Response to the "raged"

We publish in the following the 3rd declaration of the Círculo de Comunistas Internacionalistas from October 21st 2004 that we couldn't publish in our previous bulletin for lack of space. It responds to the first insinuations and accusations of the present ICC against the comrades of the ex-NCI [Núcleo Comunista Internacional] who had the audacity and the cheek, in the view of the liquidationists of this organization, to politically break with its new methods and opportunist positions. Since this declaration of the Argentinian comrades, the liquidationist ICC has published on its Internet pages and in all the languages at its disposal more than 15 (!) texts, letters, declarations, which attack in a scandalous, no-political, sectarian and destroying manner the comrades of the former NCI, the IBRP and our fraction.

Why such a rage and such a profusion of energy ? Why such an avalanche of texts of any kinds, more than 20, since the beginning of October ? Indeed, it mattered to sow doubts and the discredit as quick as posible about the Argentinian comrades in order to make distrustful the other communist forces, in particular the IBRP and our fraction, which desire to engage a process of political clarification and regroupment with the comrades. It too mattered to attack the IBRP itself. The violence of the attacks against it, the policy of open letters to its militants to "oppose them to their leadership", the diverse provocations of these last times (slanders, insults, coarsenesses), the deliberate attempt to sabotage its public meeting in Paris, express the rage of the family faction ruling the ICC in front of the international dynamic which develops around the IBRP. The development of this dynamic reduces to nothing its destruction and sabotage interprise of any international regroupment and it represents its political condemnation. Thus, it's unbearable for it. And, this din aims at make forget the true ICC policy of regroupment, the one of the years 1970-1980, and even 1990, the one our fraction embodies and defends.

This policy and this method we've recalled in various occasions, for instance in our previous bulletin, is today liquidated by the present ICC. The Argentinian case is its perfect illustration. The NCI appeared a year ago. It already had adopted the ICC platform and its main present orientations. Normally, in this precise situation of a group declaring itself in agreement with the platform, the old ICC would have succeeded - it always succeeded it in such conditions - the regroupment and the integration of this group and the constitution of one of its territorial sections after a "public" process of open debates and political discussions, with and in front of the whole "proletarian political milieu". All the ICC experience of international regroupment is there to recall it. And all the din of the liquidationist ICC won't succeed to make forget this reality.

Today, if we let it do, the ICC of the liquidation is like Attila : where it passes, the grass doesn't grow again. It's to the ex-NCI comrades' credit that they could break with this destruction policy : they've able to save the chances of development of a real proletarian political presence in the South cone of America. It's in close relation with the international proletarian camp whose main component is the IBRP, that the ex-NCI will be able to assume its task.

The internal fraction of the ICC, December 2004.

We thought useful to publish the short "Introducting Note of the Internationalist Communists Circle" that it sent us and which came with its statement about the ICC accusations : Response to the Révolution Internationale supplement.


Dear comrades,

We've updated our web site with a declaration of November 21st 2004 on the RI article "A Strange Apparition" [see ICC web site in french]. We consider this text as the last one which responds to the ICC since the insults and the stupidities of this current, don't deserve any response. Today, they make laugh all the revolutionaries. As told us comrade J. of the IFCCI, there are more important things as the classes struggle in Europe - the shipyards in Spain, OPEL, etc ; and here in Argentina where the workers are again in the streets in a hard struggle in the main industrial centers of the country, as well as the repression and the emprisonment of workers in struggle.

That's why, in agreement with what says the IBPR on this, we consider this more important than to respond at every moment to the ICC. Their shouts, their denounciations, etc. express a current in a process of extinction. Since it deserts the classes struggle, it can afford itself the luxury of wasting time in stupidities. That's what we can't do. We must dedicate ourselves in the increasing participation in the workers struggles.

Fraternal greetings.

Circulo de Comunistas Internacionalistas, October 22st 2004.



Our small group, the Internationalist Communists Circle, has been surprised by the sudden "interest" that a political current as the International Communist Current with decades of political struggle has for us. We took knowledge on the ICC web site that its territorial section in France has published a supplement of its publication, Révolution Internationale with the suggestive title The "Círculo de Comunistas Internacionalistas" (Argentina) : a Strange Apparition [from October 16th 2004, Note of the internal fraction].

From the political point of view, this supplement is integral part of the recent attacks the ICC led against the International Bureau for the Revolutionary Party after the public meeting it held in Paris October 2nd 2004 and to which participated actively the Internal Fraction of the ICC.

It's in this occasion that the territorial publication of the ICC in France has published a text, 6 months old, in which the former International Communist Nucleus launched an attack against the IFCCI. It has been the reason why our circle then sent a declaration which rejects this old position and which gives the reasons for such a change of position. We aren't going to reproduce our arguments since they can be read on our web site (  cci_1917/declaraciones).

