Last response to the ICC' attacks (IBRP)

We publish in the following the last response of the IBRP to the sectarian and destructive policy of the liquidationists, response that we support at the principle level.

For our part, we don't share every points of the IBRP analysis about the deep causes of the ICC crisis and about its consequences.

That's why we think indispensable to lead the political struggle against the givings up and the betrayals of the "classical" positions of the ICC by the present liquidationist leadership.

This is to inform all comrades who follow international developments amongst the groups of the Communist Left that for some time now we have been the object of violent and crude attacks by the International Communist Current (ICC). The latter is enraged because it itself is going through and deep and irreversible internal crisis which has led some of its former members to make a serious study of the positions of the IBRP. We have waited for some time for the ICC comrades to recover at least some psychological sense of balance (and occasionally we have responded to some of their mad accusations) but it has not happened. Their paranoia, the conspiratorial fever which give rise to their dreams, are the poisoned fruits of a political path based on assumptions which are completely beyond historical materialism. All of a sudden we find that some of their militants, with a political activity of more than 25 years and being members of the leading organs of the ICC are simply thieves, hooligans and parasites. From this fact we derive that it would be a colossal waste of time to follow them – something which we cannot allow ourselves to do. For this reason, from today, we will neither reply nor follow their vulgar attacks. Those who would like to deepen their knowledge of our political critique of the ICC’s positions will find in issue No. 10 of Prometeo (just published) our review of the decisions of their last Congress.

IBRP, December 23rd 2004.

P.S.- This communiqué will stay on our website for a fortnight. It will then be deleted.

Communist Bulletin Nš 29 - Internal Fraction of ICC