The falsifications of the ICC and the destruction of the militants
The case of our comrade Michel

We have learnt from reliable sources that the ICC has used and carries on using supposed remarks against our fraction that comrade Michel would have given to the "investigation commission" when he resigned from the ICC (October 2001). It isn't the first time that the liquidationist faction uses the method of "so-and-so-told-me" to legitimate its policy. Thus we're going to come back to the reality of the political statements of comrade Michel (1). Contacted by us, he has rejected any possible use of his supposed remarks but, and we regret it, he doesn't want to express publicly.

For our part, and contrary to the method of "Michel-told-us" and of gossips, we use the method of "the real historical facts". So we want to remind to those who would believe that the false and slanderous stories are the truth, the following concrete facts :

- the comrade Michel had worked and presented with us the alternative activities report for the central organ meeting of the ICC in September 2001. This report (2), available in our web site (see our bulletin #1 in french 3), defended the previous political orientation, rejected the clannish explanation, and denounced a whole series of indignant militant behaviors ;
- the comrade Michel had presented with us as annex to that report the first part of the IS History that the four former members of the previous IS, Jonas, Olivier, Juan and Michel had adopted (it means the majority of the former IS). Let's recall that this History is an unquestionable recall of the real events ; that it ridicules and eliminates the thesis of clannism and the accusation against Michel as being a "guru" of the so-called clan that we supposedly were; that it condemns definitively the maneuvers and the tricks of the liquidationist faction ; that it brings to the fore with no possible questioning the indignant behavior of the "militant" Louise and the complicity of her husband Peter ;
- the comrade Michel has refused twice to vote for the resolution which "cleared" - for ever ! - this "militant" Louise of any criticism and which banned any open questioning of the problem of her behavior. The pressures and the scandalous condemnations (
4) in order Michel changed his vote and made his self-criticism at the Maoist type on his behavior of guru, it means of manipulator, and his first and main responsibility in the so-called clan, finished to disgust him, to demoralize him, and pushed him to resignation (see our Statement on comrade Michel's Resignation, in french in bulletin 1).

Here are real facts - what could be more real than political statements, votes, and minutes of meeting ?- which deny the various stories on Michel hawked by the liquidationist faction.

Until today, the comrade hasn't recover from the enterprise of destruction of his militant honor, of his militant consciousness and of his militant conviction. And we understand that the comrade doesn't want to be again in this sordid battle even though we regret his present withdrawal. But for our part, we won't let nobody sully our comrade and we forbid the dishonest uses of his name against his convictions and his consciousness for one part, and against our fraction for the other.
We warn the liquidationist faction. Keep your hands off on Michel ! You've done all you could to try to destroy the communist militant Michel. But it's not enough for you, you have to sully him and to discredit him for ever in order to avoid that he can one day resume any militant activity. It's nauseating. We won't let you do and will fight back defending Michel's honor.
As for you, comrade of the ICC, who have known Michel and have always and rightly respected him, how can you give your backing to this ignominious act ? Doing so, it's your own honor of communist that you throw away and this after having sold off your political consciousness and your political convictions. How far will you accept to fall ?

For our part, and even if we do regret his militant withdrawal that we hope temporary, we keep all our political and militant consideration and fraternity to him. We keep too, and we express it publicly, all our personal friendship to Michel, our comrade and friend.

The internal fraction of the ICC.

1 Let's recall here that Michel is one of the "foundators" of Révolution internationale in 1968 - as Jonas and Olivier members of our fraction. He has been member of the International Secretary (IS) of the ICC for almost 30 years. His militant and political devotion and intellectual rigor, unanimously recognized all along these years, made him a very respected and very esteemed militant among the ICC members. His credit and his honor were also very spread among the contacts and among some groups of the proletarian camp, the IBRP in particular. Following a slanders and gossips campaign against him - couple breaker, jealous of Peter, stalinist, etc. - in the corridors, the "investigation commission" built up in January 2001 - and composed by the "close friends" of the couple - has developed a whole woolly theory according to which he was since many years the "chief of a clan" dedicated to destroy the militant Peter and his wife Louise. Guru of the "clan-pavillon-bis", he would have taken off the whole IS behind him in his hatred to Peter.
We have already wiped out this woolly psychological "analysis", in particular with the help of the IS minutes gathered in our IS History. The last part of this document shows how, in what conditions, the whole ICC, first its International Bureau (IB), and then all the sections, have finally adopted this novel which substitutes the political by the psychology - and even the more stupid - and which will stand out in the workers history. Demoralized, disgusted, destroyed as militant, comrade Michel resigned of the ICC in October 2001 at the very moment our fraction was constituted. Since then he remains publicly silent.

2 In order to avoid any wrong "interpretation", let's precise here that we had retired this report of activities during the meeting itself because we thought, as the great majority of the present militants did, that its withdrawal could free the blockage of the situation and could open up a real political debate on the points of disagreement. This has been denied, to tell the truth blocked, by the hard core of liquidationism yet since the conclusions of that meeting.

3 Our report hasn't been translated into english. Only our internal critical statement on the activities report presented by the liquidationist faction is available in english on our web pages.

4 It's on this occasion that Juan had been suspended because he refused to vote this resolution and because he explained the political reasons of his vote in an official meeting. Since then, this suspension was to be systematically renewed under the most fallacious pretexts up to his exclusion, and with him of all the members of the fraction, in March 2002. For a recall of this "disciplinary" policy, see our bulletin #2.

Communist Bulletin - 21