It's from this declaration that the ICC begun a systematic campaign against our small group with the publication of old articles [of the NCI, translator's note] in its territorial press as it has been the case with World Revolution of Great-Britain on the city hospitals struggle, or Acción Proletaria [Spain] and Révolution Internationale of France besides the last supplements written which are on its web site.


The reasons for which the ICC publishes these old articles can be various. But the essential is that the political goal is simply : to sow distrust since the position of this current is that, if one disagrees with it, then he deserves to be destroyed, that if one takes contact with it and that a policial break occures, then he deserves to disappear from the political struggle and from the Communist Left camp. The examples of these attacks are various : whether the accusations of parasites as it is the case with the GCI and the EFCCI, whether the accusations of "snitches" or "thiefs" suffered by the IFCCI. But all these groupes have the common denominator of having political divergences with the ICC.

In relation to us, the ICC denies or ignores the Circle by publishing old articles of the former NCI and so by provoking confusion. It means the policy the ICC uses is the scorched earth one which we not only disagree with, but also which we reject and we strongly denounce.



The title of the territorial publication supplement of France tries to provoke doubts about our existence when it attempts to make believe the ex-NCI still exists. Our nucleus doesn't come from the "void", nor "from a cabbage", as the ICC wants people to believe when it says we explain nowhere our links with the NCI. Nevertheless one can clearly read on our web site, in the "who are we ?" ["¿ Quienes somos ?"] section the following : "The Internationalist Communists Circle is a group of revolutionary militants coming from Argentina which constituted after a long process of debate and decantation, firstly as Núcleo Comunista Internacional, and then as Círculo de Comunistas Internationacionalistas. This change of name is due to the beginning of a new phase of development within our group which was based on the perspective of the building up of the WORLD COMMUNIST PARTY through the revolutionary regroupment and through the absolute reappropriation of the communist program".

As well, it's posible to observe on the Circle web site that there are the bulletins of the NCI.

Here is why what the ICC insinuates about a ghost group or an invention is false. The Internationalist Communists Circle is the continuation of the old NCI. As well, if it had modified some positions, its contents carries on, unchanging, it means the BUILDING UP OF THE WORLD COMMUNIST PARTY and the adoption of the revolutionary inherence of the Fraction of the Italian Left Communist lives on.


As hard it can be for the ICC, the declarations of October 2nd and October 12th 2004 aren't a individual product, but a collective one. And even after the first declaration and after consultations with our closest contacts, we can say they too have expressed their rejection of the behaviour and of the actings of the ICC at the Paris public meeting.

Also, it tries to make believe or to sow doubts according to which we would look to "hide" the declarations of rejection. Well the answer is in open : it's on the Circle web site in the Declaraciones section.

Consequently, these declarations are not a single writer's ones as the ICC attempts to mislead in a subliminal way, but the product of a collective discussion and the rejection not only of old positions adopted in a recent past, but also of the "tough guy" methods, or the using of amalgams to debate as one can observe with the ICC.

Thus, no individual "spokeman" exists. There is a collective and the few things we can publish are discussed amongt us and results of full conviction.

Unfortunately for the writer of the Révolution Internationale text and its innuendos such as "to who does the writer of this violent attack against the ICC want to hide its most recent writtings ? Should we believe he wants to hide them to those whom he claims to be the spokeman of ?", we can say to him he should look well at our web site and he'll see the publication of our declarations that, in a untrue way, he pretends to be unaware of.

We must pick out that the expression, quoted in the previous paragraph according to which a "spokeman" would exist, expresses a contempt to the comrades of the new Internationalist Communists Circle, ex-NCI, since it would exist one or various persons who, because their lack of understanding abilities, would give up their decisions to others. It's not so and its palpable proof is the fact that some of the comrades who have been contacted by phone have denounced to the collective the ICC behaviour which consists in provoking doubts in our ranks. It's even their insistence which decided us to make the declaration of October 12th 2004 (see our web site). Again, this ICC attempt falls in one's deaf ears.

The hypocrisy of the ICC intrigues have no limit. It doesn't care about the Argentinian comrades as it pretends. All the contrary. Its policy, it's public and notorious, is to destroy all it can't dominate and to avoid that other currents debate with our group isolated in Argentina. The ICC behaves as as "farm boss". It means that the comrades of the present Internationalist Communists Circle, ex-NCI, are "its exclusive property". And in the opposite case, if it doesn't succeed to discipline them, they deserve to be destroyed. This hypocritical behaviour is worth of the stalinist and trotskist political currents ones which are well known as militants grinders. The ICC takes back these actings.


