Bilan against the idealist theory of the new ICC
about the "gradual" sinking through a "slow process"
into the permament "Decomposition"

The new ICC desperately tries to prove "the marxist roots of the concept of capitalism's decomposition". It presents today this one as a phenomenon which has become permanent in capitalism life. It presents it as a slow and progressive descent into barbary : "the new period opens the way for a third possibility : the destruction of humanity, not through an apocalyptic war, but through a gradual advance of decomposition which could in the end undermine the proletariat's ability to respond as a class" (Resolution of the 15th congress of 2003, International Review 113, we underline and we translate since this resolution is now shamefully hidden and has disappeared from the internet ICC pages). This vision of a gradual advance of decomposition isn't a skid. We find it too in the article Marxism at the roots of the concept of capitalism's decomposition : "Decomposition signifies a slow process of destruction of the productive forces up to the point at which communism would no longer be possible" (International Review 117). The resolution on the international situation of the last 2005 congress is even more precise : after having denying that generalised imperialist war can still be the only perspective that capitalism carries in itself - "even if world war is not the concrete threat to mankind that it was for the greater part of the 20th century" - it affirms that "the working class (...) now faces the danger that it will be progressively and insidiously swamped by a kind of creeping barbarism" (Review 122).

Here is how, 70 years ago, the review Bilan of the Italian Left responded in advance to the today ICC about this "revision". It reaffirmed the ineluctability of generalised imperialist war if the proletariat is defeated. And it rejected all kind of "gradual" and linear evolution of the capitalist society : "But the basis of the capitalist society don't enable to indefinitely remain on the rails of the course of events, on a line of constant uniformity which, subdueing and strangling the proletariat (the social personification of the only force capable to lead the unceasing development of the production forces), subdues and strangles the only force which can avoid war. The present regime, even after having slit the proletariat, won't have peace since every instant of its life and of its evolution isn't possible but by creating a contrast in the person of the capitalist rival, of the adverse State, of the monopoly or of the constellation of States which arise in opposition"

(Bilan 23, Manifesto of the Italian Fraction of the Communist Left, September 1935, translated by us).

Communist Bulletin Nš 32 - Internal Fraction of ICC