The Fraction to all the militants of the ICC

Paris, Mexico, April 13th, 2003


We wanted to alert you to a succession of particularly worrying facts which have occurred these last weeks. They are, to the eyes of all those which could saw them, the obvious sign of an incredibly brutal acceleration of the deliquescence lived by the ICC and, at the very least, by some of its parts including one, the section of Paris, which is central in the life of the organization. But since, we received the amazing resolution adopted by the 15th international congress. Far from contradicting our concern, it comes on the contrary to worsen it.

Comrades, how can you vote such a resolution ? MC, since some like to be presented as his heirs, must be turning in his grave… Where is the dignity of all those who voted for this resolution ? Where is the political conviction of those among you who have doubts and even disagreements with the liquidationnists, who do not believe in the calumnies and mud that they throw at us ? Your political centrism does not have anything innocent and makes you their accomplices. Your responsibility is committed as well as that of the open opportunism gathered around the "family faction".
It is not us who charge your political centrism. It is the history of our class and our history of Communists. That of yesterday and that of tomorrow. You do not risk practically anything if not simply, in your turn, personal and family pressures, provocations and calumnies, then the insults if you persist, and you can count on the groups of the proletarian political milieu and on our fraction in your combat. Nevertheless you have accepted all political compromisings in the name of a false unity of the organization based on the "patriotism of the party", as said Trotsky. After that, how can you continue to claim our ancestors of the Communist Left who, in addition to their terrible isolation, risked their life while attacking the bolchevizators and the stalinists, to defend their convictions ? Which organization do you believe to save this manner ?

A brutal acceleration of deliquescence

Open the eyes on the reality of the ICC of today. How can't you see to what led the policy which has been followed for two years, i.e. to the liquidation of the political and organisational principles of the ICC, with the destruction of the consciousness and the convictions of its militants (those which we cross in Mexico City or Paris really look a pitifull sight) ? How can't you see the growing disavowal of the whole proletarian political milieu relating to the organisational methods used against our fraction ? We don't even speak about the isolation and the dramatic discredit of our organization within this milieu. We don't mention the very significant increasing heterogeneity of the press of the Current nor its delays now chronic. Open the eyes at least on some facts that we could note.

The Latin-American press?
Do you know that the Latin-American press takes each time more delay ? Did you read the last numbers of Revolución Mundial  ? Practically nothing on Iraq if not to defend, in front of the class, the worst stupid things. What to think, for example, of the last number published before the war which affirms with "audacity" the unconditional alignment of the Mexican bourgeoisie… to the policy of the United States ? Isn't a publication out of time and out of any reality ? It is in any case a catastrophe for the credibility of the ICC in Latin America which was already well started with the statement on the working class struggles in Argentina. Twenty years of patient work and intervention are on the way to be destroyed.

Facing this reality, it is completely secondary to announce you that it is practically impossible to find RM in the bookshops and in the demonstrations. But it is true that the diffusion of RI in the Parisian bookshops is also defective like raised, at the April 5 public meeting, a sympathizer thus causing a heavy and guilty silence…

Why the international leaflet of the ICC wasn't really diffused in particular in Paris and Lyon  ?
Do you know that militants and sympathizers (majority coming from province) present in Paris, as well as in Lyon too it seems, did not diffuse openly and massively the international leaflet in the pacifist marches ? It was necessary to ask them to get it. How to explain that ? By a political disagreement ? By a lack of conviction ? Why most of the Parisian and Mexican militants, for what one could see, were unable to be mobilized for these demonstrations ? Why Peter alone sold the press - without diffusing the leaflet that, however, he had in a bag - at the massive demonstration of April 3 for the union day of action on the retirements ? Where were the other militants who, however, had - and which could for their work - to put themselves in strike this day to ensure the diffusion ? Still an acquisition of the ICC, gained in particular during the years 1980, which is disappearing…

Do you know that, according to a sympathizer ex-militant of the organization working with Juan, Peter "would have semi-officially authorized" the fraction to diffuse the leaflet of the ICC ? And do you know that this same Peter then refused to give leaflets to our comrades (of which Juan) on April 3 for their diffusion ? "We do not need you to distribute our leaflet !" he answered before fleeing. Indeed, he did not need us since he did not diffuse it. Why, once more, two different languages, two speeches according to the listener or the moment ? If not by opportunism, in the vulgar meaning of the term, towards the sympathizer who rejects this sectarian spirit ? How many other examples like this one, could we see and suffer, poor and lamentable but terribly destroying on the political and militant level ? Here is the ICC of today, the ICC that you're backing and guaranteeing.

