When the liquidationist ICC itself exonorated our comrade Jonas...

In the french version of this bulletin, we publish two letters of the ICC to its former militant Michel, member of the former IS, and who had been the main target of the destructive work of the liquidationist faction (see our previous bulletins and especially the Epilogue of the IS History in its issue 25). It's available in english. After the accusations and slanders he suffered, this comrade has been destroyed as a communist militant, at least up until now, and has resigned of any militant activities after more than 30 years of militancy within Révolution internationale and the ICC. We decided their publication with the declarations of the Argentinian comrades of the ex-NCI - published in this english version - in order to show the direct link and the continuity and "improvement" of the same methods of provocations, manipulations and pyschological pressures, used by the new ICC. We haven't enough forces to translate it all into english. Nevetheless, we want to reproduce extracts of one ICC letter in which the liquidationists themselves "accuse comrade Michel to be the real responsible for the denounciation of Louise as being a State agent. They clearly exonorate - from the very hand of the liquidationists themselves - our comrade Jonas from the same accusations despite they were publicly making them against him in all the ICC press and condemning him for ever in front of the proletariat and the whole communist forces. It means the liquidationists themselves bring the proof that they consciously lied and consciously commited a forgery" (from our presentation of all these documents of the french version of this bulletin) :

"We wish that, before July 1st [2003], you send us a declaration [condemning the fraction]. Nevertheless we know it might be difficult for you [since] you have personally participated, and with a primary role, to the first steps of this drift [...]. In particular, all the militants of the ICC know perfectly the role you've played up to Summer 2001 in the dynamic which ended up to the constitution of the "fraction", in particular the fact you were one of the firsts to bring accusations against comrade Louise which were extrapolated afterwards by Jonas and others to get up to the thesis she was working for the State" (Monthly IS to Michel, May 18th 2003, we underline).

In the presentation of the documents in the french bulletin, we make a short history of the Argentinian group NCI and a denounciation of the present ICC intervention towards it. We recall the true and traditional regroupement method and practice of the past and true ICC with a few past example -amongst others. We underline the manipulations and blackmailings the NCI comrades have suffered and we show the parallel with the manipulations that the letters to comrades Michel openly reveal. And we conclude affirming that the present dirty tricks and manoeuvers of the ICC have nothing to do with the Left communist tradition. "The methods firstly used internally within the ICC against the opponents in the 2001 organizational crisis and now generalized, extended, against the new revolutionary elements [...] do aim at sowing distrust and destruction. They are worth of ideological attempts of infiltration at the political level, and provocative and police ones at the militant level by any agencies linked with the bourgeois State : freemasonry, some trostkist currents following the "entrism" (such as the Lambertist one in France), infiltration of adventurer and provocative people. The present drift of our organization and the methods used are the same as the ones the Trotskist Opposition had to suffer in the years 1930 (obviously less violent up until today). Because its political weaknesses, it was "gangreneted" by adventurers and dubious elements, when they were not directly linked with Stalin's secret police, the Guepeou [...]. The liquidationism renew its "proposal of the Jury of Honor" for us and ask for an "independant organism" for itself in front of the NCI accusations. But it's already judged. The whole workers movement history condemns the liquidationist faction practices and had pronunced the sentence". What does mean an independant organism or Jury today, if not the communist groups of the "Political Proletarian Milieu" ? If not, mainly, the IBRP and the bordiguist groups ? The present ICC knows well that these organizations, as well as others groups or communist "independant" individuals, denounced the liquidationist practices towards our fraction and towards the rest of the proletarian camp. The question of the Jury isn't for us. The accusations against us have been made public in the ICC press and in its numerous letters a long time ago. The Jury has already been held and has given its conclusions : unanimously, it rejected the accusations and condemned the accusers' methods.

Today, only remains to investigate and to judge, precise and individual behaviours of a few ICC and liquidationist militants. For most of them since, let's say the end of the 1990's. For one, since at least 1993... One day or another, soon or later, it will be done on the basis of concrete documents, notes, letters, texts, etc. we kept. Here is the real reason why we were accused, and still are accused, of being thiefs. It means it will be done on concrete and verifiable facts.

Internal fraction of the ICC, November 2004

Communist Bulletin Nš 28 - Internal Fraction of ICC