Appeal to the Organizations of the Proletarian Camp
The situation and its perspectives requires it

Today, the historical situation is passing through a sudden acceleration with the considerable present worsening of capital's economical crisis, which is accompanied with no less considerable attacks against the international proletariat. We can see a true panic of the international bourgeoisie in front of its own inability to respond to the repayment of the State and private debt accumulation. After Island, Ireland, Dubaï, Greece is now bankrupt ; Portugal, Spain, indeed even Italy and others, follow the same path. Behind these capitalist countries, emerge the series of bankruptcies of the world main imperialist powers.

The only response that the bourgeoisie unanimously is able to give is an open war declaration to the international proletariat. Already, this one pays for the expenses and it's up to it to support the exorbitant cost of the no bottom abyss of capital crisis. It will suffer the considerable fall of its living conditions in order to allow capital to survive.

The attacks were already huge against the whole world working class. But today, unbearable austerity plans are adopted the ones after the others in all countries. They are justified and claimed shamelessly by the bourgeois governments against their population : it's for saving the national capital that the workers must tighten their belt. Rarely as today, capitalism has so clearly shown its true face, its true nature and has shown the high degree of the dead-end it represents for humanity.

Today it is clear that the situation of the proletariat in Greece is the example to follow. It is so for the international proletariat, from the periphery to the central countries of capitalism. It is the example to follow today since it shows, to everyone, that it is not prepared to accept the attacks, that it refuses the barbaric and cynical logic of the bourgeoisie, of its government, of its bosses and bankers ; and for that purpose, since various weeks, it massively fights back, in all sectors, and with strength, a determination and a courage which are to be saluted.

The present situation of capitalism obviously needs that the workers fight back massively and everywhere in order to reject and make fail the plans and policies of the world bourgeoisie. But it requires too that the whole system, since it is clearly bankrupt, is explicitly questionned and that the revolutionary perspective be loudly and strongly defended and widely spread within the proletariat.

In this situation, the communist forces, even though weak today, have an enormous responsibility. Since they are the most conscious part of the proletariat and since they must be their more determined part, they have the task of doing all they can to take the "political" leadership of the workers struggles which are to come, at the local and immediate level as well as at the international and historical level. Already today, it seems to us necessary that the organizations of the Communist Left be able to intervene with one voice in an international and centralized manner by putting forward the historical stakes of the present situation. And it seems to us that it is urgent ! Considering the reality of the proletarian camp today, such an initiative should be assumed, according to us, with a decided and effective manner with at its core the Internationalist Communist Tendency. For our part, we are ready to engage to any initiative of this kind and to mobilize all our (weak) forces.

Meanwhile, we carry on diffusing our leaflet of late March 9th, the proletariat in Greece shows the way !, whose orientations appear to us, today, still totally adapted to the situation which is developing.

May 7th, 2010.

The Fraction of the International Communist Left.

This Call is sent to the Internationalist Communist Tendency (ex-IBRP), to the International Communist Current, to the various International Communist Party (so-called "bordiguists"), to the Internal Fraction of the ICC, to the CIM (Canada), to the ARS (Russia), to the Sympathisers of Communist Left in Australia, to the Instituto O. Damen, and to various isolated comrades and sympathisers of the Communist Left.