Should our fraction apologize to the ICC section in Italy ?

We reproduce in the following lines a quotation of the Italian publication of the ICC which, one more time, expresses in a significant way the evolution of the ICC and its internal contradictions.

We had underlined, in our bulletin 27, the gap which existed between the ICC publication in Italy (Rivoluzione internazionale) and the "official" positions of this organization. Obviously, it was a bad idea since the comrades of Rivoluzione answered us sharply (1) and told us in the clearest way possible their full agreement with... the center of the ICC. We could have regretted it and questionned the comrades' fickleness. But we had to acknowledge their "rectification" even though it didn't change anything to the reality of the facts, it means the reality of articles putting forwards contradictory positions with the rest of the international press of the Current.

Thus the section in Italy wanted to affirm clearly and loudly that it has always been "into the line", that it stubbornly defended the official vision (erroneous in our opinion as the readers know) according to which the alternative for humanity isn't anymore the classical one of war or revolution, but the more radical and more "modern" one of war, revolution or... decomposition and the end of humanity without classes struggle (2). Very well and what a pity for our comrades in Italy.

Thus here is what they wrote last October 2th :

"Reading the bulletin 27 of the so-called Internal Fraction of the ICC, the Italian section of the ICC has learnt it was engaged in a struggle within the organization in order to «oppose itself against the liquidation of the ICC». This affirmation which appears in the title dedicated to our section, as well as the whole article, is totally wrong. The article, built around the invention of disagreements concerning the analysis of the current situation (the situation of the class struggle and the framework of the world imperialism) between the Italian section and the organization, or more precisely between our section and the «present liquidationist leadership of the ICC» doesn't constitute but the last attempt from the the IFICC to artificially create fractures within our organization (...)" (we underline and we translate from french, see the french and italian web pages of the ICC).

We could have left our hope of a possible evolution of these comrades, on the possibility for present ICC militants to react and to seek to refer, to stick to the classical and old positions. But... !

But, again, those same comrades from Italia, probably without realizing it, have just recently made a new breach in the stupid dogma and the "novelty" (which isn't but an opportunist old-fashioned thing) of the third way :

"The historical crisis of capitalism doesn't drive but to only two possibilities : whether a generalized imperialist war for a new sharing out of the world between the imperialist powers, or the proletarian revolution in order to put an end to misery and sufferings imposed by decaying capitalism. But what has developed since at least three decades, is that none of the two main classes of society has succeeded to impose its solution to the problems posed by the historial situation. That's why we are in a situation of historical impasse which induces a decomposition of the society" (Rivoluzione Internazionale n°139, February 2005, translated from italian and underlined by us).

The reader will notice that the formulation is, this time, convoluted, that the comrades try to "cover up themselves" and to turn around the question. Nevertheless, it seems that something, as an old proletarian and marxist reflex, leads them to affirm there are "only two possibilities" : proletarian solution or bourgeois solution ; that there is only one historical alternative : war or revolution.

So then, what is the position of the ICC Italian comrades ? Do they agree with the resolution of the 15th congress which affirms that "the new period opens the way to a third possibility : the destruction of humanity (...)" [3] ? Or rather with their statement in Rivoluzione according to which there isn't but "only two possibilities" ? Whom do they agree with ? With the revisionist position of the liquidationist ICC or rather with the whole proletarian camp which remains faithful to marxism ? If, according to their October 2nd 2004 declaration, there is no disagreement, then what is it ?

Poor comrades caught into the most shameful centrism... How many affronts are they going to carry on swallowing ?

February 20th 2005


1. No doubt, we had broken an crucial taboo since the established rule for a few months is that the [official] ICC doesn't "descend" to comment political statements of the fraction...

2. "The économical crisis (...) carries on deepening. But contrary to the 1968-1989 period, while the outcome of these class contradictions couldn't be but war or revolution, the new period opens the way to a third possibility : the destruction of Humanity not through an apocalyptic war, but through a gradual advance of decomposition which can end up undermining the proletariat's capacity to respond as a class and which can also make the planet uninhabitable in a spiral of regional wars and ecological catastrophes. (...)." (International Review 113, Resolution on the international situation of the 15th congress of the ICC, point 17, underlined and translated by us... since it's not available in the ICC internet site)

3 It's worth noting that this resolution - of an international congress ! - is still not available today in english nor in french on the web site ICC pages. Are they ashamed of their opportunist statement that they try to hide it and to forget it ? But we guess the slanders against the Argentinian former NCI, the IBRP and our fraction, as well as the resolutions condenming us, are far more important since they are all published and translated in the differents languages [note of the translation into english].

Communist Bulletin Nš 30 - Internal Fraction of ICC