Why two public meetings in Paris at one week of interval and on the same topic ?
Why improvising in emergency a new public meeting, one week before the one announced since months on the same topic, that of the war ? And apparently whereas the congress was held ? And whereas this meeting of last minute was announced only in the timidly diffused leaflet… ? Do you want to make the parisian public meetings as secret as the Mexico ones ? Would you be afraid that many people attend to it ? Why this incoherent decision to hold, in the most irresponsible precipitation, an additional public meeting ? Why such a political distress ? Such a confusion ? Two public meetings in one week on the same topic while at the same time the ICC rather shone by its political "discretion", even its absence in the demonstrations of the previous months. Obviously, there is no more any clear orientation. And how did you prepare this meeting to which there was so few persons ? The reciting in a drone of the leaflet has been the presentation and it was all ! We will not insist here on the "insufficiencies" of the analysis of the imperialist situation, his reality and its gravity, showed by the today ICC and which make it, at the very least a useless organization for the working class. Considering the gravity of the Current organisational scattering, we are constrained to make pass these "insufficiencies" to a second plan.

Should we mention here the Paris April 5 public meeting ? It would deserve, by itself, a whole correspondance to alert you to this situation, to awake you, to shake you.
Useless to extend here on the hypocrisy (and the dislike which it caused to us) from the last little manouver aiming at letting us to "exceptionally" speak (while we're forbidden to intervene in these meetings) "to explain us" on the last "scandal" which one caused about the initial C.G.[1] whereas you had already adopted your resolution of exclusion for this same "fact". Why didn't you announce this resolution at this meeting ? To make an another scandal and to nauseate even more the last Parisian sympathizers ? To create the vacuum around the ICC ? Bravo, it is successful. But how can you accept the violence of the remarks and of the "disciplinary" attitude of some of your militants towards whoever - and we do not speak about us - is opposed, or critical, to the ICC ? In the name of "revolutionary indignation" ? But do you realize the devastators effects all that causes to the external participants and to the militants themselves ?
And then, what sadness when Gallard, the sympathizer of always, one of those which precisely mobilized at the time of the crisis of 1993-95 to support the ICC, what sadness, we were saying, when he announced that he'll never set foot again to the public meetings and that he affirmed that "the ICC had became a sect" . Yes, then we all felt, the ICC present militants, it seemed to us, and the members of the fraction, a deep feeling of desolation. This advertisement made by a calm, determined but saddened also, Gallard is unfortunately highly symbolic of the image which the ICC. reflects everywhere and to everybody. And wouldn't this nearly general opinion worry you ? Would it be only due to our "malefic" action ?
But where were the many parisian militants absent at this meeting ? Why don't they manage any more to be mobilized, especially on a question like the imperialist war ?

Comrades, if the evocation of these some significant facts could make you react, could cause a start of the militants who are retiring themselves and are despairing, if, at least, in the next mobilization whatever it is (leaflet, demonstration, public meeting), the militants which "are hiding" could reappear and be mobilized, then we would be the first to greet them.

Is Louise "sick" again ?
Lastly, and you will understand that we ask also this question : where is Louise ? Absent from the demonstrations, absent from the public meetings, is she "sick" again ? We are sure that our interest for her health will help her to reappear publicly.