The tactic adopted by the ICC in this text is indeed shrewd since it tries to ignore the change of positions which could inform about our giving up of its political positions, through the use of old documents. We can find out the "innocent sincerity" of the ICC when the NCI said "to authorize the ICC, if it thinks adapted, the publication of the present text for any purpose it will consider pertinent" (for more informations, see Révolution Internationale 350). Here is the bastard methodology utilized by the ICC : to try to "blackmail" or to trap all those who change position or who break or show political disagreements with the ICC. It's a behaviour worth of stalinism and of the purges which succeeded during the Moscow Trials. The only mention of the previous quoted sentence constitutes an act of accusation against the ICC.

But, as we underlined before in the other declarations, the main goal of all this is to sow reciprocal doubts and distrust. That's why we believe that using this kind of methods is opposed to the revolutionary regroupment path that the ICC program defends. Today, in the concrete facts with the using of these methods, regroupment will be as more difficult since the attacks aren't led only against our small group but also against experienced currents and/or groups with important trajectories. They aim at : "if I can't regroup, I can destroy all I can hurt". A typical leftist behaviour.

The attacks that the ICC commonly unleashes, consist in denominating with a whole kind of scale of qualifying adjectives the other revolutionary political currents which don't submit to its demands and its pressures, or which have divergent political points of view, or to condemn them as parasites and sectarians. It's so that the ICC not only has characterized the fractions and the tendencies appeared in its ranks as parasites but also the IBRP itself (see the IBRP web site, Internationalist Communist #17).

But we must defend that is parasite any group, party or political current which has openly submitted to the counter-revolutionary camp. And not the one which is constituting itself in fraction or which gives up a current for political divergences. To accept such a position would be qualifying and accusing anyone has political disagreements and this, a real weakness, puts a brake to the necesary political debate.

Using the qualification of "parasite" for all those who raise political disagreements or who refuse to carry on a relation is a perverted logic. But as well perverted and shrewd is the use of documents and notes as means of pressure in order to sow confusion in the proletarian camp and with the single goal of destroying any antagonistic or "ennemy" group for changing positions it supported in a recent past.

C'est ainsi que la méthodologie utilisée aujourd'hui par le CCI pour détruire ses "ennemis" déclarés ou potentiels use des mensonges. Utiliser les amalgames et/ou les jeux sémantiques de ses plumes aiguisées, et essayer de se présenter dans le rôle de victime, rôle qui ne lui convient pas et auquel personne ne croit, est une méthode qui provoquerait l'envie de Staline lui-même.

Thus the methodology that the ICC uses today for destroying its declared or potential "ennemies", utilizes lies. Using amalgams and/or semantic games with its sharpenned writings, and attempting to present itself in the victim role, role which doesn't suit it and which nobody believes in, is a method that would make Stalin himself envious of.

Unfortunately, such is the ICC method which is obviously destructive since it tries by all means to avoid the building up of a revolutionary pole by using any kind of craftinesses as the ones utilized against the IBRP in its Paris public meeting. And today against us. This behaviour becomes still worse when it launches all the apparatus and all the territorial publications [of the ICC, translator's note] against a small nucleus because it knows a small group can't defend itself at all levels since it lacks, not of reason, but of material, technical resources, and even of knowledges.


Thus, the origin of the INTERNATIONALIST COMMUNISTS CIRCLE is in the INTERNATIONAL COMMUNIST NUCLEUS. Of course, this last group, it's public and notorious, has been influenced by the ICC. And the product of this influence has been utilized for leading this nucleus to commit gross mistakes. They'll be the subject of a balance-sheet in a near future. Such were, firstly, the call for an international conference in December 2003 which had a clear idealist character with no concrete material basis and the denounciation of the IFCCI in May 2004.

The concern with much comrades who constituted the NCI at the origin, and as product too of the decantation of our political positions, is the reason why we are have been led to modify erroneous positions and to politically move away from the ICC and, in particular, from its methodology.

We must underline that the political documents and/or the declarations of the former NCI that the ICC is publishing for sowing confusion, distrust, division, not only in our ranks - that has failed as we said before - but also within the revolutionary camp in order to try to avoid revolutionary regroupment, clearly shows the extreme weakness of this current and not its strength. The facts we denounce here are faithful expressions of this political weakness.

Finally, the decantation we've lived, led us not only to denounce the behaviour in the public meeting [of the IBRP, translator's note] of October 2nd 2004 and the blackmails of the ICC with its publication of old texts which were written by the NCI. But above all, as product of our change of position as we already explained it in the October 2nd 2004 declaration, we reject today all the content as well as the methodology, of the text appeared in the different supplements of Révolution Internationale.

So, we claim that the Círculo de Comunistas Internacionalistas is the continuity of the Núcleo Comunista Internacional and we reject today, as we said above and in the October 2nd declaration the text about the IFCCI [of May 2004 denouncing the Internal Fraction of the ICC as cops] appeared in the french territorial press.

With the present declaration, we denounce the article which has attempted to sow doubts about our existence.

Círculo de Comunistas Internacionalistas, Buenos Aires.

October 21st 2004.

Communist Bulletin Nš 29 - Internal Fraction of ICC