrades, fully fits into the perspective of regroupment around the ICT; clearly, it is not a matter of creating an ‘alternative’ pole, much less an organization ‘in competition’ with the ICT, but a group around the ICT, supporting it. We are convinced that the presence of our historical current2 alongside the ICT is an asset in leading the struggle for the future party.” (Presentation of the International Communist Bulletin #10).

Now, the theoretical, political and practical struggle toward building the proletariat's world party is the primary orientation and task of communist groups today. As strange, illusory, or incomprehensible as that may appear to the great majority of the individuals and workers raising the question of the class struggle and of revolution – to mention only those ‘most interested’ in that problem, including individuals and revolutionary forces, the struggle for the Party – and thus the regroupment of the communist forces – is the essential historical question of our time where the outcome will depend on the class confrontations to come.

Actually, the deepening of the economic crisis and the historical dead-end of capitalism, with its drive to generalized war, forces global capitalism to attack the international proletariat, with ongoing and ever increasing force, through their living and working conditions. And on the ideological level, as well, in order to make the proletariat pay for the crisis, for the preparation of imperialist war, and finally to drag them into it. The bourgeoisie leads a class war that can only erupt into massive global confrontations between the classes, at an historical dimension; in a process of international mass struggle which, in any case, has already begun3. The fulfillment of this dynamic does not depend on revolutionaries. They can't be a determining factor of this, even though they have a role to play in it. On the other hand – and here they have a primary and indispensable role to play, the outcome of these class conflicts will depend upon the capacity of the proletariat to develop and to assume the political confrontation with the capitalist State and its political and union forces so as to avoid the traps and sabotage of its struggles, and to make the most efficient use of these struggles by forcing back the bourgeoisie and opening the door to a revolutionary situation. And it is precisely for this essential political dimension of the class struggle that the proletariat must create, historically, the political minorities to express its class consciousness, to play the leading role of the political vanguard – indispensable for the accomplishment of this political class struggle, the finality of which can only see capitalism's destruction through the exercise of the dictatorship of the proletariat.

For present-day communists, claiming the legacy of the Communist Left, the main priority, then, is to work toward the regroupment of revolutionary forces around the communist program and those organizations that have remained true to the embodiment of this. Meaning around the political and organizational pole represented by the Internationalist Communist Tendency on account of its history, its theoretical patrimony, its political positions and its international organization. Our regroupment and formation of a new group – our political divergences, prevent us for now from adhering to the ICT – is momentary and must become an active factor of this struggle for regroupment for the Party of tomorrow in which we continue to believe that the ICT has a central responsibility and role to play; a responsibility and role we intend to foster to the best of our ability and from our perspective.

The K-IC and the FICL, September 2013

1See the K-IC blog (particularly – in French – the link Vues et positions politiques divergentes dans les CIK) and on the Fraction web site – all in French, some in English : Contribution à un état des lieux de la Gauche communiste internationale (CI-K), Réponse au texte des Communistes internationalistes-Klasbatalo (FGCI) dans le bulletin 4 de la FGCI (2011) et Retour sur une "contribution à un état des lieux de la Gauche communiste (CI-K) dans le bulletin 9, août 2012) as well as Statement of the Internationalist Communists - Klasbatalo on the Report of the FICL (English Bulletin #10).

2The one represented by the positions and the tradition of the International Communist Current today liquidated by the ‘official’ organization.

3With the crisis, all continents are affected by mass revolts and demonstrations of the “populations” and in particular the working class and the social strata which surround it.

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