The resolution of the 15th congress is null and void

The resolution refuses political confrontation.
In our letter of March 18, we recall that the existence of our fraction is the demonstration of a political combat which is frontal and eliminating between two irreconcilable political lines. And today, through your last resolution, you answer us again by a new disciplinary proceeding. Do you really believe that the escape in front of the political combat will save the ICC ? Do you really believe that the refusal of political reality will make it disappear as if by magic ? Do you really believe to be able to escape the various political questions which are posed to you ? However the present result of two years of sidesteppings of political confrontation - replaced by a false, sterile and deviating combat against clanism and through the "psychology" - should have opened your eyes on the dead end of this "method".

The resolution betrays the statutes.
We already said it to you in our letter : our reintegration can't be discussed. Even a sovereign congress can't question it. It is in the statutes of the ICC. You did not have any political legitimacy to exclude us. Thus know that, for our part, we refuse this exclusion and that we still regard ourselves as members of the ICC. Still more, we regard ourselves as the principle, political, organisational, militant and material true continuity of the ICC. We continue and we will continue to claim the whole of these various political dimensions and we will act consequently according to the moments and the real, concrete, practical, evolution of the "formal ICC-organization". Whatever the time it'll last, but we will assume politically and concretely on all these plans and until the end our fraction struggle.

The commission proposed by the resolution wants to judge what is already judged
You "propose" us a commission, a new commission - actually at how many commissions are you ? -, "to hear us". To make each one of us formally presented in a court, the liquidationnism is ready - it is not the first time - "to hear us without condition"; it has the delirious hope that answering positively to its "invitation" we'll bring our guarantee to its "disciplinary" practices. But this proposal is especially directed to you, it is of internal use ; it is its response to the doubts and the absence of conviction which is gaining the ICC ; its purpose is to prove you that our exclusion is our fault.

Comrades, stop pretending, stop believing an history and a reality which don't exist. Look at and take into account the reality of the proletarian political milieu and you will note that your commission does not have any sense and any legitimacy. The responsibility "to judge us" that you want to assign to it was already filled by the only authority on the matter : the organizations of the proletarian camp and in particular the IBRP and the ICP- Le Prolétaire . These organizations heard you and read you. They heard us and read us. They end up to the rejection of all your charges against the fraction and Jonas and they condemned your "disciplinary" methods. And that despite your many letters and your various pressures – up to sympathizers' letters for example, there too what a shame to involve the sympathizers in this doubtful combat ! In this judgement, know also that several "old" militants of the Communist Left took the same position towards us. At least, on this essential level, the "liquidationnist" policy went bankrupted, then take into account this reality.

The most ridiculous exclusion of all the history of the labour movement
How can you come to such stupidities and inconsistencies ? After having accused us of the worse things, Nazis, Stalinist, robbers, blackmailers, kidnappers, hooligans, lumpen, slanderers, provocators, cops - and let's pass many others -, which according to your criteria largely deserved exclusion, you affirmed against any obviousness, that we had not been excluded. And now you claim to exclude us to have reproduced the initials C.G. and your letter indicating the date of a conference ! Ridiculousness will end up killing you, comrades. And what upsets us deeply, it is the new generalized laugh that your resolution will cause. And thus additional discredit for the ICC.
Is it necessary to reconsider items 4 and 5 ? Then there, it is the last straw ! We are even convinced, and the liquidationnists will surely denounce this "little clanic wink " for our part, that many of you secretly laughed at it. Bitterly undoubtedly, but nevertheless they laughed. We don't think, in any case we hope, that the sense of ridiculousness has disappeared among all the militants. As a member of the ICP- Le Prolétaire said it making fun of Peter - cowardly abandoned this day by his"revolutionary indignation" - at the February 15 meeting : "It is worthy of a notary !" . There is no doubt that this document will also remain in history as… a new stupidity.

Your name and your responsibility as communist militant will be attached to this resolution. And that saddens us even if all our combat of fraction is confirmed and reinforced.

Comrades, awake, react ! Get back to the tradition, redress the flag and the honor of the ICC !

What do you do against this cancer which kills our organization ?
You are giving up the ICC, the true ICC, to the opportunism. And you are "committing political suicide" - an expression dear to the liquidationnists but whose meaning is betrayed. Collectively and individually.
Political continuity and the political survival of our organization, so badly engaged, inevitably pass through the struggle to death against the opportunist line. It does pass through the "scission" at the end of a combat to death against the opportunist faction. In this combat, part of the centrism won't have the force to react and will continue to serve the latter. Useless to look away, most of the militants of the ICC are destroyed by the liquidationnism and surely definitively lost for the communist cause. It is only a question of time. All those who can still have a class reaction against the opportunism within the very organization, must know it.

