Presentation of bulletin 32

Lately, our fraction could gather almost all its militants during 15 days. The presence of our comrades from Mexico during two weeks in Europe had been a goal towards which we dedicated our political, material and financial efforts for various months.

That revolutionary militants meet, discuss, that revolutionary organisations hold meetings as wider as possible and regularly, that they make precise balance-sheet of their activities, is very natural. As it is a tradition of the workers movement, a tradition of the working class organisations, to objectively inform and report their class about their own militant work.

But if we strongly focuse about this meeting, it is since it represents a particular importance beyond the fraction and its militants. Obviously, this meeting enabled us to make a balancesheet of the fraction activities. on the basis of a report which we publish large extracts in this bulletin. Thus, and on the basis of wide debates we could precise our orientations of work for the future and we could open up a reflection for future perspectives which can ensue of our own situation.

These discussions also enabled to homogenize and to collectively deepen a whole serie of questions raised in the present situation : amongst them, the trap of the alternative terrorism/anti-terrorism behind which the bourgeoisie tries to lead the proletariat. This campaign unleashed by the whole bourgeoisie constitutes a danger for the period to come. Thus, it is very important that revolutionaries deal with this question with a clear and precise analysis, that they don't rush behind a superficial point of view suffering the influence of the media bourgeois campaigns, and that they gather conditions for an effective intervention. We refer our reader to a first statement on the question of terrorism and anti-terrorism in this bulletin as well as to our statement "About an exchange of correspondance..." [only in french] regarding the referendum campaign in France about the European Constitution.

The meetings we held have also been the occasion to confront our analysis to the global situation, our statements to the present reality, and more particularly to reaffirm the alternative raised by the workers' struggle revival and the war preparation of the bourgeoisie at the international level. This alternative of war or revolution, the only one which exists, imposes to all consequent revolutionaries that they take all their responsabilities, they do all they can beside the proletariat, in order the revolutionary outcome imposes itself. In the same time, they must lead a struggle without concession, without failure, against all those who seek to, consciously or unconsciously, weaken the proletarian forces, to disarm the working class, to spread the opportunist poison in its ranks.

Obviously, we largely get on opportunism, this disease which periodically reappears in the workers movement, in our discussions. Essentially, we dealt it through the struggle led by our fraction since now 5 years against the drift to which finally succumbed our organisation of origin, the ICC. Since its beginnings, the ICC always had the concern of arming itself, of fighting the opportunist tendencies which express more or less strongly within an organisation. Obviously, the present ICC finally lowered its guard and, from a tendency, opportunism ended up imposing itself through liquidationnism that our fraction has always denounced. Our fighting against this scourge doesn't but begin in a certain way since we must avoid the disease to spread to the whole militants, to the whole contacts, to the whole elements of the proletarian camp. It'll carry on since we must consolidate the barriers which avoid opportunism to gain ground.

Amongst the questions discussed in a constructive spirit, ruled by the concern of understanding each one and deepening, we'll quote :

- the international situation, the drive towards war by the bourgeoisie in a context where the working class tends to take back the path of its struggles :

- the revolutionaries' regroupment and the specific responsability of the groups of the proletarian camp coming from an historical tradition ; at that level, the experience we inherited from our predecessors on questions as crucial as the Party question, the fractions' one and their work, have been discussed collectivelly ;

- the notion of decadence and the method to understand capitalism' s evolution since the beginning of the 20th century.

All in all, a classical debate between revolutionaries. But a debate which confirms our fraction, with reasons, in its political orientations :

- firstly in regards with the validity of the task it set as priority since its origin : to open up itself to the proletarian camp, to establish concrete links, to do all it can in order the discussion can develop, that the arguments can be exchanged, can be confronted, without concession and that the disagreements, clearly outlined and precised, could nourish the communist positions in stead of corrupting them ;

- secondly, in regards with the validity of the analysis we already defended in our bulletin; it means that the IBRP actually constitutes today the unique pole of reference (serious and coming from the Communist Left) for the whole revolutionary energies. It's verified every day at the level of its activities on the question of regroupment, of intervention within the working class. It's also verified in regards to the political patrimony it makes benefit the whole working class : on this regard, we publish a text from 1949, coming from Battaglia Comunista, and dealing with the question of pacifism.[only in French version]. With the increasing tendency of capitalism towards generalized war, pacificism is raised and will be raised more and more to the working class as an obstacle - put across its perspective by the ruling class - in its struggle against war. It's why, in order to already work to the political strengthening of the workers at this level, we've choosen to publish this historical text which clearly puts forward the position (denunciation without any ambiguity of pacifism) the true revolutionaries have always defended.

The meeting of those days confirmed, one more time, the political capacities of the IBPR to act as a reference and a regroupment pole in the present situation.

For the fraction, this debate is the expression and the mean of the regroupment process underway within the proletarian camp, and the form that takes the fight against the penetration of opportunism within the workers movement and its political organisations.

The readers will have, it's our modest wish, an idea of our work of fraction of these latest months. We complement this bulletin through the publication of a correspondance exchange with comrade GR of which we already published another letter in a previous bulletin [not available in english]. The content of these letters unquestionably nourishes the political reflection which carries on within the communist minorities.

Finally, we continue in this bulletin our permament struggle against the liquidator opportunism of the present ICC which constantly carries on its dirty work. We publish some critical Notes [it's not translated into english, available only in french and spanish] on the intervention of the english publication of the ICC, World Revolution, about the campaign unleashed by the English bourgeoisie against poverty in the world "Make poverty history !". But, above all, without waiting, we take position on the new theoretical and political liquidation of a classical position of the ICC about the foundation of the notion of decadence : the cycle of "crisis-war-reconstruction-new crisis..." that the 16th congress of the ICC has just officially abandonned.

It's piece by piece that the liquidationnism tears up and throws systematically, methodically, irreversibly, one after the other, all the principle, theoretical and political experience of our ICC. We had announced it since the open break-up of the organisational crisis in May 2001. It's confirming even more rapidly than we had supposed. It belongs to us to denounce it openly, publicly, in front of the whole proletarian camp and the working class.

August 2005.

Communist Bulletin Nš 32 - Internal Fraction of ICC