Presentation of the bulletin 30

The one who is able to think will see that while fighting against the opportunism of the 2nd International we do not cross out all its history, we do not declare that its activity, for 20 years, was only a simple misunderstanding. We discover that in the 2nd International, opportunism got the upper hand and that it brought to the crash of this organisation. And we continue the work of its Marxist wing, but in a new situation.

October 1916 in "The 2nd International and the problem of the war. Do we renounce our heritage?" (we translate)

With this new issue of our bulletin, we continue our combat for the regrouping of the communist forces and that passes, among others, by a fierce struggle against opportunism and all its present expressions.

The working class movement unfortunately dearly paid the misdeeds of opportunism which always proved to be the main danger in the decisive moments such as the eve of a war or a revolutionary movement. It is this opportunism which corrupted the 2nd International to the point it made it take the decisive turn of the support for the 1st imperialist war. The Left currents in the Socialist International did not wait the fateful moment of August 4, 1914 to fight the germs of this drift, since their first appearance : it is the meaning of the combat of Lenin, K Liebknecht (of which we publish a letter to J Guesde dating from 1912 in which he anticipates the course of the events), of Rosa Luxemburg and others.

The today opportunism - the opportunism of always - has two functions : to infiltrate the bourgeois positions inside the Marxist political program and to attack, in a central way, the political expressions organised around this program and the elements which approach it.

The clearest expression of this opportunism today appears, specifically, through the policy followed by the organisation of which we are the fraction : the ICC. Our fraction identified this penetration of bourgeois ideology under the form of opportunism. It proved it and denounced it publicly very often and on questions as fundamental for the working class as :

- the question of class struggle and the revolutionaries' intervention which sees the ICC adopting more and more the defeatist and "scab" attitude towards the working class struggles in the name of an "analysis" dictated by the need of making enter at any cost all the facts and elements within the "framework" of the theory of Decomposition or to ignore them;

- the question of war and the particular responsibility that the revolutionaries have for denouncing, as soon as today, the preparations, the advance and the means implemented by the bourgeoisie to involve the proletariat behind the tank of national union. We had already picked out the opportunist character of the positions of the ICC in connection with a third way, the decomposition, beside the historical alternative war or revolution. In this issue, we criticize the positioning of this organisation on the elections in the USA like those concerning the catastrophe of the tsunami in Asia.

Although the situation (by its seriousness and its stakes) requires of all the Communists (thus of ourselves) that they devote to it almost the totality of their time and of their energy, we keep the conviction (with the will which accompanies it) it is also essential - in the interest of our class, at the immediate as well as historical level - to continue this combat against the opportunist drift of the ICC and against its deep misdeeds.

Our conviction must clearly mean, in particular for the "liquidationnists" who run off with our organisation, that our determination to fight them is entire and even redoubled. If until now we did not succeed in making them loosen their mortal clutch off our organisation (and we are far from despairing!), they can be certain that we will make all our possible to oppose their dirty policy and to prevent them from harming beyond the single ICC. We will not release them because they are the vectors, conscious or unconscious, of the penetration of the bourgeois ideology within the proletarian Camp ; and, on the way towards the construction of the class party, they are the principal saboteurs of the essential effort of regrouping the revolutionary forces.

For all these reasons, we call all those (groups and elements) who read us, not only to avoid underestimating nor to ignore (and even less to scorn) this part of our work. They must be conscious that it is also their struggle if they really and totally want to deal with and to defend the interests of the proletariat.

The struggle of our fraction against the "liquidationnists" should not be reserved to us, because it is basically the combat against opportunism. And opportunism does not have only the ICC for target. Its genuine target is the working class, its historical struggle and its political expressions.

February 2005.

Communist Bulletin Nš 30 - Internal Fraction of ICC