The internal fraction of the ICC
To the central organs of the ICC and to all the militants,

Paris, Mexico, January 15th, 2003


We, ICC militants since many years and even, for some of us, "founders" of it ;
We, who have been forced to constitute a fraction in order to defend our organization against those who lead it to its political liquidation and to its posible disappearance as a weapon of the proletariat ;
We, forbidden of publishing in the internal bulletins of our organization, and who had been forced to defend our positions by our own means in the bulletin we send to all the militants of our organization ;
We, who are forbidden of speaking in the Public Meetings of our organization while this one has always defended the proletarian principle following which all the positions can be expressed in these meetings ;
We, after having suffered systematic as well as unjustified sanctions for having defended a position contrary to a minority that finally took the lead of the ICC, and who are named "so-called fraction without real political basis" ;
We, who have been insulted and treated as enemies for having acted in accordance to our profound convictions ;
We, who have been excluded by the new leadership (who has not even the courage to assume its acts) and who have slandered and insulted in the press of our organization ;
We, to which the central organs sneakly prohibit our comrades of the ICC to talk to and, worse it seems, to take knowledge of our arguments and analisis that we develop in our bulletin ;
We, that this same central organs charge as being a "nazi and stalinist sect", a "camarilla", "thiefs", "cops", "tattletales", "blackmailers", etc... ;
We, who are now considered as police auxiliaries ;
We require to participate to the next international congress of our organization in accordance to the letter and the spirit of the statutes.
We require to defend our political positions in front of our organization gathered in congress in accordance to the tradition of the workers movement ;
In accordance to the proletarian practice, it is without any specific condition from your part that our criticisms and proposals of alternative orientations have to be expressed as an organised minority.

Consequently, and in order our presence being real and active, we require to be reintegrated the sooner within the organization in order to participate also to the preparation of this congress as complete members regrouped in internal fraction.
In accordance to the historical experience of the Left Communist, we propose that this congress is organized by the former IS and that is held under the presidency of comrade Michel. This means that all the former comrades can participate and that they are reintegrated. We are ready to discuss all the necesary modalities for the holding of this congress.
The following texts published in our bulletins must be considered as our contributions, our analisis, our activities report for the preparation of the congress :
- our activities report is the presentation of our bulletin #13 ;
- our contribution on the international situation is in the last bulletins, in particular in the text A New Period Is Opening Up  ;
- our political and historical contribution on the organizational problems is in the pamphlet on the International Communist and the Communist Party degeneration which will be edited soon ,
- our explanation of the present crisis of the ICC is in our History of the IS whose first part the militants have already received.

Finally, we require that you send us your preparation documents for this congress (internal bulletins containing the activities report and the international situation, etc...).
At last, and to demonstrate that our request is totally legitimate and can't be opposed, nor seriously refused, even partially, we join us an historical document [1] from Prometeo  #3 (July 15th of 1928) which is clear in its spirit as well as in its letter, in regards with the attitude of communist militants in such a situation and which is a reference for us.

The internal fraction of the ICC.

[1] Unfortunately, we can't translate this document into english, at least for the moment. The english reader can already refer to the French version in our French web pages. Let's just say that the Left requires its reitegration and its participation to the 6th congress of the International in order to defend its position within the organization. And it requires that the congress should be presided by... Trotsky. It's the same method, the same criterias and almost the same terms, that we use today for our demand.