To those among you who, at the time, said to us that we used a wrong method, that we were going to be excluded and and that they preferred to remain inside - at the price of certain concessions - to be able "to continue the combat", to those who advised us to recognize our clanic wrongs even if we were not convinced because that was going to be just a bad moment to pass through, because the important was to remain within the organization to fight, to those who required us to let pass the storm stoically to preserve the unity of the organization, to those who hid behind the formal discipline, behind the "new" and false discipline, to refuse to join our open and frontal struggle, to all these we say : see to what bankruptcy your centrism led you. See in what state our organization is now.

To those who did not fall into blind and sectarian adhesion to the theses of the opportunist faction and who kept militant and communist feelings, to those who have doubts, even disagreements, with the current policy, to those who are desperate to see their organization increasingly breaking up, to those who are in full distress and full political disorientation, to those who want to fight but do not know any more how, to those who refuse (whether in silence or openly) the adoption of this resolution, to those who refuse to believe that the whole political proletarian milieu is against the ICC and wants its death, know that if you want to fight, you are not alone.
The IBRP and the PCInt, each one from its own positions and conceptions, are not indifferent to the ICC crisis and the future of its militants. Contrary to certain militants who affirm in a haughty, arrogant, ignorant and sectarian way, that they don't have anything to learn from these groups on the organisational level, it is necessary to know to listen to them, read them fraternally and discuss with them.

For our part, as fraction, we have a political alternative on which you can found and base your combat, our common combat. The fraction represents the continuity of the ICC as well on the level of the principles as on the level of the policy followed by our organization before the opportunist drift. It has an analysis and a political assessment of the crisis of the ICC. The fraction thus has an orientation of struggle and of confrontation alternative to the current policy of the ICC. The fraction has precise and determined orientations on the intervention in the current international situation, with respect to the other groups and militants of the proletarian political milieu. The fraction is the ICC.

Before it is not too late, so much for the ICC than for yourselves like militant, before you are not completely nauseated, or, worse still, that you are not involved in the discouragement and the desertion, take again the banner of the ICC which we all knew and built, lift up your head, struggle within the ICC. And if that is not possible, that you do not think being able to have the force for it, then join the fraction.

Apart from this struggle, the way is very traced. Worse still than the loss of the organization such as it existed and which can always be rebuilt, it leads to the loss of the convictions and militant energies. It's up to you to choose : or to continue passively in the centrism serving the political and organisational final liquidation of our organization ; or to take up the challenge of the combat for the principles and the "true" defense of the organization, of our organization.
Whatever your decision, you will have to assume your militant responsibility in front of history, the proletariat and your comrades of combat.

Communist greetings.
The internal fraction of the ICC.

[1] On these accusations, we refer to our text Réponse de la fraction au CCI (published in french in the bulletin #18, p.29). And, as obviously, you didn't get it, let's insist :
It'll be clear for every body that the liquidationnism one more time is making a big lie. It's the Révolution internationale article which indicates that "C.G" are the "real initials" of a militant : " By publishing on the internet the real initials of one of our comrades" ( Revolution internationale  330, January 2003, reproduced in World Revolution 262, March 2003). For our part, we just talk of "Peter-C.G" refering to the signature of tens of article in the ICC press during the years 1970-80's in the International Review as well as in RI . Comrades, reread yourselves and stop making yourselves ridiculous by accusing us of practices which had became the rule in the ICC. Doesn't this recall you the internal and public scandals around Louise's case which hadn't been revealed by us but by the liquidationnism ?
As for the reproduction of the letter indicating the date of the conference, as we said it at the Paris public meeting, it was put on our web site the very weekend of its holding. Nevertheless, it is willingly that we recognize that we should have been more attentive by reproducing your letter and that we should have removed this part.